Michelin Primacy Tour Tires Good For Kia Telluride?

Kia Telluride AWD with Michelin tires

The 2022 Kia Telluride AWD rides on Michelin Primacy Tour all-season tires.

While they are often forgotten until they go flat, tires play an integral role in the smooth operation of your vehicle.

If you are driving the new Kia Telluride SUV, there are several tire options open to you when it comes time to change them. The question now is concerning which tire brand is the best.

One of the better options out there are the Michelin Primacy Tour all-season tires for the 2022 Kia Telluride. If you opted for the AWD model, or are thinking of buying one, then those are also the factory tires that come with it.

If, on the other hand, you have the FWD version, it will be Pirelli stock tires that come standard.

One thing to consider when it comes time to changing tires is how happy you were with the ones your Telluride has been riding on. If you are pleased with the Michelin Primacy Tour tires, then why would you think about going with something different? They are good, very well reviewed tires and a great option to purchase.

There is more to shopping for Kia Telluride tires than just choosing the same brand, though, as you also need to pay attention to the size. With the Telluride large SUV, the tire size varies by trim level, be sure that you are buying the tire size that fits your particular trim.

Listed below are some more details that will ensure you pick the right size tires for your specific model.

Kia Telluride
Tire size
LXStandardP245/60 R18
SStandardP245/50 R20
EXStandardP245/60 R18
EXOptionalP245/50 R20
SXStandardP245/50 R20

About Michelin Primacy Tour all season tires

The Primacy Tour from Michelin falls under the Grand Touring umbrella, with the tires designed to be used year-round on SUV’s and crossovers, with ride, traction, and minimal road noise all characteristics of these tires.

The Primacy Tour all-season tires are equipped to handle the changing of the seasons without needing to change tires. That said while they handle well in light snow, you may want to flip to winter tires if you live in a region where snow is a major factor!

It is the 5-rib pattern used in the asymmetric tread design that delivers such a smooth quiet ride with the Primacy Tour tires.

This is what you would expect from a luxury touring tire, as are the dry handling capabilities of the shoulder blocks, which are designed to prevent the vehicle from hydroplaning. For snow, it is the zigzag strips in the center and inboard ribs that deliver excellent traction.

On the inside, the Michelin tires come with a 2-ply polyester cord casing designed to add comfort to your ride. A pair of steel belts stabilize the tread, while polyamide reinforcements help the tires handle higher speeds.

Sizes & specs of Michelin Primacy Tour tires

Michelin Primacy Tour tires can be used on a variety of different vehicles, as they come in many different wheel sizes. The smallest comes in at 17-inches, while the largest is 21-inches, so be sure to check the specifications for your Kia Telluride trim level before buying!

Other things to consider

For those of you living in parts of the country where winter conditions are a little more extreme and colder months roll around, you may need to equip your Kia Telluride with winter tires.

The fact of the mater is that winter/snow tires are beter equipped to handle severe cases of snow and ice than the all-season tires. They are specifically designed to work in harsher conditions.

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