Kia Owners talk: Muhamad’s Kia Cerato (Spectra5)

Kia Spectra tuning

Tricked-out Kia Spectra 5-door hatchback looks out of this world!

Here at, we are pleased to introduce you to Mr. Muhamad from Singapore.

He is the proud owner of this gorgeously modified Kia Cerato (Spectra5).

This year, Singapore will stage a Formula One Grand Prix race, and judging by it’s look, his Kia Cerato could easily be used as a pace car on that race.

1. How long have you owned Cerato?
I’ve owned my Spectra, or known as Cerato hatchback here in Singapore, for about coming to 3yrs. In Sg, we have this 10year lease kind of thing for cars, whereby once it’s expired, we need to either ‘scrap’ the vehicle or renew the certificate of entitlement. Not cheap..

2. What cars did you own before?
This is my first car. But not my first vehicle. I’m also currently own a 9yr old Honda XR400R dirt bike.

3. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Cerato?
To be plain honest, i bought it because it was cheap. Furthermore, KIA has a promo going on around the period when i was looking for a car after i got my first baby.

I shortlisted a few budget options and decided to go for the Cerato Hatch as it seems to be most value for money. Outlook is quite good, interior is spacious and it comes with all 4 disc brakes, which is cool since i don’t quite like rear drum brakes.

Kia Spectra tuning pictures

4. In a few words, describe the style of your Cerato?
Hmmm…to be honest when i first got it, I wouldn’t have imagined it to look like what it looks like today. Started modding it and just couldn’t stop. Basically, it’s style or concept is in the line of GT and WRC rally cars but in terms of performance, it’s far, far from it. Some of my friends call it Cerato GT.

5. What do you like the most about Cerato?
The Cerato (both Hatch and Sedan version) is a stable car at high speed and is quite sturdy. However, the model that the agent brings in is mainly the 1.6L version, except for a very small numbers of 2L auto version. Besides that, the look of the Cerato is quite handsome and as i mentioned before, the all round disc brakes. In fact, many other cars in the Sg market (including higher end Japanese models) do not come with all round disc brakes.

6. Is there anything you don’t like about it?
The Cerato is undisputedly a heavy bodied car and when coupled with our 1.6L DOHC engine, the power to weight ratio is not so good. Especially if it’s on automatic tranny. However, it’s not that bad and with some minor mods, it can still be quite pleasant to drive.

7. What is it that makes your Cerato look unique?
Firstly, it’s black and white (originally white). Besides that it has an urban camo-ed bonnet scoop, urban camo-ed replica J’s Racing GT wing, decals and GT mirrors (I believe my Cerato should be the only one in Sg using GT mirrors, as I customised it myself). One more unique thing about my car is that quite a fair bit of the add ons are DIYed.

8. What accessories have you installed so far?
Really, there’s not much accessories here that’s meant for Cerato and for KIA cars in general. In addition to the stuff i mentioned in my earlier answer, there’s nothing much else.

My car is using a Fluxion add-on body kit with added on front difussers and carnards and on 17″ 5-spoke bronze rims with Goodyear tyres. Within the engine bay, there’s the main stuff are the front upper strut bar, Cusco Oil Catch Tank, Apexi Open pod filter with heatshield, Silver’s stabilizer, D1 Spec spark plug booster, 10-point grounding, NGK iridium Plugs with JetRacing cables and Maximum Velocity light weight crank pulley.

For the cockpit, there’s the SSCUS leather bucket seats, Autometer Air/ Fuel ratio gauge, Pivot engine starter, shift lamp, Apexi SAFC1, Sablet 3-point harness, deep dish steering wheel with ball-lock quick release bosskit and quite basic ICE setup, mainly on Sony Xplod.

5.jpg    kia-cerato-seats.JPG    3.jpg

9. What’s next?
Well, I recently got a set of Exedy Racing clutch 2nd hand from a friend and will be fixing it up soon.

10. Who helped modify your Cerato?
As mentioned, i like to DIY on my car as much as possible, especially those for outlook. My brother would sometimes help me out. For those mods that require workshop expertise, I would go workshops, but none in particular.
11. Products of which tuning company did you use?
I got a few Apexi stuff. Other than that, nothing much.

12. How would you rate your car; on a scale from 1 to 10?
I would rate it 10/10 as I’m still loving it. Really keeps me busy and occupied.

13. How would you pimp your ride if you had no limits?
This is an interesting question. I would dump in a larger engine (at least the 2L engine), turbo charge it, lower it until it almost touches the ground, add as much carbon fibre as possible (interior and exterior), put on really big oversized brake kits, give a GT spec wide-body kit so that i can fit in the widest tyres available…and probably give it a full-body urban camo paintwork!….That would be cool!…

14. What do people say about your Cerato?

Generally, I do get good comments…from friends and even strangers. But there are some that may feel like it’s overdone and gaudy. Different individuals have different taste, so I respect their views. I believe in this saying “To Each, His Own”….

