Kia Owners Talk: turboed 2004 Kia Rio

2014 Kia Rio turbo

This turbo-charged Kia Rio 4-door sedan is a looker!

Say a big hello to Dan, another passionate Kia car owner we are featuring here at!

He’s coming from Canada and he’s the owner of this fast and furious 2004 Kia Rio sedan.

There’s a lot to learn about his cool-looking ride, so let’s get right to it. Enjoy reading the interview!

2004 Kia Rio turbo

1. How long have you owned your Rio?
– Since August 2004

2. What cars did you own before?
– 1990 Chrysler Lebaron Turbo )heavily modified) 1990 Suzuki Sidekick (lightly modified)

3. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Rio?
– I wanted a daily driver so I was not driving the Lebaron all the time.

4. In a few words, describe the style of your Rio?
– Well with the Rio I decided I wanted the look to be very tasteful. Alot of it is personal taste, if I see something I like I try to work with the idea, If it looks good it stays, if not then I try something else.

2004-kia-rio.JPG kia-rio-rear.jpg kia-rio.jpg

5. What do you like the most about Rio?
– The power.

6. Is there anything you don’t like about it?
– Well it had all of the typical cheap Korean car issues, rattles, wind noise etc, but I am slowly fixing that stuff bit by bit.

7. What is it that makes your Rio look unique?
– Well for starters it is a 1 of 500 Canada only *Tuner Package*, that made it rare. Add the turbo and looks and it has become unique.

8. What accessories have you installed so far?
1.6 Rio Block bored 40 over (1.7L)
Mazda B6-ZE Crank
Mazda BP Rods
10mm Dish Forged Pistons
9:1 Compression Ratio
ARP Head Studs
ARP Main Bolts
ARP Rod Studs
Ported and Polished Cylinder Head
Ported and Gasket Matched Intake Manifold
MT-Engineering Underdrive crank pulley
MT-Engineering GT28R turbo kit @ 20 psi
MT-Engineering MT-375 Cams
Edelbrock Divorced Turbo Downpipe
Edelbrock 3″ Turbo Inlet Pipe
Ported Head & Port Matched Intake
MT-Engineering Standalone Fuel & Spark Management
Intergrated Buick GN Boost Controler
Intergrated Staged Fuel Injection
Clutchnet Stage 3 Clutch
2-1/4 Turbo Back Exhaust w/ Magnaflow Muffler
Filled Polyurethane Engine Mounts

Intrax Springs
17″ Katana Wheels
Falken ZE-912 205/40R17

Short Throw Shifter
Custom Carbon Fiber Gauge Panel

Kia Canada Tuner Package
Body Matched Headlights

And the list could go on.

kia-rio-engine.jpg kia-rio-turbo.jpg kia-rio-tuning.JPG

9. What’s next?
– Larger front discs, 4 piston calipers, Rear disc conversion, new clutch, repipe charge piping, HKS SSQV blow-off valve, larger front mount intercooler, ram horn turbo manifold and a 3″ exhaust if it can be wedged in there.

10. Who helped you modify your Rio?
– I have had alot of help from Matt at MT-Engineering, we have spent alot of time designing and fabricationg parts for ths Rio and a few others.
11. Products of which tuning company did you use so far?
-MT-Engineering, Garrett Turbochargers, PLX Devices, Megasquirt EFI, KFX Performance, Clutchnet Clutches

12. How would you rate your car; on a scale from 1 to 10?
– Personally I would give it about an 8.5.

13. How would you pimp your ride if you had no limits?
– The way it stands so far there has not been any limits.

14. What do people say about your Kia Rio sedan?
– Some people love it, some people hate it. Most are surprised at the fact it is a Rio.

15. What would you advise to Kia owners who might be looking to customize their cars in future?
– Research and Develop. Hondas didn’t get the aftermarket they have now by not doing anything about it. You have to be willing to get what you want. If someone doesn’t sell something that you want for your Kia, make it, or find someone that will. You have to be a leader not a follower. If you are a follower nothing will ever get made.. If you are the leader you will have the drive to do something about it.

16. Do you see yourself as a Kia owner in the future?
– I’ve had my eye on the ne Soul coming this fall.. I’ll see what happens when it hits the showrooms.

Thank you for your honest answers, Dan. Enjoy your Kia ride!


