Spy Shots: Kia Cee’d Plus Got Caught In The Wild


First look at the upcoming Kia Venga, codenamed YN!

These are the latest spy shots of the upcoming 2010 Kia “cee’d plus” that surfaced to the web yesterday.

They show a heavily camouflaged prototype vehicle of the upcoming small Kia MPV, which is set to bow as a concept vehicle in March of 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The “cee’d plus” is expected to go on sale in late 2009, as a 2010 model, and will be built exclusively for European market where it will take on cars like Opel Meriva, Renault Modus, Honda Jazz and Ford’s upcoming Fiesta based mini MPV model.

2010-kia-yn-ceed-plus.jpgAs we have already reported, the 2010 Kia YN will be produced in Hyundai’s new manufacturing plant in Czech Republic.

On the same production line, Hyundai will also manufacture it’s own version of Kia “cee’d plus”, which is scheduled to hit the market by the end of the 2010.

Cee’d plus mini-MPV shares platform with Soul crossover, which means it will feature similar engines and transmissions.

Aside from 1,6L petrol and diesel engines, the model will also be offered with 1,4L diesel and petrol units, both making premiere in B-segment Hyundai i20 hatchback. [Source: Carscoop ]

2014 Kia Venga Photos

kia-soul-mpv-7.jpg   kia-soul-mpv-6.jpg   kia-soul-mpv-8.jpg

Stay tuned for more Kia news and information about their upcoming models.


  1. BJD(Boris) says:

    —–Opel Meriva, Renault Modus, Honda Jazz and Ford’s upcoming Fiesta based mini MPV model.—–and—–Hyundai will also manufacture it’s own version of Kia “cee’d plus”—–
    so considering this, I guess this is a growing segment in europe and Kia haven’t wasted money on this thing. my eyes are starting to like it now. 🙂

  2. himi says:

    I also like it very much. It’s exterior speaks completely different language than at Soul. While Soul is boxy all around, the YN is rounded everywhere. At first sight it seems like an enlarged Fiat 500.

  3. Martin1491 says:

    Quite an interesting little car this, still difficult for me to get an opinion on how it looks, but I do like the overall shape.

    I find it funny the way so many other car manufacturers are doing so poorly at the moment, but Hyundai-Kia still appear to be doing pretty well.

  4. BobI says:

    Give the people what they want, when they want it, with quality and an attractive price, and I am not surprised at all that Hyundai/Kia are prospering. Now if we could get more diesels in the US, we can compete on CAFE standards. I am amazed that some major manufacturer has not followed Boeing and the US Defense Department in licensing the diesel clean burn technology from Sonex Research. If it works in a ULEV, it will work in a car.

  5. Harry Canyon says:

    It looks a lot like the Elantra Touring model, I do not know if this will be released in the US..

  6. Very nice I can’t wait to see it with no camo

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