Kia Soul Drivetrain, Rust And Corrosion Warranty, Road Assistance


The highly popular Soul crossover vehicle is covered by Kia’s exclusive warranty program.

The automaker’s 10-year/100,000-mile warranty is considered as one of the best offerings in the automobile industry at this point.

Posted here are some basic details of the Kia Soul warranty coverage (if you need more details, we would kindly suggest you to contact your local Kia dealer).

Now, let’s learn about some basic facts of Kia’s exclusive warranty coverage.

Basic Kia Soul warranty

  • 5 year / 60,000 miles

Everything is covered here except for items that are prone to wear and tear during the life cycle of the vehicle.

This items include things like air filters, oil, braked pads, and wiper blades.

Tires and batteries don’t often fall under this warranty, as the manufacturers of said items generally have a warranty of their own.

Federal law dictates that emissions equipment be cover for either 5 years or the first 50,000 miles.

Drivetrain warranty

  • 10 year / 100,000 miles

The Kia Soul drivetrain warranty will often still be in place after the expiration of the basic warranty.

Included here are almost all the parts that play a role in making the Kia Soul move, which includes the transmission, engine, drive axles, and driveshaft.

Consumable parts such as those mentioned in the basic warranty are not covered. That said, the vast majority of internal engine parts, such as bearings and pistons are covered.

This is the same for almost all of the parts that are subject to wear and tear.

Roadside assistance

  • 5 year / 60,000 miles

If you are left stranded, many car manufacturers, including Kia Motors, will provide a rescue service.

These problems can include issues such as getting a flat tire, locking yourself out of the car, or running out of gas.

A toll-free number is provided that will put you in contact with roadside assistance.

What’s actually on offer can vary from place to place, so check first to see what’s covered and what you will be required to pay for.

What about Kia rust or corrosion warranty

  • 5 year / 100,000 miles

The sheet metal of your Kia Soul is covered if you end up with rust and corrosion damage that leads to a hole being formed. Surface rust is not covered. Regularly cleaning and waxing the exterior of your Kia Soul should help prevent issues with rust or corrosion.


  1. Lee says:

    Hi my Name is Lee we have a 2012 kia soul and the rear tale gate is rusting out and we keep it washed all the time and I noticed it on my mouther in laws to and she keeps her car washed and waved I see your rust warranty don’t cover it that is very disappointing we wont buy another kia product iv hade several other problems and the dealer just tells us to keep driving it till it stops and now the locks stopped working we either get locked in or out we are afraid to take it down they will just tell us the same thang . I see why the soul don’t keep a value we cant even trade it in and it is payed off we are a disatified custermer

  2. Heather says:

    Lee the Soul keeps its value very well. If you 2012 Soul is rusting out then it is covered by warranty still.

  3. Michael Knox says:

    I bought 2013 soul 8 months ago and when i washed it u could see the paint was coming off the rust spot they must of painted over.what can i do

  4. Beth Fisher says:

    I bought a 2010 Kia Soul back in April 2012 with somewhere around 10,000 miles on it. Loved my little “Cupcake” car. Just use it for getting around town and Sundays. It has been kept in garage, oil changes, tires aired, balanced, rotated, washed and hand waxed for past 5ish years. I now have 36,812 miles on it and just a few weeks ago noticed that I have places all over outside of my car that according to a body shop are places were the paint and sealant for the painting was done very poorly or very poor product used and these spots are bubbling up and cracking and look awful. I am so very disappointed that this has happened. Will Kia company fix this with good, proper and guaranteed new paint job on the entire vehicle?

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