Kia Forte Commercial Features Miss USA Alyssa Campanella

Kia Forte commercial girl

Who’s the hot girl in the latest Kia Forte commercial ad?

Technology has become a major part of everyday life and is advancing at a rate that is hard to comprehend.

That is addressed in the latest Kia Motors America Super Bowl ad, where one man gets a little too up close and personal with the all-new Kia Forte.

Former Miss USA Alyssa Campbell, playing a futuristic robot, arrives on the scene to deliver an important lesson: Always respect the tech.

The ad entitled “Hotbots” will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII on February 3, and will be used as a way to introduce consumers to the technology filled Forte.

Technology added to this version includes the UVO eServices infotainment and telematics system.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA, said that the 100 million plus TV audience at the Super Bowl makes for a perfect platform with which to launch this truly memorable ad campaign.

He feels that viewers will be able to relate to the tire kicking experience that you often see in the showroom, and believes that the “Hotbots” spot will put a smile on the face of everyone, most especially the younger demographic that are looking for the kind of premium technology features found in the Forte.

David&Goliath, the marketing agency that have been responsible for all of KMA’s memorable ads in recent years, are once again responsible for the “Hotbots” ad. Viewers don’t have to wait for the big game, though, and can view an extended cut of the ad right now at

Kia is one of the fastest growing car companies in US over the past five years, and the new spot is the 4th consecutive Super Bowl ad the Korean company will have released.

The Kia Forte Hotbots video commercial is fully integrated, covering TV, digital print, social media, and in-dealership elements.

Kia Forte “Hotbots” commercial

Playing in the Kia Hotbots commercial: Alyssa Campanella


  1. Greg says:

    The thing about the heated steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, and idle stop-n-go is that 90% of Fortes sold won’t have those features. Out of all the Fortes I’ve seen, maybe 5 have been the SX model. Hot women sell things to sports fans. Look at the hot chick in the superbowl commercial last year.

  2. conwelpic says:

    you have very little time in a 30 second spot to get peoples attention, they just want you to notice it and get your interest. Look how well the Hampster commercial worked for the Soul, but there wasn’t much info on the car in those. However, later commercials you may see more info as they may get more time and they are cheaper to broadcast.

  3. conwelpic says:

    you only know there is no SX in the Forte sedan, you don’t know what the models on the 5-door or the Koup will be.

  4. Tiffany Malloy says:

    I found the commercial disturbing. I don’t think it was thoughtfully made for children watching TV and seeing a female robot beating up a man. Certainly our society would be all over Kia as a company if a man were beating up a woman – robots or not.

  5. ron says:

    Who are they selling to?

    The 20-something guys would rather have the robochick
    than the Hamster .. or the Kia
    Maybe these are supposed to be a kickA$$ vehicle?

    I guess Ah-Nuld was too expensive to use as a robot.
    He could have protected the customer from the evil chickbot.

    Why are we even wasting out time acknowledging the ad anyway?

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