Tuning King Korea Runs A Kia Soul Tuning Competition


Kia Soul owners will tell you that their ride can’t get any better, unless of course they start on the path to customization.

It’s big business for the boxy little car, and now it’s a big competition in Korea.

The Tuning King Korea competition is on the lookout for the funkiest Kia Soul, with Dexcrew, Pico Sound, and Chang’s Custom all throwing their automotive technician hats into the ring.

Tuning King Korea aired its last episode on August 2., putting the final three modified Kia Souls on display for the viewing public.

The cars were also put on display at the Ansan Speedway so that everyone could go and get a look at them up close and personal.

Best Customized Kia Soul Models

Tuning Pico Soun Kia Soul  Changs Custom Soul  Tuning KIng Korea

Three specific themes were used in the competition, which was Smart Car vs Race Car vs Street Custom Car.

1. Dexcrew went with the Smart car approach when modifying their Kia Soul, which they named the Smart Spider.

The highlights of their modification were some killer speakers, as well as a 3D printer that was used to make specific parts. The changes they made were all geared towards a younger generation of drivers.

2. Team Pico Sound were given the Race Car option and ended up creating a strong, fast Kia Soul that everyone would want to get behind the wheel of. Everything about the car was race inspired, from bucket seats to a racing style steering wheel.

3. Chang’s Custom went the luxurious route when modifying their Kia Soul on the inside and out, giving it what can best be described as a true street custom car look. The colors used were a clean white and an electric blue, giving their version of the Soul a very modern style.

Fans can go online to the Korean voting site and pick their favorite between August 4. and 10., with the winners announced on the 12. of the month.

Your call: Let us know which of the three tricked-out Kia Souls is your favourite?

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