Transport Your Kia Car With Dependable Auto Shippers (Here’s How)

Transporting a Kia car or SUV

Things to know before car shipper moves your Kia.

It’s not uncommon for people to move from one part of the country to another for work or other reasons.

Once they make that move, they may need to ship their Kia car with them.

It may also be that you have found the exact Kia vehicle that you want, but need to get it move to your part of the country from way across on the other side.

Shipping a Kia car is not something that can be done on the cheap, but it’s a lot less time consuming and wearing on your vehicle than you flying to where it’s at and driving it to where it needs to go.

This may well be your first time using car transport services, which may mean that you don’t know that much about how car shipping works.

There are some questions that you should ask before hiring a company to ship your Kia vehicle, so let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.


How long does it take to ship a Kia vehicle in 2022

Shipping a car across the country is not the same as having a package delivered, so don’t expect things to happen fast.

In the United States, you are generally looking at about 4 weeks to get the vehicle from Point A to Point B. That time is extended to about 6-8 weeks is the car is going to or coming from an international location.

Car shipping methods

Your choices here are open or enclosed car shipping. The more affordable method is the uncovered car carrier, but that also means having your car exposed to the elements and road debris for the duration of the journey.

The enclosed option will cost about 60% more, but it also ensures that your new Kia is totally protected.

Door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal?

Shipping your Kia car from door to door is the most convenient way to go, but it’s not very coat effective.

You can save money by going from terminal to terminal, which means it will be dropped at a predestined point in your city. You then get to go pick it up and have the pleasure of driving your Kia home.

Researching car shippers and 2022 pricing

There are certainly plenty of car shipping companies to choose from, but not all are created equal. You really should take some time to research before putting your beloved Kia car in the hands of the shippers.

We suggest using online transport review sites to get an idea of what these companies are all about.

The transport company that you choose should be licensed, bonded and insured. When you talk to them, ask them to provide their MC number and/or their USDOT number, and then check them against the FMCSA, through their official site, and the BBB.

Make sure to read all the details of their agreements and insurance policies, just to make sure that you are covered in every eventuality.

Always talk to someone at the company in person, and see what sort of vibe you get. Do this with at least 5 different transport companies before making your final choice.

Also, look for companies that will provide a free price quote.

Auto transport insurance coverage in 2022

Liability insurance coverage should be included in your cost, as there is always the possibility of accidents along the way. A good carrier will, according to Paysafe Escrow, have somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 in coverage.

Anything less, or none at all, is a red flag. It also doesn’t hurt to check with your own insurance company to see what they offer in terms of coverage.

Vehicle inspection offered

A good shipping company will do a complete inspection of your vehicle before it is loaded for shipping. Any scratches or dents, no matter how minor will be painstakingly noted.

Once your Kia vehicle arrives at the other side, you will need to inspect the vehicle for any damage, and then compare what you see against the notes taken before your Kia car began its journey.

Photographs are always a good idea, as hey may be required as evidence if an insurance claim does have to be made.

Auto transport explained in a video


It doesn’t matter whether you are shipping a Kia Soul or transporting a Kia Sorento SUV, you want to be sure that you choose the best car shipping company in 2022 for the job.

This is the best way to ensure that your Kia gets shipped from place to place in one piece, and with no damage to speak of.

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