  1. Griffith says:

    It is like Subaru impreza. 😀

  2. Colby says:

    it really is sharp for a rio. what is that running any way? close to 12 or under? The vehicle is so light and with a turbo it must fly.

  3. himi says:

    That was also my firts thought when I saw his Rio!:)
    I would like to know how much has the engine performance improved after all of the the engine modifications and turbo was installed.
    Did your Rio became a nightmare for Honda owners, Dan?;)

  4. Bryan says:

    Yep, it does give the impression of looking like a Subaru Imprezza. Only it’s light years better, being that it’s a Kia. Nice rig!

  5. Dan says:

    Well performance is way up over a stock or even lightly modified Rio.. 0-60 times are in the sub 6 second range. 1/4 mile times on 5 psi have been around 14.5-14.7 @ 102 mph.. There was little to now traction taking off with my old tires. I’m hoping with 20 psi I can see a low 13 or even a high 12.. Traction is the biggest issue at this point.. With my old tires in 2nd gear the tires easily break loose. The new Falken 912’s I have on it now seem to be a much better tire for traction but we will see. And I know everyone is saying just put some slicks on it, well I’m honestly not sure how much abuse the axles can handle, and to find out at the drag strip almost 3 hours from my house is not my idea of fun..

    I always love the comments about Subaru it kinda makes me laugh because I had a guy in an Imprezza WRX laugh at it and I left him in the dust. It’s kind of flattering.. I won’t even waste my gas on a Honda, I’m looking for bigger things, like Hemi Chargers and Camaros.

  6. Patrick says:

    wow. 0-60 in less than 6 secs??? thats a genesis V8 claim… nice~

    hey 2 questions. does ur hp or performance increase noticeably when you increase ur engine capaciy?? did u have 2 change other things as a result of the mod? (ie. the ecu)

    also, do u get lots of torque steer???

  7. Dan says:

    Well I never noticed the differance in power just from the displacement, because at the same time I add cams and a parted head. But the car was running on a full standalone engine management before I did it. But if you wanted to do it to a stock Rio I’m sure it would work, but you would probally see a drop in performance due to the lower compression pistons. You might be able to install 10:1 pistons again but the mazda pistons are slightly differant from the Kia variation and the Mazda ones may hit the valves in higher compression versions.

  8. Dan says:

    Sorry I missed the torque steer part.. I don’t get as much as you would think.. I’ve tried to adjustg tire pressures to slightly compinsate, but if the car hooks well there is usually a bit.

  9. Bryan says:

    Dan, your car is light years better than one of those dorky Subaru’s, indeed. What kind of gas mileage do you get in your Rio, just during a mixed driving schedule of hiway and in town? I realize that the racing mpg is gonna be much lower, but how do you do on a normal tank of gas?

  10. himi says:

    You mean you left behind an Impreza WRX Sti…the most powerful version of Impreza with AWD?? Tell us more, I’d really like to hear more about that!

  11. Dan says:

    No not an STi just the regular WRX’s.. Fuel is on an average tank, which is usually 30% hard 70% regular driving is right around 9L/100km I think that works out to about 25 MPG.

  12. Bryan says:

    25mpg ain’t bad, really. I just prefer the Kia bodystyles much better than Subie’s. The Legacy Turbo sedans, those full-size sedans of Subaru, those look pretty good, but most of their stable is weak looking. Who cares about AWD is you’re drivin’ a pig around, know what I mean? =:)

  13. himi says:

    Dan: Kias are known not to have the best handling among stock cars. Could you tell me how much better rio drives after you changed the springs?
    Again, congrats to your ride. It looks very good and so much better than the stock 04 Rio!

  14. Jason Chan says:

    Hi Dan,
    I own a 12/2002 Kia Rio LS. Very similar to urs just dat it is a hatchback.
    I would like to get into the tuning game but i have minimal idea on cars and engine but i am willing to learn.
    Which place would you recommend me to start on?

  15. Bayrak says:

    do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

  16. Chris says:

    Hey Dan! 1st Off Nice WHIP I love it, ow I must Say I own an 08 Kia Rio And I am slowing Buying parts and getting things set up for my self I am gonna do some Heavy Mods To it. I am shooting for a 2.0 Turboed I have the stock 1.6 turbod with a few changed done to handle my 6psi… But I am looking to go big. So Iwas just wondering was there any huge problems you ran into that I should know About ahead of time?

