Kia Soul Problems And Possible Issues

Problems with Kia Soul

Fans of the Soul “hamster car” will go out of their way to tell you what a great vehicle it is.

They are not just talking about how it looks and drives here either, as they will also talk a lot about the reliability of the funky Kia Soul.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the Soul is a reliable ride, and not just because you keep hearing it from owners.

In the most recent J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey, Kia became the first non-luxury brand to land at the top of the list. It should also be noted that the Kia Soul came out on top in its segment.

Kia have really gone out of their way to improve their overall quality in recent years, and the entire line-up has benefited from their R&D efforts.

Even if you do run across problems with Kia Soul, or any other vehicle that Kia makes, you still have the backing of the amazing 10-year/100,000-mile warranty that the Koreans deliver.

That said, you would still hope that problems would arrive later in the lifecycle, as opposed to sooner.

What we are looking to do here is get some feedback on Kia Soul issues that you may have had to deal with.

We want to hear about those specific issues, and how quickly into the ownership experience they began. Here is a brief example of some of the things we are talking about.

Possible Kia Soul issues

Kia Soul engine problems: These complaints should come from those of you who have followed the recommended maintenance schedule, but have still managed to be forced to deal with some engine problems.

Kia Soul clutch problems: Does the clutch stick when you are trying to shift gears, or does it just not feel as though you are getting a smooth transition up and down? We want to know.

Kia Soul electrical problems: Problems starting your car or issues with the battery maintaining a charge could be a sign of electrical issues. Have these been a problem for you?

Kia Soul suspension problems: One of the biggest selling points of any vehicle is having it deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. This isn’t possible when you have issues with the suspension. Has this been a problem with your Kia Soul?

Kia Soul paint problems – Chips or scratches on the exterior paint that appear to come from nowhere are an issue. The paint job is the first thing that people see on your car, which is why you want it to be perfect.

Other problems with Kia Soul

Every vehicle, no matter how well made, is eventually going to run into some problems. The Kia Soul issues mentioned above may be some that you have already experienced, but those are just a basic guideline.

We want to hear all your Kia Soul problems, so be sure to leave us a message and give as detailed an outline as possible.



    I have had zero problems with the 2015 Kia Soul SX. The service at the Kia dealership in regards to on oil change was a problem, though. After the oil & amp filter change using bright yellow synthetic oil which I supplied.

    The oil was black. I had to take it to Victoria auto transmission store to get the oil change done again. And now, driving around town for a few weeks, the oil is still the clean bright yellow color it should be. Not dirty black.

  2. GEORGE DURKIN says:

    Hi, I do not think that the ugly dirty oil issue was a problem with the KIA soul. I think the problem was with the mechanic that changed your oil. The mechanic never changed your old oil. He or She put the new synthetic oil container into their car trunk and later put the new expensive oil into the vehicle that transported the oil. That mechanic should be fired for theft. If the dealership knew ( your doing ) that mechanic would be fired and the dealership would bear the expense of re changing your oil.The dealer should be told.

  3. Gloria Caldas says:

    Listen I bought a Kia Soul 2013 and August almost I have and accident the part of front small the click was broken if I was driving in the road maybe big accident I had to take my car in the mechanics as close at my apt and he said the click was broken and they fixed and I have to paid $220. I hope Kia have to give my money back and I have the original part with me I send the receives ok

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