Kia Soul Receives Significant Redesign – Video Preview

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The popular Kia “hamster ride” has been fully redesigned. Do you like the new styling?

It is impossible to talk about the recent rise of Kia Motors Corporation without mentioning the impact that the Soul crossover vehicle has had on improving the image of the company!

When the car was first released a decade ago, it was viewed as a little more than another entry into the then boxy car segment that featured the likes of the Nissan Cube, Honda Element and the Scion xB.

Shortly after hitting the U.S. soul, the Soul crossover was able to outsell those other rivals 10 to 1, which tells us just how much that style connected with the buying public.

It’s fair to say that the Soul has become something of a style icon in the years since, which presented something of a “problem” for designers looking to deliver the third-generation Soul model.

The question arised: how to maintain that cool look of the new Soul, yet still deliver something fresh?

The answer was a vehicle that was still undeniably a funky Soul, but which had a number of what can only be described as crowd pleasing changes.

The new model was made a little longer and wider, translating to increased passenger and cargo space on the inside. The interior was where the biggest changes were made, with soft touch materials and an updated, slightly upscale look was given to the new model.

In short, the Kia design team was able to fix all the “issues” that customers had with the first two generation Soul models, whilst keeping in place all the elements that made it an icon in the first place.

Redesigned Kia Soul (Video)

Attached to this news article is the video preview of the third generation Kia Soul. Enjoy watching it!

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