  17. Dan says:

    Jason – The first thing I could say is read, read and read. And when you think you have learned all there is to know read some more. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge you can make power. But the thing with Kias right now is there is not alot of people who are doing stuff like this, so there has alos been alot of R&D and some things have broke. But you learn from experience and you take from your mistakes.

    Bayrak – I am not sure what language you are looking for so I am not sure how to answer you.. The are a few Korean Kia tuning sites, and if I am not mistaken there are a few European ones also.

    Chris – Thanks.. I’d love to see some pics of your car. I am not up to speed on the new Rios. Though I can say it is the Alpha 1.6 from Hyundai it seems to be a good platform as is. I would suggest sticking with it and working from there. When dealing with higher boost you always have to be aware of what is going on in the engine. A wideband O2 sensor and Exhaust Gas Tempurature sensor can be your best friends when tuning. I ran on 5 psi on the stock block for a year and a bit before I damaged a piston. But with the Alpha engine I am unsure. Your best bet is probably to check a Hyundai site where people are heavily modifying Accents as they will be the ones with the information you will want to know.

  18. Markus T says:

    Dan, where are you located in Canada? I have a similar unique Turbo car. Whats the horsepower you have right now?

  19. Dan says:

    I’m in Ontario near Toronto. What kind of car do you have? My Rio hasn’t been to the dyno yet on 20 psi. I have just replace the clutch and still have it apart so I can add my 4 piston front calipers, larger rotors, and rear disc set up. Maybe before the end of the summer it should be seeing the dyno on 20 psi. I will surely send the numbers to himi so he can post them up here.

  20. Fast says:

    Hi, my name is Iliya, im from russia. My Rio 4/04, green color. Your Rio very best.
    Sorry my bad english.

  21. John says:

    dan- i have a 12/2003 rio myself. i made a custom shorty cold air intake w/ k&n filter and it has a nice low grunt to it. will it have any adverse affect to my Mass air flow sensor? also, could you email me a complete list of all the things you did to yours and where i can get my hands on the parts too. ? I used to race an srt4 stage 3 and i hit a jersey barrier at 120 or so and totalled the car. :O( then i got the rio big difference. however i want the feel of the power again ya know. wifey wont let me race anymore so i scaled it down to 1/8th scale nitro rc racing. im buying another car this year and keeping the rio to tinker with. any info would help.


  22. JaW says:

    i will make the same thing me my kia rio rs. Beautiful car

  23. EzEkIeL says:

    yea man i seen ur car at scrape by the lake this year……. i wanted to talk to you… u werent arond… (so i jus snapped a few of ur ride) i seriosly wanna get a body kit for my 06 rio sedan.. i wanted a spoiler like urs to b honist…. any good local kia clubs my wife and i can join? let me know anyone with positive info hit me up! [email protected]

  24. stefan says:

    Thats is a sweet car. Its funny I came to find you kia rio becouse I have a 03 that I got in the fall of 02 brand new and I was planing to do the same kind of deal with mind. I was trying to give that WRX look. I have done a lot of work to it and most of it was all done by me. Check it out at myspace link

  25. Dan says:

    EzEkleL I added your hotmail address to my MSN. The guys in the club told me about you, I was out walking around talking a look at the compitition, I managed to get 2nd place in my class. It depends on your area because I’m out in Pickering and my general car club meets in Whitby. I’m also in Mississauga on a regular basis.

    Thanks for all the other comments guys.

  26. cody says:

    can you by a cold air intake for a kia rio

  27. Dan says:

    Yeah go to they have one available.

  28. David H. says:

    Hi Dan, I have a 2005 Kia Rio…bone stock. I need more power, what can I do that wont cost me a arm and a leg or a ton of labor to get better performance and more power. I practically get ran over when in city traffic.

  29. Ramiro Castro says:

    i love it!
    i myself have a kia rio and anyone that can make theirs look nice i give props to.
    check out mine at

  30. James M. says:

    i have a 2003 Kia Rio 1.6L I want to make it look and sound o hell of lot better got and ideas for me.

