2014 Kia Venga Crossover Limited Edition Unveiled


The hatchback turned crossover vehicles seems to be the trend for 2014, with the likes of the SEAT X-Perience and the Fiat Panda 4X4 Cross already out there on the (European) market.

You can add the Kia Venga Crossover into that mix, with a limited edition available in the Italian market, boasting both diesel and gasoline engines.

Word from Kia Italy is that only 200 units of the vehicle will be made available, at a starting price in the $19,700 region.

Development costs don’t really match the offering, which means the vehicle will likely show up in other markets moving forward.

The all-new Kia Venga Crossover maintains the bubble-like design and is based on a B-segment MPV.

2014 Kia Venga   Kia Venga Crossover Vehicle

Kia Venga Crossover exterior enhancements

  • front & rear underbody protection
  • plastic body cladding
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • different fog lights

New protective body cladding elements have been added to this design, which includes side skirts and door guards, both of which have a crescent wave styling.

The vehicle can be ordered with a 1.4-liter engine that runs on either petrol or compressed gas. There are also a pair of onboard fuel tanks which, when combined with the original tank, cab deliver a 1,300 kilometer driving range.

The Kia Venga Crossover comes with the same 7-year/150,000km warranty offered across the entire Kia line-up.

The eye-catching exterior design of Kia Venga and flex-fuel option make this a definite niche vehicle, but one that is definitely sure to appeal to the right kind of buyer.


  1. Ray Hathaway says:

    To the Rep: When the Venga hits the U.S. shores just remember I’m available for long-term test driving. It’s the least I can do as an avid, and loyal, KIA owner and aficionado. Thanks.

  2. himi says:

    Sorry, but Kia Venga is not coming to the States. Even the redesign is questionable… it remains to be seen whether Kia debuts the second-generation Venga MPV or replaces it by smaller crossover vehicle (as seen at previous spy shots).

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