Kia Soul Recalled For Steering Problems


Kia Soul Recall #2 (November 2015)

Kia has officially announced it is recalling a large number of Soul and Soul EV crossovers in the U.S.

Here are more details:

Number of Soul models affected: 256,000 units of the Soul gasoline and all-electric Souls (2014 to 2016 model year), manufactured between Jan. 18, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015.

  • Fix: Kia will inspect and, if necessary, replace the pinion plug that secures the pinion gear; dealers will also install a set bolt for additional reinforcement.
  • Cost: The repairs will be done free of charge.
  • When: Kia will begin notifying owners on Dec. 22.!

The automaker claims no accidents have been reported because of the steering wheel problem to date!

Kia Soul Recall #1

Kia is recalling nearly 52,000 units of its boxy Soul crossover vehicle to repair a steering issue!

The voluntary recall covers vehicles from the 2014 model year built from July 21, 2013, through Jan. 17, 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

The good news about the recall is that there are no accidents or injuries linked to the Soul’s steering issue revealed federal safety regulators.

Steering Problem

Kia Soul RecallAccording to Kia, the defect was first discovered in April when Kia officials reacted to a report from one of the dealerships.

The problem came to light after the automaker discovered that the workers at a supplier’s manufacturing plant in S. Korea used the wrong adhesive to lock the thread on a plug, which secures a pinion gear to the steering assembly.

If the plug loosened, drivers could lose control of their car, which could cause a crash.

Here’s How Kia Is Going To Fix The Problem

The Korean automaker is going to contact each and every owner of the affected Soul model and request them to bring the vehicle to one of their stores for repair.

The dealers will replace the pinion plug with a new one!

The service will be done at no charge to the customer.

Kia states the Soul recall will be carried out starting this month!

Recall Information

  • Number of vehicles: 51,641
  • Affecting: vehicles manufactured between July 21, 2013, and January 17, 2014
  • The fix: replace the pinion plug with a new one that has properly applied adhesive
  • Cost: free of charge


  1. Richard Maurer says:

    I have purchased my second Kia Soul well built!
    Looking for the US market to welcome the kia Truck line, I think it will do well. The prototype is great looking !

  2. Richard Maurer says:

    My Soul was built 5-2014 recall safe at this time. It sound like
    a simple repair or correction. Kia still stands better that Toyota, GM

  3. jtz says:

    The Sonata is not safety pick. That’s because Hyundai doesn’t rush like GM.

  4. jtz says:

    My bad the 2015 Sonata is Top safety pick. The spirit of GM CAUSED ME TO ERROR.

  5. attaboy says:

    and more sonata 2015 is rated “TOP SAFETY PICK “+””
    a step up than just “TOP SAFETY PICK”

  6. Hi, I own a 2012 Kia Soul and find the steering over sensitive on hi-way driving and around town. Is there any adjustment that can fix this issue?. Also the remote { new One} will unlock the car but does not lock it. Presently locking by inserting key in door { outside} and manually locking the other three doors. Your advise please. Lindsay

  7. prazio says:

    is this even applied for kia soul 2016 model? i have purchased it 3 month ago. my 10000km service is due in few month. please advise this will be rectify free cost at that time?

  8. Constance Baloog says:

    This pertains to my 2012 Kia Soul Plus, has 15,117 miles. I had steering problems and it was very scary to drive. I took it into the dealer and they had to replace the plug that secures the pinion gear and bolt it was totally crushed. It was not on the recall list and I had to pay $276.08 for a manufacturing defect which I think Kia should reimburse me for. Evidently this goes back further then your recall of 2014’s -2016. Had to have it done couldn’t drive it the way it was. I would appreciate a prompt response to this matter. Thank you.

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