2016 Kia Cee’d 5-Door Hatchback Facelift Spy Shots

cee'd spy shots

Winter testing is crucial for every new car, which is why spy photographers were able to snap pictures of the facelifted 2016 Kia cee’d in Sweden.

The vehicle is not due until later this year or early next, but the spy photos give us some clue of what to expect.

The front is where most of the styling changes will take place, with an updated signature grille, headlights, and lower bumper, all designed to give the vehicle a slightly more sporty appeal to match the look of the sporty pro_cee’d GT.

The spy shots here are for the 5-door style, but expect a pro_cee’d coupe and cee’d SW station wagon the be updated, too.

2016 cee'd spy shotsThe new 2016 cee’d hatchback will be Euro 6 compliant, thanks to a range of new engines.

There is no official word as of yet, but the belief is that a downsized turbo engine will likely be made available, similar to that found in the just-recently refreshed Hyundai i30 hatchback.

Hyundai i30 facelift (ceed’s sibling model) received two new gasoline engines, including the lighter 1.4L and a 183-horsepower turbocharged 1.6L petrol units

A pair of 1,6L CRDI diesel units that deliver an output of 100 to 136 horsepower will also be available.

The i30 also features a brand-new 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox across the range and it is highly likely that the 2016 Kia Cee’d will feature that, as well. (Photosource: Autowereld)

Official Release Date Of New Kia cee’d Facelift

The upcoming Geneva auto show, which opens its doors in March, is a likely candidate for the official unveiling of the cee’d facelift.

However, several sources close to Kia also state that the automaker would introduce the next-generation Optima sedan in Geneva, while the revised 2016 cee’d would be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in November.

Two More Spy Shots

Kia Cee'd Facelift   new cee'd spied testing

Stay tuned for more Kia news!


  1. jtz says:

    So far on spy shots from Kia, I seen: cee’d, Optima and Sportage. Still no signs of Kia GT. But I think it’s been out before. I just think Kia is putting out the GT for testing 6 or 7 miles after facelifted cee’d Optima and/or Sportage goes out for testing. Why? So that those faclifted Kias can grab alllllllll the attention and followers leaving the Kia GT to be tested in peace. I also think the KX-3’s sharing platformer buddy crossover for the USA has also been out. Also I think the redesigned Kia Cadenza has been out for several months and hasn’t been caught.

    Why the Cadenza? Think about it: The Cadenza came out in 2009, yet we seen redesigned Sportage,Optima and Sorento already on spy shots (or available on showroom floors) the Cadenza is the oldest Kia in the line up yet cars younger than it is already have next generation products out for testing? Oh yeah, the redesigned Cadenza has been out. Just never caught yet. Trust me.

  2. jtz says:

    I think the Koreans are up to something. Something mean, nasty, scary, powerful, something I don’t even know yet…but I will find out or my name ain’t jtz. I think the redesigned Cadenza and Kia GT are in R&D next to each other in a big white room with people wearing white lab coats. I also think the two cars are next to the 2016 Optima uncovered being tested too.

  3. jtz says:

    So here are the all new never seen yet confirmed Kia models we know so far: Kia GT and Kia Niro. What do we know about the Kia Niro? We know that it is on the same platform as the KX-3 but will look nothing like that. How do we know it won’t look like the KX-3? Two words, “Kia Niro Concept.” Compare the KX-3 concept to the Niro concept and they dont’ look nothing alike. That’s how we know.

    Next we have the Kia GT. Now Kia GT is tricky to figure out what it will look like production ready. Here’s why: Since the Kia GT concept was unveiled, no other Kia concept or model has taken cues off the GT. Yet when Cross GT, was unveiled Sorento took cues off that. But no one knows if the front end of the Kia GT is changed or the same. The K900 nor Cadenza has any relations design wise to the Kia GT. And the Kia GT4 Stinger, besides the name, looks nothing like the Kia GT.

    So we have to assume that it is a 40% chance Kia kept the orginal design of the GT and a 60% chance it will change for the better.

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