Fleet Insurance For Families With Three Or More Kia Vehicles


Fleet car insurance is not just limited to the commercial business sector it also an option for families with 3 or more Kia vehicles.

Fleet insurance may bring savings and should be considering over the traditional single policy per car approach.

Insuring a large fleet of vehicles of any type car, van or truck is expensive and both families and fleet managers should consider practical ways in which these costs can be capped or reduced.

Listed below are 5 tips to lowering your fleet insurance premiums.

Level of cover

Third party which is the legal minimum and only covers costs to the third party should your fleet vehicle be in an accident.

This level of cover whilst not covering your own vehicles should not be discounted as the saving may outweigh any costs that you incur.

Windscreen cover

Can this be excluded from the policy, how many claims have you made and the costs?

Can you contract with a local windscreen repair company and get a lower cost?


Some brokers will offer attractive discounts if you fit your fleet with insurance industry approved telematics devices.

Other brokers will offer discounts if the data proves that drivers are improving and a lower level claims and don’t forget if they show the opposite then your premiums could rise.

Driver training

Do you have a program to continually improve the level of driving or have the  drivers that will be included on the policy attended an advanced training program.

If you can answer yes to either then make sure that you inform the broker as this should also lead to lower premiums.

Car repair price

Some cars are more expensive to fix than others.

Data on the average repair costs of different cars produced by car manufactures is collected and play a part in the underwriters premium calculation.

Cars that are the most expensive to repair include BMW, Audi and Jaguar.

At the other end of the scale cars from Asia are mostly in the top 10 with cars from Kia, Suzuki and Toyota being least expensive cars to repair.

Source: Glass’s Guide ICME Manual

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