10.jpg   kia-tuning-interior.JPG    kia-tuning.JPG

15. What would you advise to Kia owners who might be looking to customize their cars in future?
It depends on what they are looking at..All out performance, outlook, eye-catching, subtle etc. Since there are not much accessories specially made for KIA cars readily available here, they have to use some ingenuity and creativity to make their ride stand out. Of course, it would help a lot if you got lots of cash to spare!

16. Do you see yourself as a Kia owner in the future?
There are thoughts of not getting another Kia after my Cerato, mainly because of the difficulties to get accessoriesand poor resale value. However, after looking at the cool new upcoming Kia models like the Ceed and Pro’Ceed and even the concept cars (which are really cool btw!), i can see myself owning another Kia in the future!


  1. Greg says:

    Wow! Lots of tricked out Kias in Singapore!

  2. Greg says:

    The engine looks like the inside of a computer! Great job!

  3. Bryan says:

    Great job with your Cerato! Kia and you both have done a great job, man. One other thing unique that I don’t remember if you mentioned or not-the front door handles are black and the rear door handles are white! Nice touch of different-ness. I can’t recall a rig I’ve seen before where someone else has done that. Love the carbon-fibre hood, too! All of it looks spot-on!

  4. K-Sport (Boris) says:

    MAN THAT ROCKS! Reminds me that I wanted cerato to be in the rally. My favorate thing is… everything! you have completly changed the machine. very colourful interior which looks a bit distracting great.

  5. himi says:

    This is a very detailed tuning. There is almost no part that is not replaced by a different one. This is the best looking Kia Cerato I have ever seen! Look at the exterior…it’s sexy and those wheels, really attractive.
    Very nice ride Muhamad!
    Do you attend any tuning competitions? I’m sure you got tons of trophies by now.

  6. Patrick says:

    absolutely adore all the aero stuff goin on at the front. wow.

  7. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    Hi all! It’s me. Really flattered to receive all those good comments…seriously, the car is mainly on looks although I try to improve on it’s performance where ever possible. I don’t think my ride is up to the level to enter any tuning competitions. I’m just enjoying my ride each day and am glad that you guys enjoyed it too.

  8. Ramos says:

    thumbs up to u, Muhamad…
    all the great efforts do transformed it to be a ‘Cerato GT’… 1 & only in SGP.

  9. himi says:

    Hello Ramos! Welcome to the KIA-WORLD. Are you from Singapore too?

  10. diggin says:

    “but in terms of performance, it’s far, far from it”

    but from ur pic it seems like u put alot of effort on the engine though~

  11. Darren says:

    i love to know where u do yr front diffuser and the two rod holding it

  12. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    The diffusers are 2-piece universal ones…as for the tie rods, I got them frm a hardware shop..for industrial usage..but it’s exactly the same as the ones used on cars..

  13. Marco Farelo says:

    Hello im from Portugal cty:Lisboa,i have a kia cerato 1500d 105cv and im very happy ,the car is fantastic but i want to now if will bee a new models of cerato? thank you

  14. Alex says:


  15. Pierre says:

    hey guys! i live in Lebanon & i have an A/T Kia Cerato hatchback with a 1.6L engine! & want to do little modifications with it! i don’t want to pay a high price! so what do u all convince me to do? i need a little more power about 20-30 HP more! a little more gripping (i started that by putting 195/60/R15 tires! so what can i do more?
    plz do email me on this address: [email protected]
    i hope to get good infos & prices! thanks

  16. Jun says:

    Hey great upgrades. i really like the work you’ve done on your car. I too have a KIA cerato and i’d like to know how to remove the car stereo panel board. i don’t seem to fine the screws on panel before i can remove the stereo. i don’t a lot of changes on the lights and now i would like to replace the stereo. Hope you can help me with it. Thanks.. Once again good job on your car.

  17. Swampgas says:

    Excellent work, Gaudy?! Yes! But in a sexy way!
    Hey JUN!!! Small Flat screwdrivers used in pairs(a panel removal tool is recommended) all around the console…start bottom work your way up. The Clamps are very forgiving.Kia Spectra 2008(US) Good luck and don’t rush perfection.

