Kia Stonic Spied Winter Testing (News & Rumors)

Kia small SUV spy shots

First spy pictures of the upcoming Kia Stonic hit the web!

Both Hyundai and Kia have been working hard to deliver their B-segment crossovers to the market.

Hyundai small SUV has been spied testing in different parts of the globe several times before, while Kia’s upcoming Rio-based SUV has been caught out in the wild for the first time today.

While Hyundai has yet to deliver a name for their future small SUV (to be launched this year), Kia’s recent trademark application suggests that they will be naming the vehicle the Stonic.

Kia Stonic spy shots

As far as the styling goes, the upcoming Kia Stonic features a more conventional SUV-like shape compared to the Soul crossover.

The vehicle looks like a lifted version of the Rio hatchback, but with more ground clearance and some body cladding.

The C-pillars and rear three-quarter windows looks similar to those seen on the new Rio hatchback.

The overall exterior design is expected to be influenced by the Rio 5-door, while some styling cues may be adopted from the funky Provo concept vehicle.

FWD standard, AWD optional?

What we don’t know yet is whether the upcoming Stonic SUV will come as an FWD model only, or whether it will also have AWD capabilities.

Going against the Nissan Juke would mean that Kia should make AWD available, but if they are basing this model on the Soul crossover, then don’t be surprised to see it offered as FWD only.

We expect that the Stonic engine range is going to feature a wide range of gasoline and diesel units.

The 1,0L turbocharged unit could be used as the base engine, while 1,4L T-GDI should be available a top of the range.

In Europe, the Kia Rio-based SUV will also be offered with a pair of diesel engines (1,4L and 1,6L CRDI).

Kia’s upcoming small SUV will compete against the likes of Mazda CX-3, Renault Captur, Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade and Hyundai (Intrado).

Rumored release date of Kia Stonic: late 2017

The all-new Kia Stonic crossover vehicle, assuming that’s what it will be called, will be released later this year, with the most likely unveiling spot being the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The official US unveiling of the Kia Stonic probably wouldn’t come until December at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Kia Stonic   2017 Kia Stonic SUV

Stay tuned for more news reports and spy shots of the Kia Stonic small SUV!


  1. Denis says:

    it will be a 2018 model

  2. RC says:

    By NOT offering all-wheel-drive on this mode,l this will just be another front wheel drive vehicle in the marketplace.
    Kia needs to start offering the availability of all wheel drive and all their car platforms .

  3. AEC says:

    If the Stonic ends up only being a FWD it will likely fall flat on it’s face. AWD should be more widely available in Kias including being offered in the Soul… AWD is usually a hot button for Canadian customers…

  4. Matthew says:

    Did the Trailster concept not get green-lighted?

    This and the Soul could use that system. AWD and electric hybrid is a double benefit. Some here in the States are really paranoid toward snow and ice. Is Stonic the final name? I also still like the name Retona.

    I hope Kia is not worried about diminishing some ‘urban’ brand image here. Jeep and Subaru have built a rugged image based on the Wrangler and WRX. It gets people that buy their regular crossovers to forgive big problems like blown head-gaskets.

    I still hope Kia brings a new compact truck here.

  5. Bryan says:

    The article says the Kia Stonic will be similarly-sized to the Kia Rio. That it will be based on the Kia Rio 5 door, but this Stonic looks larger than the Rio hatchback to me.

  6. himi says:

    It may be slightly larger, but not significantly. You can expect the 2019 Kia Soul to grow in size a little bit, to make some “space” between all small Kia models.

  7. Bryan says:

    Good information, himi!

  8. Jtz says:

    They needed this a long time ago.

  9. Jamayl Agomo says:

    Himi or anyone, anyone kow if the Stonic is available in Hybrid or Electric. I wanted a hybrid ever since I test drive the Niro. Though, I want to save more for thr carnote I want as is the reason I did not get the Niro. But the Stonic size and spyshots look like my size. I dont mind if it is all electric, but my concern is if this is only available in EV form, does it mean it is limited like the Soul EV and wont be available here? This is why I am hoping for a hybrid if so. But Ill take a fully EV if they have it here. I can find some charging stations.

  10. himi says:

    The Stonic electric will be available sometime in 2018. It will have around 185 miles of range which far outperforms the Soul EV range. As far as US availability go, we hope to see it available in all US States. No official word on that yet…

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