Which Kia To Buy; Sportage SUV Or Optima Sedan


If you have $24,000 to spend on a new vehicle, should you opt for a new Kia Optima midsize sedan or 2016 Sportage SUV?

The Optima 4-door sedan is one of the best-looking sedans currently on sale in the United States.

Starting at just $22,150, you can get the Optima LX model that comes with a ton of great features.

Upgrading to the EX trim at $24,450 gets you a tone of features that you normally have to pay a lot more for.

EPA ratings for the Optima come in at 24/35 mpg city/highway.

While the new Kia Optima delivers a nice amount of cargo space, it is not designed to carry bulkier object like the Sportage is.

Kia Optima vs Sportage SUV


Folding down the rear seats of the Kia Sportage will give you 54.6 cubic feet of cargo space, which is plenty for bulkier objects.

The front-wheel drive Sportage LX MSRP starts at just $22,050, with the all-wheel drive model coming in at $23,550.

Mileage isn’t quite as good as the Optima, with EPA ratings sitting at 21/30 mpg and 20/27 for the all-wheel drive variant.

That means an ongoing cost when you opt for the Sportage SUV over the Optima sedan.

There are plenty of places online, such as Cars.com or Edmunds.com, where you can do a little side by side comparison.

You can break those comparisons into trim and features, so you can get a true look at how they compare to each other.

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