Best Kia Soul License Plates Worth Buying

Kia Soul license plate frame

Upgrade your existing Kia Soul license plates with one of these.

The new Kia Soul is a great looking vehicle without any additional touches, but it’s also one that begs to be customized.

The owners of the Kia boxy car love nothing more than to make their rides their own, and there are ways to do it without breaking the bank.

One of the best, and easiest, ways to slightly change the look of your vehicle is with new license plate frames. It may seem like a relatively small addition, but it’s a good starting point for future modifications and upgrades that you may want to make.

Top licence plate frames for Kia Soul

We are now going to help you choose the best license plate for Kia Soul. So, how do we know which Kia car license plates are good and which should be avoided?

We went to and sifted through all the license plates that are on offer and narrowed them down to 3.

We looked at the materials used to create the plates, the reviews left by customers, and a few other factors, and we believe we now have discovered the best license plates for your Kia Soul car.

Let’s take a closer look at our top 3 Kia Soul license plate frame options.

1# OEM licesne plate with red Soul logo

Made from solid brass and plated with chrome, this is a genuine OEM Kia license plate frame. This is one that will almost certainly stand out because of that shiny chrome plating.

It’s also easy to install, and can simple be screwed over top of the existing plate.

While this product states that it is made for 2010-2013 model years only, we found in the comments section from previous buyers that it will also fit models all the way up to the 2019 Soul model year.

The use of the Soul logo at the bottom is a very nice touch.

2# Same as above but with black Soul logo

This one is almost identical to the product #1 above, with the main difference being that the Soul signature logo is in black instead of red color.

It comes down to personal preference, but you may want to choose the color that best fits the exterior hue of your boxy ride.

Let’s check a couple of other not OEM Kia products…

3# “Powered by hamster” license plate frame

We prefer genuine Kia products, but understand that some of you may be looking for something a little more unique.

They don’t come much more unique than the Kia Soul Powered by hamster license plate.

It may be on the cheaper end of the scale, but it looks higher priced, and appears to be of quality construction.


You are, of course, allowed to purchase any Kia Soul license plate that you want, but we believe that you can’t go wrong with any of the 3 listed here.

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