  31. edgar says:

    yo quiero modificar my kia río 2004 1.5LI

  32. Roy says:

    will 18′ wheels fit on my 02 kia rio 4 door sedan?

  33. Roy says:

    i just picked up a 2002 rio sedan at an auction for $750 ,, but there is no motor under the hood (removed by privious owner) anyone got a spare complete engine for sale? or maby you have some suggestions?

  34. Greg says:

    I recommend asking a Kia dealership about one. You could go to a salvage yard, too.

  35. me says:

    whywould you put that kind of money and time into a piece of junk like that?

  36. Dan says:

    Roy Rio engines are about $4-600 on Ebay they have them all the time. Make sure you change the timing belt and waterpump before installing it in your car.

  37. Shaun says:

    heyi gotta ’03 rio cinco (auto) and ideas on tuning?

  38. Rio Dust says:

    “I always love the comments about Subaru it kinda makes me laugh because I had a guy in an Imprezza WRX laugh at it and I left him in the dust. It’s kind of flattering.. I won’t even waste my gas on a Honda, I’m looking for bigger things, like Hemi Chargers and Camaros.”

    Thats because the guy in the WRX had to stop, he was laughing so hard, and didnt want to crash into the ditch…. Although, if he did, he could at least GET HIMSELF OUT WITH AWD.

  39. Rio = Dust Eater says:

    “Again, congrats to your ride. It looks very good and so much better than the stock 04 Rio!”

    Well anything would look better than a stock 04 Rio….. except this POS. If you wanted a subaru, why didnt you just buy one? Your missing the chrome spinners and underglow, honda-boy.

  40. Thunderdump Mcfecalton says:

    Oh wow, why didn’t I look at a Kia Rio when I was shopping for cars. I never new you could turn them into such little monsters and still be stylish. So far I’m really disapointed with my STi, the AWD is useless with 300whp in the snow and I have a hard time beating WRX’s. A Kia Rio with FWD would’ve been a better choice for Canadian climates and street racing. Do you race for pinks Dan, because you really should. A Hemi powered Dodge stands no chance against a 20psi 1.6L Kia. You must go through floor boards alot because at those power levels you might blow the welds on your intake. Give my regards to Paul Walker and Torreto.

  41. Rioooooooo says:

    “6. Is there anything you don’t like about it?
    – Well it had all of the typical cheap Korean car issues, rattles, wind noise etc, but I am slowly fixing that stuff bit by bit.”

    OH for all that is sweet and holy why would you buy a brand new car that was rattling and had wind noises? Not to mention it is common knowledge that adding a vast number of after market parts decreases the longevity of a car and its reliability; why would you do that to an already unreliable car? That is just like buying a new pair of shoes that have a big hole in the bottom and using them for the Boston Marathon, or goggles without lenses and going snowboarding. I will give you credit for buying cars from the East, you just didn’t go far enough East; missed out by less then 1000 km’s, too bad.

  42. kIA=ripoff says:

    LOL biggest rip off of the sti ever.

  43. KIASUPER* says:

    Is this available at the nearest wal-mart?

  44. KIA SUCKS DICK says:

    it honestly looks like if u kick the car it was break LMAOO

  45. MITECH!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    MI TECH !!!!!!!
    honda/subaru made out of plastic?

  46. KIA SUCKS DICK says:

    mi-tech will get smashed by a V-TECH cuz thats the real shit

  47. Hako says:

    KIA SUCKS DICK said “it honestly looks like if u kick the car it was break”. I say: it honestly sounds like if you kick his head it
    would boost his I.Q…..and maybe his grammar.

  48. wtf_over says:

    What’s the next project DAN, mod out a K-car? I bet you could totally own an STi in that… Like Bryan said, who needs AWD when you have … well sorry mate but you drive a fucking KIA, you could gold plate it and it would still be a granny car trying to look like the real deal rally beast that is a Subaru.

    Bryan – overdose, please.

  49. laughing out loud says:


    wow,,, I thought this was a joke, and it’s funnier that people are serious!!! HAHAHA

    my favourite is the guy who said “like a Subaru but light years better” HAHAHAH

    for the amount of money this poor guy spent on this car he could have a real Subaru, with AWD, Turbo, LSD, etc. etc. etc.

    wow, just…… wow

    I didn’t know people this daft were still putting parts on cars! ahha I thought the fad of Fast and the Furious was over! hahahahahaha

    take it to a track and see if you could do ANYTHING against a stock subaru. hahahaha

  50. Martin1491 says:

    What is with all these dickheads above? I bet that they are all the same sad f*cker of an excuse for person.

