Kia Stonic Small Crossover Officially Unveiled

New Kia Stonic

It feels as though we have been waiting the new Kia Stonic crossover forever, but now we have some official images to go with all the chatter as Kia officially unveiled their new vehicle earlier this week.

The Kia Stonic has some real European styling, and it may well be the most customizable vehicle that the Koreans have ever delivered.

The design is certainly one that catches the eye, but there are still some elements that make in unmistakably a part of the Kia family, with the tiger nose grille being the biggest giveaway.

The all-new Kia Stonic was designed at the automaker’s European design studio in Germany, and it features a combination of sharp horizontal lines and sculpted surfaces that are much softer looking.

2018 Kia StonicCustomers who lean towards the B-SUV segment want a vehicle they can customize, and the Stonic allows them to do that.

They can choose from a variety of tw-tone color finishes, the inspiration for which came from the Provo concept design.

All told, there will be 20 different color combinations to choose from, while the roof will come in 5 different color choices.

Kia Stonic engine options

The engines being used in the new Kia Stonic are downsized turbo variants mated to a manual transmission, which Kia hopes will improve efficiency and drivability.

The engine choices begin with a 1.0-liter T-GDi that delivers 120-hp, as well as a 1.25- and a 1.4-liter naturally aspirated gas engines.

A 1.6-liter diesel engine is also available, and comes in two different power outputs, whilst also offering the lowest emissions of all the choices.

Features available in Stonic crossover

Ergonomics and technology are at the heart of the European designed cabin, with customization the highlight of the exterior of the Stonic, thanks in large part to all the potential color combinations we discussed earlier.

The Stonic is set to be the smartest in its class, as it will feature infotainment technologies that will help with comfort, safety, and convenience.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard, and smartphone functionality will also be a part of the touchscreen infotainment experience.

Comfort and convenience are at the forefront here, with automatic cruise control, heated front seats, and keyless entry all included.

Kia Stonic cargo room

The exterior dimensions of the new Kia Stonic may fall on the side of compact, but it packs in plenty of passenger and cargo space.

Shoulder room is best in class, while head and legroom are also excellent.

Kia Stonic cargo space comes in at 352-liters, but can be extended or shrunk using the two-step boot floor.

New Kia Stonic 2018   Kia Stonic SUV Photo

Does the Kia Stonic come with AWD?

  • Kia Stonic AWD is not available

The Stonic’s sister model, the Hyundai Kona, comes with the option for AWD, but the Kia model does not.

It rides on a different platform that is not adjusted for all-wheel-drive.

European release date

The Stonic will arrive in Europe sometime in Q3 this year, but Kia have not yet made an announcement about a US release date.

There is a possibility that it will not be made available in the US, as it would be placed in the same segment as the ever-popular Kia Soul.


  1. Matthew says:

    I’d say Kia fans are very excited about performance cars at this juncture. So, please excuse my digression.

    I saw an article about redone Tatraplans going on sale and a rumored potential new one. I know Kia and Hyundai have facilities in the Slovakia and Czech Tatra mountain area. Hopefully a collaboration is being considered?

    A great next step is a rear engine performance sub-compact. An everyman, less-useless Porsche 911. A car that kills Subie WRX’s and STI’s.

  2. Jamayl Agomo says:

    It better have AWD the Juke and Toyota C-HR does. It’s nice. This segment in compact CUVs just gotten popular. And it seems bigger Utility vehicles not so much. The C pillar is from the Provo 100%
    But it looks good. I just hope that name “Stonic” doesnt come here to the States.

    The “Niro” name suits this more. But it was already taken for the Niro Hynrid. But I understand they probably want to name all their SUVs starting with “S.”

    This is the ideal SUV size I been looking for. Im saving as we speck. I test drove the Niro. But if I want a car note to what I want it to be, Im going to save save and save. Who knows, maybe I can afford the Hybrid. But I will wait.

  3. Jamayl Agomo says:

    This is one hell of a design one hell of a design indeed. If the car is going on sell this July, then in a matter of weeks we get to see what it looks like. That C-HR by Toyota is also one hell of a design. So is the Mazda CX-3. The Kona by Hyundai looks ok but not compared to the 3 CUVs I listed.

  4. Jm mc says:

    This site is so behind. Kia stonic official pics were out days ago. But this site got no news about it in here. Lame.

  5. Jamayl Agomo says:

    It may be tardy but I got information on here I didn’t know. First I thought Kona and Stonic shares same platform. And because they dont only the Kona has optional AWD. That sucks. It is a CX-3 CH-R, Juke and HR-V rival. I am pretty sure they have AWD feature.

    Good thing is a fully loaded Stonic will be way lesser than the competition because it doesn’t have AWD.

  6. Bryan says:

    The Kia Stonic may not even be released in the U.S. because of the immensely popular Kia Soul. So there ya go.

  7. Anti-Com Luke says:

    So much more compelling than the ugly Soul. Bring it to the States. The soul is as boring now as a PT Cruiser is.

  8. Bryan says:

    The Kia Soul is an interesting design, I think. Kia will continue to be very successful in selling the Soul in America.

  9. Deb says:

    Please tell me it’s coming to the USA! I have a 2011 soul, looking for better mpg and styling. Why would they not bring it here? Here’s an idea drop the box (soul) and go with this new cuv! From what I can see this Stonic is sharp and attractive, if it’s comparatively priced it should do well here in the states. I’m interested PLEASE BRING IT HERE KIA!!!

  10. kaiya says:

    Kia needs an AWD customizable sub compact cuv. They could make the soul AWD. I like both the stonic and soul. Not so taken with the Kona.

  11. Sharon Rasmussen Sprague says:

    Please bring the Stonic to the USA. I am ready and waiting to trade in my Sorento and downsize to this amazing vehicle. My daughter is ready to buy as well!

  12. sharon rasmussen says:

    Please bring the Stonic to the US. I’m ready to buy!

  13. Mary kibbons says:

    I want one . To hear that it might not come to the USA . Take the soul back . I had one didn’t care for. It. I want one in yellow please .. I would like to stay in the Kia family . I really would like to own a stonic .

  14. Keith Klose says:

    I also want one. Bring it with awd/1.6T/7 spd dct and it will handily outsell Hyundai’s Kona.

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