Kia Rumored To Launch 4×4 Soul AWD


The Kia Soul is one of the most popular models made by the Koreans, and it’s about to get a new addition to the family.

The all electric Soul EV is already here, and there are also new powertrains planned, starting with a modified version of the 1,6L turbocharged 4-cylinder that is found in the Forte SX Turbo and the Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

Kia dealers have also repeatedly asked for an all-wheel drive version of the Soul 4×4, and that is indeed a possibility.

Kia Soul turbo

The 201-horsepower delivered by the turbo engine is certainly a good deal more powerful than the current 1,6L and 2,0L engines in the current line-up, which deliver 130 and 164-horsepower, respectively.

A source tell us that Kia engineers are hard at work in efforts to improve the braking components and suspension so that they can handle the extra power that a turbo engine would deliver.

This all points to a performance oriented Soul, much like the SX turbo versions of the Forte Koup and Forte 5.

A performance Soul really isn’t that surprising, especially when you consider the 2.0L turbo and 6-speed manual transmission that were found on the Track’ster concept that appeared at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

4×4 Kia Soul AWD

Not as much is known about a potential all-wheel drive Soul, as that appears to be something that is still a while away from production.

As such, it’s impossible to predict which powertrain would appear on it, although the best bet would likely be the same system found on the Kia Sportage.

The benefit of a Soul 4×4 AWD for Kia would be to have an entry in the incredibly popular subcompact crossover segment.

Their biggest rivals in that segment would likely be the Chevrolet Trax, Nissan Juke and Renault Captur crossover vehicles.

We will keep you updated on all the news about the Kia Soul family in the coming weeks and months.


  1. Barry says:

    Don’t own a Soul, my vehicle is 13 years old with 160,00, but I’m getting closer to a new one. Soul is my favorite, and from the owners I’ve talked to, most want a more powerful engine with automatic and are happy overall with the Soul, just want a bit more, smooth power on the highway.

  2. himi says:

    Well, Kia is working on a range of turbo engines and there’s only a question of time when the automaker will add it to the Soul range. The turbo unit will come, for sure.

  3. Bryan says:

    I just bought a 2011 Kia Soul with 35,800 miles on it. 5-speed stick shift and the 2.0L 4 cyl.engine with 164hp. Great little car, I’m still learning of its greatness as I drive the wonderful little wagon. 30mpg city and 35 on the highway.

  4. himi says:

    Congrats on your Kia Soul, Bryan!

  5. Soul4u says:

    Turbo better come manual, or I will be driving Hyundai soon.

  6. Soul4u says:

    A 2.0T in a Soul would become Kia’s halo car, Optima comes close but the power from the turbo is expected for midsize with no 6 cyl engine. The turbo for Soul even down tuned to 240-250 would be huge, especially if they spec the car correctly and offer both auto and manual.

    They have removed manual tranny in Sorento, Optima, and Soul, which in N.A. Is about a 4% loss. Neither of the big “branding” cars even come close to making it up.

  7. jtz says:

    From the comments and what I”m reading it’s almsot as if Soul is going to be turning into a WRX type of vehicle. I think that’s epic!!! If it gets more horsepower, I wonder if that means it will need to be based on a platform that can handle AWD and a more powerful engine then. Kia would be foolish not to do this.

  8. craig fisher says:

    Great News, there is “Paradigm Shift” toward ALL-Wheel drive vehicles,I believe, people love’em, especially if affordable, with that being said, all premium manufactures are offering all-wheel platforms in their model line-ups,if Premium is where we are headed.

  9. Ainnem Agon says:

    I don´t know why but the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT front reminded me of Kia GT4 Sitnger’s.

  10. himi says:

    If Kia builds the Soul GT, it will likely have an exsisting 1,6L T-GDI turbo engine with around 200 horsepower.

    I don’t think they would go with 240+ hp…

  11. Gregory says:

    Kia can’t give the Soul AWD until they revise its platform. Currently the Soul rides on a Torsion Beam rear suspension – which is incompatible with AWD. They would need to use some type of independent rear suspension, which there is not room for on the platform as-is. By using the torsion beam, the Soul has more cargo space. However, to remain competitive against the Trax and the Renegade, Kia doesn’t have much choice but to get a new Soul platform out on the market. After all, isn’t the Soul still riding on a stretched former Rio platform? I know that’s what they built it on originally when it debuted back in 2009. I have to say, the 2014 refresh has made the ride quality almost unbelievable for what the car is. I’m excited to see what they have in store for 2016…hopefully whatever it is makes it into the auto show circuit this winter. Where I live in the snow belt, an AWD Soul for $18k would be a smash hit….it is even just with FWD. I do believe the Soul is my dealership’s best seller.

  12. Gregory says:

    To be perfectly honest, I think that small SUV we’ve seen in spy shots is the new Soul. If not, the new Soul will probably share its underpinnings. I just went and looked over those spy shots. There is so much heavy camo, it’s hard to tell….but I think it could easily be an evolution of the current Soul design.

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