  51. NotDrivingARioThankGod. says:

    Nobody who wants serious performance does so in a FWD Kia. If nothing more you should have saved yourself a bit an bought a Neon..

  52. some chick says:

    im not sure what i think of the rio’s but i am getting a 2008 kia rio so i am excited to see how much i like it!

  53. jim says:

    i’m not going to say kia sucks. but if subaru is so horrible like you claim, then why are they the ONLY car manufacturer to increase sales in 2008. why have they been so successful in rally?

  54. jim says:,8599,1871101,00.html

    “Subaru of America was the only car company to increase unit sales last year”

    they might have sold more cars. but overall they sold less then previous years. making more sales of cheap cars (the base rio) doesn’t make them better. korean cars are not renowed for their quality either. even Dan here admits he has had to fix a lot of things that shouldn’t have needed fixing in the first place.

    i would like to see how this car does on a track, not just in a straight line.

    again, i am not saying kia sucks, but they are known for affordable cars (cheap) and i’d still own a subaru before a kia. but other cars before a subaru too.

  55. Dan says:

    My friend owns a 2.5 RS Sport Impreza and he has had his own run in with issues with the car. More electrical problems than anything. I’m not comparing the two though. On cost almost $30,000CDN the other under $18,000CDN. But the car is being setup a little better for the track this year, larger brakes, rear disks, thicker swaybars, more rear suspension stability.

  56. jilbik says:

    good job bro

  57. Guy says:

    i think there are some major jealousy issues going on. give the guy a break. he’s bein different. imagine how many subies you see runnin around everyday. now think how many modded kias you see runnin around? probably none. give dan some credit. he went against the crowd and did something different. personally i think it looks like any other tuner but the fact that he put the time and effort to do something out of the ordinary is commendable. i say everybody just accepts the fact that this rio is different. and kinda cool at that.

  58. Lawl says:


    This is pure comedy gold…………

    Im rolling by the fact that someone spent money on a rio………..omg

    Your so full of fail its almost Epic.

    Thanks for the laugh

  59. Tommy says:

    I have a 05 sedona lx 3.5l v6, i want to modify it do you have any suggestions on what i should do?

  60. Tommy says:

    Never mind i just got into a t bone accident in my van and its totalled

  61. CJ says:

    You can dump all this money into a Kia, and THINK you made it fast, and THINK that it comes even REMOTELY close to a WRX, but you are fvcking DREAMING. It is a motherfvcking Kia. Get a clue. It doesn’t have the suspension that a WRX has, it doesn’t have the brakes a WRX has, it has the interior of a Powerwheels car that little kids drive around, and it doesn’t have AWD. So you make a few more HP, you can’t put it to the ground, and even IF you find a way to get it to the ground, you will break something doing so.

    Kia owners, face it: you can’t afford REAL performance cars, that’s why you chose Kias. Quit posing.

  62. Sylba says:

    Yeah, well it could be worse. Somebody could dump all of their time into you and THINK you were fast, or THINK you were cool, or THINK you were actually worth something in life, but they would be DREAMING of being with someone else! Get a clue you idiot. Yours probably looks like a toy. You don’t have enough power, so don’t worry about breaking it. You couldn’t get a REAL girlfriend, that’s why you choose hookers. Quit posing.

  63. CJ says:

    ^ Spoken like a true Kia owner…aka it made no sense. [email protected] owners

  64. McNasty says:

    WOW, EPIC F-A-I-L.

    Now how did this turn into a Kia vs. Subaru debate? Although I do agree that you could have a much better track car for the same amount of money. You could have a Miata that blows the doors off this Kia and any WRX. Suggestion, sell the KIA and buy something better for the track, you won’t regret it.

  65. Xan says:

    Trying to compare a Kia to a Subaru is like trying to compare a tin can on a string to an iPhone.
    What an absolute load of failures some of these Kia owners are.

  66. That looks nothing like a Subaru Impreza says:

    That looks like a rice rocket. This is why dumb rice boys like him are giving car companies like Kia a bad name.

