Stylish Kia Cadenza sedan makes its official domestic market premiere


Kia Cadenza luxury sedan to feature a range-topping 290-hp V6 mated to an all-new 6-speed automatic transmission and a variety of high-tech features including “Welcome” system, as well as cabin mood lighting and RPAS reversing sensors.

The long-anticipated Kia Cadenza has been officially unveiled to the South Korean consumers today.

The 4965 mm long Cadenza sedan will take over the role of large luxury sedan for the Kia marque from the 10-year old Opirus and is destined to totally transform Kia’s sales performance in the D2 segment.

The Cadenza name is derived from an Italian musical term used to describe an elaborate, ornamental flourish for a concerto or aria.  It perfectly symbolizes the dynamic sedan’s striking design philosophy and upscale image.

Under the direction of Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the large sedan design team in Korea was determined to transform every aspect of the brand’s range-topping model, to deliver sporty and sleek styling, agile and dynamic performance, exceptional comfort and refinement and competitive high-tech features.

“With the Cadenza, we have created an all-new, large sedan that will revitalize Kia’s fortunes thanks to its exciting appearance, strong performance and luxurious cabin which will guarantee a much broader consumer appeal, attracting thousands of new customers to our brand,” commented Mr Hyoung-Keun Lee, President, Kia Motors Corporation.

According to Kia, the all-new Kia Cadenza will make its very-first overseas appearance at the Riyadh Motor Show in Saudi Arabia on 12th of December, while the model is also set to be displayed at the forth-coming Dubai Motor Show, which opens its doors on December 15th.

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Kia Cadenza gallery: 

kia3.jpg    cadenza-kia-2011.jpg   kiacadenzainterior11.jpg

A ‘big step into the future’ for Kia’s sophisticated design

The design team targeted ‘stand-out’ looks with modernity, while incorporating Kia’s evolving design DNA to ensure the new large sedan boasts an appearance that will humble potential rivals. Last April, the team’s KND-5 concept car at the Seoul Motor Show revealed just how revolutionary Kia’s new large sedan was going to be.

“Our new sedan looks masculine and luxurious,” comments Peter Schreyer. “Today, people recognize a Kia at first sight: well balanced proportions, flowing greenhouse and dynamic window graphic plus the big wheels, give this car its confident stance, dignity and elegant personality. The distinctive ‘tiger nose’ front with its signature grille and headlights are evidence of Kia’s new self-confidence. Kia Cadenza is a big step into the future – another quantum leap for Kia,” concludes Schreyer.

The traditional three-box sedan shape was retained, but was morphed into a more flowing design with an aerodynamic Cd of just 0.29. The innovative treatment of light is a constant design theme. At the front, second-generation LED position lights are used to define the width of the car and the shape of the headlamps. At the rear, the combination lamp clusters also feature LED position lights which, together with the dual mufflers integrated into the bumper, enhance the new Cadenza’s sporty appearance. As an option, a full-length three-part glass Panoramic Roof will be available.

Contemporary looks, premium quality and a unique ambience

Inside, the new Cadenza is every bit as stylish and sophisticated as the exterior promises. The interior is dominated by the treatment of the futuristic ‘floating’ dashboard that highlights Kia’s innovative design approach.

A ‘welcome’ system turns on the exterior puddle and interior lights to ‘greet’ the car owner, while the interior mood lighting strip, which runs across the two-tier dashboard and all around the door trims, creates a warm ambience within the vehicle. An additional large mood lamp, which runs down the center of the cabin ceiling, is available.

Dual-zone climate control air-conditioning is standard, and other high-tech ‘comfort & convenience’ features include keyless entry and an engine ‘start’ button, RPAS reversing sensors, a reversing safety camera with interior mirror display screen and a powered extension for the driver’s seat cushion.

Although New Cadenza is shorter than the Opirus, the extended wheelbase (up by 45 mm to 2845 mm), additional exterior width and more compact rear suspension, come together to ensure that the interior offers occupants more space than the old model.

Less weight, more performance and better fuel-economy for new sedan

Kia’s new front-wheel drive ‘Type-N’ platform makes its first appearance in Cadenza and will be utilized in other Kia models in the future. The lighter (and stronger) bodyshell, together with all-new suspension systems, helped Cadenza to achieve a weight loss of up to 130 kg, compared with the previous Opirus – even though the new model has numerous additional features.

