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The latest in our Kia owner’s series takes us to Mobile, Alabama, where we spoke with Matthew, a tire store service manager.

Matthew has always thought of himself as a car nut, with the Kia Soul being one of the cars that he has been happy to own.

He has owned 3 different Soul’s over the years, but it is his latest purchase of the hip urban vehicle that has him the most excited.

He made the move up to the Special Edition Red Zone Soul in December 2013, with a big part of his decision to do so down to the fact that only 2,000 units would be made available.

The Red Zone Soul is based on the Plus model, but has a stunning white body kit that has a ton of different treatments, many of which contain splashes of red.

Soul Red Zone ImageThose upgrades extend to the interior of the car, where leather materials and red stitching are featured throughout.

The 2014 Kia Soul Red Zone adds a real sporty touch to the already iconic look, and that is something that inspired Matthew to take the plunge with the Limited Edition Soul.

Matthews family are also in love with the Sol, as his wife drives an Alien Green 2010 Soul +, while his parents drive the Bright Silver 2011 Soul Plus.

1. Tell us something about your Kia car ownership experience?

It is truly amazing the changes Kia has gone through over the last five years, and I’ve had a front seat to a lot of changes.

I bought my first Kia in 2009, a 2010 Soul Exclaim in Java Brown, then a 2012 Soul Exclaim Alien Green, and now a 2014 Soul Red Zone.

I’ve had a few minor problems over the years, nothing major, and all were taken care of.

2. What do other people say about your car?

A lot of people really like the Red Zone, its not for everyone though, and thats a good thing. But overall I’ve had a lot of stares and thumbs up driving a brand-new 2014 Soul.

3. How long have you owned your new ride?

I’ve owned it for 1 week.

2014 Kia Soul Red Zone Photos

Kia Soul Red Zone SE  2014 Kia Soul Red Zone Photo  Red Bumper Inserts Kia Soul

4. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your “Red Zone” Soul?

Coming from driving a full size truck , I wanted something unique, fuel efficient and fun to drive.

And the Soul absolutely does all of the above. I never considered any other vehicles in this category.

5. What do you like the most about your new Kia Soul?

I love how much the Soul has grown up over the years, and while I appreciate all years of the Soul, the 2014 is amazing.

The Soul has a lot going for it, the uniqueness of the design has to be at the top of the list, along with being fun to drive and great interior design.

The seats in the 2014 model are much more comfortable than previous years ,which should make for more comfortable trips. As should the revised Infinity Sound system with navigation system.

6. What is it that makes your 2014 Soul Red Zone look unique?

The Red Zone SE was inspired by the Track’ster concept, so the splashes of red on white and the body kit just set It off, along with the red accents on the interior.

7. What accessories have you installed so far / do you have any future plans?

I’ve only had it a week, but i’ve already changed the stock headlight bulbs for a bulb with a whiter HID look , installed the Korean-Spec “TUON” badge on the rear, and weather tech floor mats that I transferred from my previous Soul.

As far as the future goes, tinting the front windows is next on the list and I’m sure there will be more to come!

More Images Of THE White-Red Kia Soul

Kia Soul Aftermarket Bumper  Red Accents and Black Interior  A peak inside the new Soul

Kia Soul Red Zone SE Specs

Engine: 2.0L GDI  (NU engine family)
Model year: 2014
Color: Clear White
Trim: Plus
Tire size: P235/45R17
Average mpg: 24 in town
Miles driven so far: 200

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