  67. WoW says:

    W O W

    So…. can you turn?

    This is just complete failz… To even compare to subaru… wow….

    I am speechless. *Shakes head*

    I am almost embarrassed that this company is from my homeland.

    Great cars… but just ruined it and ruined yourself by comparing it to a subaru.

    Please don’t ruin Kia.

  68. John Doe says:

    This car is a joke. Seriously if you didn’t TRY and make it look like a Subaru STI then it would be alright that you tryed to develope it into something different and unique, but you messed it up by trying to make it look like a subaru. You gave Subaru and the STI a bad name and I feel horrible that my WRB STI is being demorilized by a car like yours. Epic “Fail” your car does not deserve a 8.5 more like a 2. Spotted Ricer FTW!

  69. George Washington says:

    “always love the comments about Subaru it kinda makes me laugh because I had a guy in an Imprezza WRX laugh at it and I left him in the dust. It’s kind of flattering.. I won’t even waste my gas on a Honda, I’m looking for bigger things, like Hemi Chargers and Camaros.”


    kia owners.
    also, he was in a IMPREZA WRX not an imprezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza. what a piece.

  70. Xan says:

    I tell you what.
    You kill a Hemi charger at the strip, videotape it, and post it, and I’ll give you $50.

  71. Bornloser says:

    I remember in the old days (I just tuned 41, yesterday, thank you…) tuning was only done on engines. Any cosmetic change was considered as customizing, and there were no ready made kits available. There was also a vast Kit-Car scene where you could bolt a Ferari, a Porsche or even a Lambo body onto your old VW Bug frame…
    It made these people feel like kings for a while and why not…
    Not all of us have the chance to come from well of families or have had the opportunity or the capabilities to go to Uni and thus having/making lots of money to able to afford a Subaru WRX (which is actually a very fine car), an Audi RS4 or Mitsu Evo… If some people go to the effort to try to make it look like something that comes close and it makes ’em feel better, why not…
    If some of these youngsters have had dreams that they blew the doors of of a WRX, it is a bit silly but let them have their dreams. As a mature adult I would feel like a stupid ass to take those away from them.
    And hey, 30 years ago I was convinced that my dad’s Ford Taunus was the fastest car on the block!

  72. anon says:

    Come on..
    give the guy some credit here….
    at least he imitated a decent car.
    any how.. for the money you spent you could have a real WRX.

  73. KIA-FTL says:

    HAHA Thanks for the morning laughs! To compare that rolling pile of crap to a WRX is insane! Anytime you would like to try to “blow the doors off” my 09 WRX, feel free to step up, kia boy.

  74. Wharf Rat says:

    Holy crap. I’ve never seen such a peice of trash. I can’t beleive you actually spent time and money on what is commonly known as literally the worst USDM car out there. What an idiot you are. I hope you die of superaids and swine flu at the same time.

  75. KIA-FTL says:

    Dumping thousands of dollars into a car that is probably worth $500 by itself doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  76. isellkia says:

    you get a lot more car for you money in a kia then you do in any car. Provided you take car of it like you should any car you own. I personally would never put that kind of money in ANY car but that is not my hobbies. For the people who are kia bashing you got nothing better to do then scroll kia forums? WOW talk about fail. At least i sell kia and that i have an invested interest in the product. I suggest getting a REAL life.

  77. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Look at the interiors, KIA just copied off the Corolla. By the way I know people who still own Sephias after 200,000 miles, they just take good care of them. Im a Hyundai guy but Ill considering buying a product from our little brothers over at KIA. I want a Soul truck!!!!

  78. HyundaiSmoke says:

    That was in the years when the Rio and Accent had different powertrains. The KIAs always even today, have a less restrictive stock air filter than the Accent, resulting in more low end torque off the race line and better fuel economy.