As part of Kia’s drive to increase sales in the large sedan segment, the new Cadenza will be manufactured with a total of three gasoline engines – with different engines being available around the world to best suit local legal requirements. Power outputs will range from 165 ps to 290 ps and all models will feature front-wheel drive and Kia’s all-new six-speed automatic transmission.

Driving up sales and market share with an all-new product

“Despite the current global economic uncertainties, we are confident that the new Kia Cadenza will substantially increase Kia’s share of this segment in Korea and around the world,” concluded President Lee.

Manufacturing of the new Cadenza sedan will start at Kia’s Hwasung facility this month for the domestic market and January 2010 for export markets. Export sales in the General Markets* (excluding North America and Europe), will begin during March 2010 and in China in June 2010.


  1. Scott says:

    Lets not forget the heated and cooled front seats, and heated rear seat.

  2. himi says:

    I really like the interior of the car. It looks very clean and probably rocks at night when ambient lights are turned on.

  3. Bryan says:

    Love that interior-the console looks good. And how it’s shape centers in there with the rest of the dash. Very nice. Looks like Kia isn’t gonna worry about the rear-wheel drive competition between them and Hyundai’s Genesis lineup as to the Koup and Cadenza, either. Important to some but not everyone, RWD.

  4. Sorento Owner says:

    no piano black interior?

  5. Sorento Owner says:

    compare with Lexus ES350 with Cadenza 3.5L

    Interior spacious : Lexus ES350

  6. Sorento Owner says:

    compare with Lexus ES350 with Cadenza 3.5L

    Interior spacious : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    Hp : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    Fuel Economy : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    Badge : Lexus ES wins

  7. Sorento Owner says:

    Even Toyota Avalon is not that level.
    Lexus ES350 (US spec) : 3.5L V6 272 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Toyota Avalon (US spec) : 3.5L V6 268 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Kia K7 (Cadenza-Korean spec-) : 3.5L V6 290 HP / fuel economy 10.6km/L

    Export version of Kia Cadenza possibly get ‘Direct injection’ engine.

  8. Greg says:

    I like how Kia includes the interior ambiance lights, like the LaCrosse. I don’t quite see the whole point of the Taurus, it just sucks. What I don’t get is why doesn’t Kia get any media attention. Ford closes a plant, it’s on the news, but Kia opens a billion dollar plant, putting thousands to work, and there isn’t any mention of it. There probably was locally, but I didn’t see anything on national news.

  9. Greg says:

    Price range: $24,500 – $35,700 (USD)

  10. Derrick G says:


    CNN did a story on the plant and I saw one on NBC Nightly News, too.

  11. Derrick G says:

    Oh yeah, something not mentioned here, but stated at the end of the press release on the global site is that the 3.5L is the QOHC version, so looks like it’s really going to happen.

  12. yasser says:

    We are in saudi arabia waiting for this car which i think they will give it opirus name , many people here keeping their mony for it even with huge discounts on opirus 2009 ( start from 16 thousand dollar ) .
    i am glad that it will come soon and near , i can go to Riyadh Motor Show room by my feet 🙂

  13. brad says:

    wow i like it.. ive been holding out for a new car.. either this kia or the new hyundai sonata

  14. Fred "theflo" Oliver says:

    This is the Lincoln MKS KILLER I have been waiting for. I was all set to buy the MKS when Ford greedy @$$ increased the base price of the MKS from $38,000 to $42,500. They priced me out the market for a luxury vehicle that I would have loved to own because of the technology.

    Now here is KIA to my rescue when I first saw the VG Concept vehicle back in August I was sold. I have given up on Ford totally once I saw the concept and I am sitting her patiently waiting to purchase this vehicle and PROUDLY drive it as a former Ford Fanatic. Toyota number 1, Honda number 2, Kia / Hyundai will be number 3 and soon with killer cars like this Kia will no longer be a step child to Hyundai.

  15. Greg says:

    There is only one lincoln that I can stand its design, and that’s the one with the Amanti-esque taillights. That’s the other problem with the non-word naming schemes, they are very forgettable. I don’t know which Lincoln is which, I just know that there are four of them. One is huge, the other is a hearse, and there are two cars.

