Kia Soul SUV Styling Pack [Photos]


European drivers have been waiting for new 2014 Kia Soul to arrive on their shores in the early part of next year, but they will get a chance for a sneak peek at the 65th Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt next month.

Among the things they will see is the “SUV Styling Pack” that the two vehicles on display will show off.

These styling packs come in the form of kits that Soul owners can use to add a unique splash to their new car.

It used to be that extreme modifications had to be made in order for this to happen, but thestyling packs will allow owners to express their own individuality in an easy, affordable way.

The two Souls that will be on display at IAA Frankfurt, showing off such styling pack touches as piano black bumper trim, side skirts, wheel arches and a black painted roof.

SUV Styling Accessories

  • Piano black bumper trim
  • Side skirts,
  • Wheel arches
  • Black painted roof


Note: the styling pack will initially be available only in Europe!

New Kia Soul Changes

Even if you aren’t interested in adding the above-mentiond SUV-look accessories to your new Soul, there are still plenty of changes in the new version that will clearly differentiate it from the old.

The European-spec Soul has a look that still bears a remarkable resemblance to the outgoing model, albeit with a more upright stance and high mounted tail lights.

That’s putting the changes in a rather simple light, though, so lets look a little deeper.

Shares Platform With Kia cee’d

The all-new 2014 Soul will be riding on a new platform, which just happens to be the same as that on the latest Kia Cee’d.

That should deliver a much better ride and handling, as well as a more refined on-road attitude.

High-Quality Materials Used inside

The biggest change will be found on the interior of the Soul, which should please those who drove the first generation.

The biggest complaint was that cheaper materials were used in the cabin, but those have all been replaced by soft-touch materials that add a real touch of sophistication.

Three Different Roof Colors

The exterior body styling remains largely unchanged, but the addition of new colors, not to mention the style kits that deliver 3 different roof colors, adds another new dimension to this version of the cool crossover.

Speaking of dimensions, drivers will discover an increased amount of legroom and storage space inside

The one thing that will be noticeably lacking is the amount of noise entering the cabin while the car is in motion, which was another bone of contetion among owners of the first generation.

Euro-Market Engines – 1,6L Diesel, Petrol

European drivers will have a number of engine choices to choose from, including a CRDi diesel version.

The other engines on offer will deliver a higher level of efficiency and lower emissions.

Some cool new premium features will be on offer, including pudh button start, heated front and rear seats, leather seats, xenon headlights, keyless entry and much, much more.

In short, Europeans have a whole lot to look forward to when the new 2014 Kia Soul finally arrives in early 2014.


  1. conwelpic says:

    US MSRP have been released yesterday and they have increased $300-$500 over the 2013 models.

    Base MT – $14,700 (2013 $14,400)
    Base AT – $16,700 ($16,200)
    Plus AT – $18,200 ($17,700)
    Exclaim AT – $20,300 ($19,900)
    Freight – $795

  2. himi says:

    Not a huge price increase especially when considering all the improvements and enhancements made to the 2014 Soul model.

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