  79. KIAEater says:

    LOL Nice KIABARU…For the money invested into that KIA you could have gotten a nice used BRAT…LOL
    But seriously Im flattered that you admire us Subaru guys so much. Is it our car’s racing heritage?(20yrs of Rally) The sound of the Boxer-4 Or is it just the large wing and hood scoop that attracts people (like mosquitos to the zapper). At any rate it was nice of you to think of us when you went and took a car that most people who live a life of mediocrity, who use it solely for transport, and turned it into a real head turner. We are thoroughly enjoying pics of the car at our Subaru Forum and looks forward to seeing some performance numbers and 1/4 mi. times.
    Ill always remember my 1 and only experience in a KIA. Having my car in for service, the dealer rented me a Sportage back in 2000 and it drove about 1/2 mile before it stalled and began to smoke right in the middle of a busy intersection. Not a good 1st impression to say the least. Hopefully this car doesnt have the same issues because it looks like the owner did a fine job building the motor.

  80. is this a joke? says:

    Really? Seriously? Yes. . .this machine will dominate all Subarus. *Cough* *Cough* LOL. . .sorry, I couldn’t keep from laughing any longer! HHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHA

  81. Subaru Owner says:

    I grew up in a Subaru family; my family and I have owned them since the 80s. My first car was one, and my mother father and sister all own them. My friend just bought an ’08 Rio. It’s a fun, lively little car to drive, especially on the twisty mountain roads where we live.

    I grew up praising subarus which, despite their numerous little quirks and minor annoyances, are extremely satisfying. BUT, I recently found myself looking forward more to the release of the Forte than that of the new Legacy. Both companies have their past upswings and downswings, but personally, I think that Kia has made near-epic improvements in quality and appeal since 1994.

    And as anyone who’s bought multiple new cars knows, no matter what brand, there’ll be hits and misses with everything. Lets hope that Kia will get a few more hits on their side before they go head-to-head with Subaru, but they do still have “The Power to Surprise”…

  82. Subaru Owner says:

    And the car looks great Dan. It’s definitely got that unique, “wtf-WAS-that?” factor going for it, as opposed to the Civic, which everyone and their grandmother is driving, usually with rims on worth more than the rest of the car… o.0
    Props to ya!

  83. yanick says:

    I just wana know.. do you live at Québec because I think that I already see your car at Montreal ?!

  84. jefftheworld says:

    I’m pretty sure I just saw your car today parked around Kennedy. I always used to see what I thought were two WRXs, but just today I noticed that one was a Kia and I was confused. A little googling got me here. I’ve got to know, is that yours?

  85. eric says:

    looks more like an old sentra. i’d rather have a sentra se-r spec v though.

  86. jeff_09_REX IWSTI HERE says:

    oh and… guys you made my day was having kinda a rough day then read this from the spotted ricers thread read some and was having a blast

    Just want to end on a good note on kia-world.. thank you for making my day 😉

  87. jeff_09_REX IWSTI HERE says:

    ? I never said nothin bout no rio? Im not one to bash korean cars I myself own a tiburon… so..?

  88. Greg says:

    I think that it is about time to just end this discussion. It is going nowhere, no one is being convinced, so lets just agree to disagree, and stop posting.

  89. WRB STI says:

    Wow. So I found this page located in a “Spotted: Ricers!” Thread. We’re looking at this while at work – and the one guy here that drives a Rio says he’s disgusted with your car.

    Oh, and thanks for ripping off the Impreza looks. Nice to know you’re jealous and envy those cars. There won’t be an agreement in this argument – obviously you’re for Kia, I’m for Subaru. If you’re serious about this car though – why didn’t you just save money and actually get someone worth tracking? I don’t mean that in an insulting way – but what was the motivation to get the Kia, over say – a Camaro, Mustang, Subaru, Corvette? It would have been a better base to build up from. Just my thoughts.

  90. Greg says:

    I think that it is about time to just end this discussion. It is going nowhere, no one is being convinced, so lets just agree to disagree, and stop posting..

  91. I always get “Nice car” when people see my STi. That’s the thought that usually goes on in their head. On the other hand, when people see a Kia; they think or say, ” what a thrifty person.”

  92. Greg says:

    I think that it is about time to just end this discussion. It is going nowhere, no one is being convinced, so lets just agree to disagree, and stop posting…

  93. ^^^^Shut up douche!!! Get a real performance vehicle!!! I have no issues with people trying to mod their car but be serious about what you got and what it can do. Focus on cars that you can actually compete with, like stock hondas and neons.

  94. Greg says:

    I think that it is about time to just end this discussion. It is going nowhere, no one is being convinced, so lets just agree to disagree, and stop posting….