  18. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    Thanx again guyz..really flattered..since the interview, there’s been a few more ‘mods’…Fixed up the Exedy sports clutch finally..well, if u guyz free, can see the history of my car at this link..’’…It’s a Singaporean forum called SgKiaClub..but pls bear with all the rubbish in the thread..a lot of irrelevant stuff..: )

  19. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    And yes Jun, u can pry open the centre console for the headunit using a thin small screwdriver…it’s only attached with snap on clips…but becareful not to scratch the surrounding areas..and like Swampgas mentioned, the clips are a bit fragile..i broke a few when removing the centre console..Anyway, nice to see the international Cerato/ Spectra family in here..cheers!

  20. JaNs says:

    i love ur cerato alots…. man.

  21. mark Read says:

    nice looking car. Where did you get all the CF for the car. if you can let me know at [email protected] thank you

  22. Surin says:

    Love the car! Where did you get the FLUXION kit??? I can find them for the sedan but none for the hatch???
    If you can let me know that would be great, [email protected], thanks

  23. the car is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.l luv it G i have one also but i need abodykit for mine could you email me and let me know where you got your from.

  24. the car is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.l luv it G i have one also but i need abodykit for mine could you email me and let me know where you got your’s

  25. friend35 says:

    I’m happy very good site

  26. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    Hi guyz..can e-mail me at [email protected] or juz take a look more of my car thru tis link at Sg Kia Club..”″…there are other nice Ceratos to look at over there too….The Fluxion kit is actually meant for Sedan..but modified slightly to fit the hatch. The rear is not Fluxion but a mix of Proton Satria sides and Subaru WRX Bug-eye centre diffusers..Got it from our neighbouring country..JB, for the ‘CF’, it’s a mix of real CF parts, real CF sheets and CF stickers…I tink u guyz can tell tat I’m a CF freak..heh..heh..

  27. sherman says:

    pleas can you mail me some sites where i can find some angel lights for kia spectra, pleas let me now

  28. Muhamad aka Psyfool7 says:

    Hi. I did angel eye look on my stock headlamps at a local auto shop..Got the rings at Autobacs and installed it around the round signal lamp…the interior of the headlamps were also sprayed matt black..For total replacement Angel Eyes with projector lamps headlamps, a few got it shipped from China..

  29. keval says:

    dudeeee i just got a cerato forte…. someday when the warranty is over im gonna mod it too man!!! singapore boleh!

  30. Darren says:

    Hi bro, Darren here from penang,m’sia
    actually im still headache on considering whether want to buy this kia spectra 5 or not
    but after found this page, i think i have made my decision =p
    but yours is manual transmission ?
    in msia here only got A/T with sport mode
    erm….dont mind add me in msn ? wish to chat with you to know more if you dont mind
    [email protected]
    or through email also can…..hope to hear from you soon =D


  31. ImpastoKItsch says:

    i seriously wonder y…

    y most malay drivers love to overdo their car and make them look so funny.

    airscoop? LOL~ but u are better than those who stick ralliart or trd on a kia with a vtec sticker or sport edition , special edition badge on their kia…

  32. Bro-D says:

    dude. that doesnt evn really look like a spectra 5 any more.
    i just got an 06 spectra 5 2.0L 5 speed about a week ago. i love the car. i have been tryin to save up money to put some stuff into it but wrking at a job that only pays minimum wage isnt cuttin it. haha
    so far i got a JVC stereo and a 12″ pioneer sub. hopefully will be gettin an amp here pretty soon so i can get it all installed.

    dude your spectra 5 looks SIC! i hope mine can someday be that BA!

  33. Very nice site..I’m happy for you..

  34. gabriel says:

    yo yo where u all go for mods for kia ? just leave me an email at [email protected] . interested party here !

  35. rahul philip says:

    i wonder how you installed the oil catch tank i saw in a few websites that you should install them instead of the pcv hose but you have left the pcv hose connection (at the intake manifold) open need a bit of advice to install them on my cerato because i’m really confused could you also tell the grounding points you used please

  36. Lawrence says:

    hi guys where can i find picanto star tail light cover in singapore ? i cant find it at any accessories shop any one now ? or any one selling it i looking for it

  37. ogre12 says:

    dont talk so much with your cerato lets race on a striaght line.

  38. Greg says:

    ^^^Disgusting, disturbing, illegal, and needs to be deleted. (You can delete this post while you’re at it)

  39. Fuad Jintoro says:

    Cant believe its a cerato HB……Can i be the next owner?
    fantastic job… just the bodykit i was browsing for…. hope to meet you and your ride one day..

  40. Justin says:

    Shhhhhhhhhhit, Muhamad!! This is AMAZING! I’m shocked that this is a Spectra5. Where did you get a lot of your custom work done? You get any stuff online? The bumpers are exactly what I’m looking for – along with the grille. Only thing is, it’s really hard to find parts for the Spectra5; it’s not a popular car. If anyone has any suggestions on where to get parts, please re-post below, thanks!

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