Ceramic Coating On Your Kia Vehicle

Ceramic coating for your Kia

What is ceramic coating & is it good for your Kia car?

If you’re considering putting a ceramic coating on your Kia, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to take you through things you should know before you coat your Kia on your own.

What ceramic coating?

First off, what exactly is a ceramic coating? Basically put, it’s another layer you can add to the outside of your vehicle. This layer is clear and doesn’t affect the color or appearance of your vehicle.

Why do I need it?

When you get that brand new Kia vehicle, everyone’s first instinct is to want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Washing it, waxing it, driving carefully even can only go so far.

Mud, rust, fade from the sun, bugs, there are endless things you can’t control that nature throws at your car (sometimes literally).

Getting the ceramic coating can help with these things. It’s said to do a lot of things, but let’s go through exactly what it will do and what it won’t do.

What does ceramic coating do?

  • The ceramic coating is hydrophobic meaning it cleans itself. This means your car’s paint will remain cleaner for longer periods of time.
  • It doesn’t allow mud or dirt to stick to it.
  • It lasts for years. Compared to waxing for example that you need to keep up with consistently, the ceramic coating lasts for years.
  • It appears waxed all of the time. It repels that shiny look that most desire.
  • It protects your car and paint from UV rays, stains or oxidation.

What it does not do

  • Protect against scratches.
  • It does not last forever.

Where to start?

Interested but not sure where to start? We’re here to help. There’s also another article on auto ceramic coating as well.

There are a couple different ways to go about it. You can get it done professionally or you can do it yourself. We’ll go through both ways.

Professional ceramic coating services

Professionally might seem more your thing because you don’t want to mess it up. Like that clear plastic, they put in your smartphone to protect your screen. Some people are always bound to get bubbles no matter how hard they try not to.

If you’re one of those people and are terrified of messing something up, getting it done professionally is always an acceptable option.

Getting it done professionally assured it’s done properly and is guaranteed to deliver the promises made. The coating will also last longer when done professionally and is more resistant against those issues we mentioned above.

The ceramic coating is  “stronger” if done professionally. It can last 10 years when done professionally. All of the above are pros, however, the one con to getting it down professionally is the cost.

DIY ceramic coating

Some people want to do it themselves, even if it’s to save money. That’s no problem at all. There are a few products out there to help with the process.

It’s much cheaper to do it yourself, however, you won’t receive the same quality as you would if you got it done professionally.

When you decide to do the coating yourself there are a few things you should consider when deciding what coating to purchase. First, you want to look at how difficult the ceramic coating is to install.

If you’re not very good at DIY projects or nervous you’ll mess up, then you want to make sure you get an easy installation coating (or even get it done professionally).

Another thing to consider is the cost. For some people that may be the biggest factor.

Lastly you want to ensure the durability and quality of the coating you’re purchasing. Getting a cheap coating might sound more appealing but if it won’t last very long it wouldn’t be worth it.


Hopefully we provided some information to help you decide if you want to get a ceramic coating on your Kia or not.

The pros seem to definitely outway the cons with the coating itself. However, you can choose to get it done professionally or do it yourself, this may be the determining factor for most.

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