Comparison: 2010 Kia YN vs No3 concept


The 2010 mini-MPV from Kia will be officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. When it goes on sale early in the 2010, this all-new B-segment people mover will be joining the already crowded mini-van segment and the battle for younger European customers.

Over the past two year, the 2010 Kia YN has been put through an extensive real life testing programs to sort out all the bugs that a new car might suffer from. With such an extensive on-road testing program, car spy photographers have had many chances to catch the prototypes in the wild and expose it to the wider public through various automotive websites.


Our previous Kia YN spy report, issued on Friday, has revealed some interesting facts about the official naming of the 2010 Kia YN. The same spy report also featured an image showcasing the YN prototype while hauling a trailer somewhere in the Europe. It’s interesting to see that everytime we get new spy shots, the YN looses some of it’s camouflage. In this case it has slightly less camouflage on it’s front fascia than we have been used to see by now.

The YN mini-MPV has been first unveiled as a No3 concept car at the 2009 Geneva auto show and it was announced that when production model gets released it’s final exterior shape won’t get changed much. The image attached below proves the statement to be true.

As you can see the front fascia design on the YN prototype looks very close to the one seen at the No3 concept car. The major design difference between the No3 and YN prototype is a slightly different and less aggressive signature grille. The differentiation continues with the brand’s logo position which has been moved from the No3’s upper part of bumper to the middle of the grille on the YN prototype. When comparing both vehicles head to head, you can also notice a few slight design changes that have been implemented to the front bumper. [Photo source: Motorauthority]

See the image comparison of the 2010 Kia YN and No3 concept car after the jump…




  1. ks34 says:

    New interior spy shots at worldcarfans. This car sounds promising.

  2. BJD (Boris) says:

    I saw the interior pic. it seems the single dial on the central controls has made it to production but it looks a bit too cluttered…

  3. ks34 says:

    It also seems to have a 6-speed manual transmission.

  4. himi says:

    Yeah I saw the interior pic as well and it looks preatty neat. Kia has done some major improvements inside of their cars as well in the last few years. Especially it’s latest products such as cee’d and Sorento has seen a huge improvements.

    I’m especially impressed with cee’d’s interior which has really soft materials used on the upper part of dash. There are still some cheapo plastics, but wouldn’t turn me off from buying this wonderful vehicle!

  5. Patrick says:

    I love how similar it is to the concept. However, I like the concept’s badge placement more. Excellent design nonetheless.

  6. Bryan says:

    I love how the YN’s headlamp assembly sweeps back!

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