  16. Fred "theflo" Oliver says:

    You talking about the Lincoln MKS that was the one I was planning on getting at the tiem before GM announced its bankruptcy. I went to go place the order and the Salesman tells me there is a mark up due to GM and Chrysler. I couldn’t believe my ears. I walked out and have not been back since.

    I have one Ford Product left at my house and I am about to get rid of it for a Kia Rondo once I find out if it has the new corporate face of all the other Kia models.

    I will say in 3 years I will own a Rondo, Kia Forte Sedan, Kia Forte Koupe, and the U.S. VG/ Optima.

  17. Greg says:

    The Rondo will get Kia’s corporate face in 2012. A better name for the current Amanti/Opirus would have been “Morendo”. Maybe they will call the CH the Grazioso. Maybe the next Rio will be called he Scherzo. I mean why not, they’ve named the last two cars Forte and Cadenza, which are both musical terms.

  18. Sue says:

    Greg Says:

    November 25th, 2009 at 12:17 am

    The Rondo will get Kia’s corporate face in 2012. A better name for the current Amanti/Opirus would have been “Morendo”. Maybe they will call the CH the Grazioso. Maybe the next Rio will be called he Scherzo. I mean why not, they’ve named the last two cars Forte and Cadenza, which are both musical terms.

    What do those names mean?????

  19. Chajee Pojee says:

    I hope they choose a better name than Cadenza..most Americans won’t even know what that means..I thought was Italian for couch..

  20. Greg says:

    My mom thought it came with a cabinet in the trunk (does anyone get it??). Anyway, meanings for those names are:
    Forte – Strong (loud)
    Cadenza – Elaborate (ornamental)
    Morendo – Dying Away
    Grazioso – Graceful
    Scherzo – Playful

  21. Bryan says:

    Cadenza is just a Cadbury to me. =:)

  22. Greg says:

    I honestly don’t see where you’re getting Cadbury. A Credenza is a (filing) cabinet.

  23. HyundaiSmoke says:

    KIA is not a step child to Hyundai. KIA will be our centerpiece brand for reliability and affordable performance. Hyundai is becomeing the near Luxury Brand, but I think they might decide to move Hyundai further upmarket. I think KIA is meant to be our developmental brand. Think about it every Hyundai Model will get a much improved variant of a KIA Engine.

    5 Years from now people wont say hey that KIA is reliable becuase it has a Hyundai engine, the goal is for people to say “Hey that Hyundai is reliable becuase it has a KIA engine.”

    Near Term Lineup:


    (Same 2.4 That goes on KIA Forte SX, but heavilly modified)

    Theta II GDI= 210 HP and 35.2 MPG

    Theta II GDI Turbo=275 HP and 31 MPG

    Theta II GDI Hybrid=210 HP and 43 MPG


    (Same 2.0 from KIA Forte EX, but heavilly Modified)

    2.0 180 HP GDI=41 MPG

    2.0 205 HP GDI Turbo=38 MPG

    2.0 180 HP GDI Hybrid= 45 MPG


    (Same 1.6 from KIA Soul, but heavilly modified)

    1.6 140 HP Gamma GDI= 45 MPG

    1.6 176 HP Gamma GDI Turbo=41 MPG

    1.6 Gamma Hybrid=54 MPG

    Them guys at MINI, Buick, Mercury, SAAB, Chrysler dont stand a chance.

  24. Chajee Pojee says:

    it doesn’t what engine in it, its if looks cool and affordable…people are sheep=sheeple

  25. ConceptVBS says:

    I thought the Theta II GDI in the upcoming Sonata was rated 201 hp.

  26. Derrick G says:

    Concept, for Korea and the GLS and Limited US versions, it’s 198; for the US SE with dual exhausts, it’s 200. Hyundai said 201 PS and they apparently really meant PS, too.

  27. Greg says:

    Well Hyundai is building their own small engines now, ever since the GEMA alliance ended.

  28. Derrick G says:

    Also, Kia quoted 290 PS for the Cadenza and if you take the 213 kW from the official press release, it converts to 286 HP, as does 290 PS. So in the US, I’d say the specified HP is going to be 286, not 290. Still well above most of the class.

