Tricked Out Kia Sportage Featuring A Wide Number Of Accessories + Photos

Tricked Out Kia Sportage SUV

We have just gotten our hands on a set of photos that showcase a really nicely tricked out Kia Sportage.

The owner of this highly-attractive Sportage crossover comes from Germany. Artur is married to a lovely wife and a proud father of two kids.

He works at one of the Mercedes-Benz’s manufacturing plants in Germany which produces models such as A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-Class.

One of the most interesting things about Artur is the fact that he drives a Kia Sportage rather than one of the afore-mentioned M-B models.

The Sportage crossover vehicle is his first Kia ever, while previously he had owned different models from Renault, Volkswagen, Audi, and Citroën.

He bought the vehicle in July 2012 and upgraded it with some cool-looking aftermarket parts, accessories and stickers.

The result of all the mods and upgrades is nothing but impressive. The vehicle he owns looks fantastic and stands out of the crowds wherever it appears.

Continue your read to find out more details and pictures of his white-painted Kia Sportage.

Tricked-Out Kia Sportage specs & pictures

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Color: white
  • Equipment: Spirit-Line (Germany)
  • Engine: 2,0L diesel with 184 horsepower
  • Mileage: 24,000 kilometers

White Kia Sportage   Sportage Tuning

Exterior changes, accessories and mods

  • Sportage emblems and signatures removed
  • Engine cover/air cleaner cover/fuse box covered in paint color car
  • Re-tooled gdi-grille
  • custom-made Rally Stripes in matte black including Sportage signature in white carbon off foil
  • self made stickers
  • wheels are 9×20″ Advanti straycat with 235/45 Nexxen tires
  • american model tail lights
  • front/back underride guard
  • Tail lights/turn signals black matt foiled
  • Fog lights/bending light black matt foiled
  • Turn signals in the side mirror black matt foiled
  • chrome on the front and side windows removed witch black matt foil
  • Many self made stickers on rims and flanks off foil
  • self made Evil eye with stickers off foil
  • X5 styles running boards
  • roof spoiler
  • 3cm mini antenna
  • red RimBlades
  • self made emblems at the front and rear
  • Black/red door handles
  • tint Front and rear windows
  • Grill plastidip white
  • white foiled roof
  • Red Gas door

Sportage Racing Stripe   kia Sportage custom decals

Powertrain technology upgrades

  • Race chip chiptuning
  • DTE gasbox tuning
  • K&N air filter

Interior upgrades

  • self made interior styling set off foil
  • white matt painted dashboard
  • red gap LINEs
  • Tread carpet protection at doors
  • Tread carpet protection to central console in the back
  • pedals of steel

Future modifications: Artur plans to install an LED interior lightning kit, as well as the under-ground lighting.

White painted Sportage interior   Kia Sportage interior

Editor’s note: Thanks for presenting your hot-looking Kia Sportage to us Kia fans! Enjoy your ride and keep us updated on all the future modifications.

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  1. Alexander Hordt says:


    habe eine frage, auf dem Bild ist dein kia aus Deutschland hast du difuser und heckspoiler mit TÜV teilgutachten
    gekauft? Has tu die eintragen von TÜV gekriegt?

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