Photos Of Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV With A Trailer


Kia’s latest SEMA show car has a small trailer.

You might not think it, but ice cream is one of the most popular food items at race tracks across the country.

Kia is using SEMA to present their take on the classic ice cream truck, and are partnering with San Francisco based Smitten Ice Cream to serve up frozen treats out of a custom-built, zero-emissions Soul EV that will contain the patented Brrr ice cream machine made famous by Smitten.

The treats made by Smitten are the brainchild of a graduate of Stanford business school and use all-natural and organic ingredients combines with liquid nitrogen.

The end result is a host of delicious custom made treats that will melt the heart of any ice cream purist.

Smitten Soul EVGallagher Designs were the creative force behind the design of the Smitten ice cream truck and trailer, with the whole set-up finished off in an eye-popping cherry paint job.

The red theme is carried over to the interior, where red and white leather is the order of the day.

The overall look of the vehicle is that of a hotrod, with the custom red smoothie wheels playing their part.

In order for the Kia Soul EV to operate like an actual ice cream truck, a hemlock cab divider was added so that the driver and the equipment could be kept apart.

If you open up the side door, you will see the custom tanks that hold the liquid nitrogen used to freeze the tasty treats.

An electronic latch is used to open the shaved door hands, and LED’s have been used to accent the Brrr ice cream machine, as well as the work space.

The natural lines of the car extend all the way to the trailer, giving it a real classic car feel.

Kia Soul TrailerThe rear windows of the Soul EV have been blacked out so that they can be used as menu boards that show the flavors available, as well as any specials for the day.

The back cavity has been designed to accommodate a pull-out table that allows the Smitten Brrristas to have a workspace that can be either linear or set at a 90-degree angle.

Yes, this ice cream trucks plays that signature tune that kids across the country will recognize, with the sound piped out via a trio of waffle cone shaped marine speakers set atop the EV.

In order to make the vehicle kid safe, folding “Stop” signs lit by LED’s have been added, and they will come out when the car is at a stop and ready to serve.

A little splash of nostalgia is added courtesy of the aluminum teardrop trailer.

This is more than just aesthetics, though, as the trailer adds a fair amount of storage space.

Red Interior Kia SoulThe cherry red paint job is carried over to the trailer, although there is also a little splash of silver at the bottom to match the accents of the car.

There is a hatch built in to the back of the trailer that grants access to the storage, while the stainless steel table attaches easily to its sides.

What will happen to this ride after the show?

Smitten have a truly unique approach to ice cream, and that is what they have tried to convey with their partnership with Kia and the Soul EV.

The vehicle is fully street legal and will hit the road for Smitten once the SEMA show ends.

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