  29. Greg says:

    That is 22 HP more than the Amanti, and .3L less displacement! This 3.5 even has the 3.8L (276 HP) in the Borrego beat by 10 HP. Awesome, Kia, just awesome.

  30. Bryan says:

    In 1998, when Kia HAD to be picked up and saved financially by Hyundai, I remember distintly reading from Kia officials about the “merge.” The point was made again and again that Kia would work autonomously on their own rigs and not share much more than a platform here or there with Hyundai. Remember, Kia aren’t no spring chickens. They’ve been at this since just beofre WWII ended, 1944 I believe, is what their website says. They were to be left alone to design and build on their own and if and only if Kia thought it would benefit the both of them then they’d share resources and an occasional platform. I have always loved original Kia designs more than Hyundai’s original designs. So don’t worry about the feist-headedness of Kia Motors of South Korea. It’s there my automotive buddies.
    The help from Hyundai was no doubt much appreciated but didn’t include design-share agreements. This is 1998 I’m speaking of here, the fall of ’98. Kia is an individual carmaker and they’re as feisty and independent as any of them worldwide. I love that they’ve acquired Peter Schreyer and his work strongly compliments the other Kia designers.

  31. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Wheres the KIA Version of the Genesis at? (True Amanti Replacement)

    Spy Shots anyone?

  32. Greg says:

    That would be the CH, and it is wind-tunneling.

  33. Leopaul says:

    I heard that the Kia K7 made its appearance on the Korean action drama, IRIS. It’s wonderful that this car’s finally here and hopeful it will hit the world market soon.

  34. djsdlkj says:

    HyundaiSmoke Says:
    November 26th, 2009 at 4:05 am
    Wheres the KIA Version of the Genesis at? (True Amanti Replacement)

    Kia secretly developing K9 model.
    It is a ‘super large saloon’. It is not a Kia version of Genesis. Kia version of Equus.
    neither true amanti replacement nor kia version genesis

  35. Sorento Owner says:

    Lexus ES350 (US spec) : 3.5L V6 272 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Toyota Avalon (US spec) : 3.5L V6 268 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Kia K7 (Cadenza-Korean spec-) : 3.5L V6 290 HP / fuel economy 10.6㎞/l

    *Cadenza vs. Lexus ES
    Interior spacious : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    hp : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    Fuel Economy : Cadenza 3.5L wins
    Badge : Lexus ES wins

    2010 Buick LaCrosse (US spec):
    3.0L V6 / 255 HP
    3.6L V6 / 280 HP
    Fuel Economy is not good than Toyota Avalon

    2010 Lincoln MKS (US spec):
    3.7L V6 / 273 HP
    3.5L V6 / 355 HP (eco boost)
    Fuel Economy is not good than Toyota Avalon (even eco boost)

    2010 Ford Taurus (US spec) :
    3.5L V6 / 263 HP
    Fuel Economy is not good than Toyota Avalon

    Kia Cadenza (Korea Spec) :
    3.5L V6 / 290 HP
    Interior spacious, Engine, Fuel Economy are better than Toyota Avalon & Lexus ES350

    Wheel base length :
    Kia Cadenza (2845 mm) > Toyota Avalon (2822 mm) > Lexus ES (2776 mm)

    *Conclustion :
    (Interior spacious, Engine hp, Fuel Economy): Kia Cadenza surpass Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES350, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS, Buick LaCrosse.

    + Cadenza have cool gadget stuffs.

  36. HyundaiSmoke says:

    So, djsdlkj the K8 is the KIA Genesis?

  37. BJD (Boris) says:

    Kia K9?? HAHA! now this is one alpha-numeric naming scheme has similar problems to regular names. like borrego means sheep in spanish, now K9 means dog! 😀

  38. Greg says:

    There will be no Equus sized sedan from Kia. That would be foolish. The K9 is the Kia Genesis.

  39. Tom says:

    From a disappointed 2006 Amanti owner who loved the car and its styling…suggest you provide some option for interior “wood” trim…that would really help.

    Another suggestion…drop the KIA insignia on the front hood…like the Amanti…which was often mistaken for a more expensive brand. Having it on the back of the car is enough.

  40. charlie la costa says:


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