  95. isellkia says:

    this is silly i would suggest locking the thread. It will take a few more years for people to have faith in kia. Untill then we will have to deal with these idiots

  96. Idiots? You guys guys are investing money into Kias and your calling Kia haters, idoits! Wow, wake up dude! You like your grandmom’s car. Save a few thousands bucks and get a car with real potential.

  97. Ozy Tone says:

    Yes Greg, I agree with you. I must have seen this discussion raging on some several weeks back and I’m not going to re-read the last posts, but I think it’s an old story where different people like or love different vehicles and thank god for that otherwise it’ be very boring for us all to been seen driving and be driving the same boring vehicle.
    Apart from the the guy that started the whole discussion who I gather drives a Kia, I don’t know what sort of vehicle the others drive or would like to drive, but there’s one thing to remember, just because a certain vehicle is popular doesn’t mean it’s good, or necessarly any better than a car that not many people drive and luckly enough we have the right of free choice and lets keep it that way.

  98. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Leave KIA alone assholes. Honda and Toyota have had their times. They are eating lunch now, and KIA sees the opportunity. Honda and Toyota designs are becoming boring vannila and bland, them along with Nissan have deteriorating build quality. Nissan is the worst, with borrowed Renault engines causing engine fires; taking their quality rankings from the top ten, to the bottom 20. Dont worry though, KIA has taken their place in the excellent reliablity department.

    Look at this article assholes:

  99. ^^^ Any car is better than a Kia!!! This started because it was said that Kia has better quality vehicles than subaru. Kia sells more because it is more affordable than a subaru vehicle. About the quality, take your Kia out to the track and off road and see hong long it will last. At least i know my STi will make back home from the track or some rally and go to work for the next 5 days and then again trash my STi at the track.

  100. Greg says:

    ^^^ That is your opinion, which is most definitely not shared by all people. I think that it is about time to just end this discussion. It is going nowhere, no one is being convinced, so lets just agree to disagree, and stop posting.

  101. ^^^Dude, bro, cuz, what ever you are…stop posting the same thing you f’ing loser, my opinion is shared by 99% of car lovers. The other 1% is you Kia lovers. I quite frankly dont understand why Kia but I realized a while back that the car you get no matter what it is, is treated and loved as if it were a 1.5 million dollar vehicle. Thats cool but realized that no matter what you have someone has something better than you. Also be realistic about what your really is…A F’ING Kia. Love it but be serious. Greg, post something new or ignore the posts like most of the people.

  102. jd says:

    this is for all that talks trash about rios. i owen a 03 rio and 05 accent and they both will smoke the doors off an v-teck any day sorry thats just the way it is cus!

  103. Omar D. says:

    Hey, im a Kia Rio rs 2003 owner n ive been searching for the rear wing on the back of the 2004 turbo edition… ive called many places yet no1 can find me 1 and most dealers dont even know about it. i was just wondering if it was possible to have the last 6numbers of the serial number of ur kia.. its my last chance to find the rear wing, i was told if i can find out the last 6numbers of 1 of those 500, 2004 turboed Kia rio, id have a good chance to get the rear wing… it would b much appreciated if u can give me that info… if anything please email me : [email protected]

  104. Jamez says:

    ok, i just got a 03 kia rio
    completely stock
    nothing abnormal about it

    i wanna make it just…quicker
    i dont want it to be a drag car or anything
    i just feel like i need a bit more acceleration and speed

    what should i do to achieve this?

  105. polarrioo4 says:

    The best mods you an do to any stock kia is the following.

    save up 2 grand. header,and 2.25 to 2.5 inch full exhaust system thats unrestrictive. (megan racing)
    2. big bore throttle body.(kfxperformance)
    3. ecu reprogrammed by (kuk of korea)
    4. build a turbo kit on 8psi (garrett)

    this will give you more power and torque. and a smile.

    your second option would be to just find a early 90’s mazda 323 gtx. b6 is almost identical as the kia a6 engine and the b6 mazda has the same power as doing these mods to the a6. i personaly own both cars and enjoy them both. both cars are quick and great platforms for street fighters.

    and to compare a 1.6 liter to a 2.5 liter or better sti or wrx is fuckin stupid. thats like saying a person who is 5’3 will outrun a person who is 6’3..

    the kia rio 1.6 is def faster than any car in its own class and some 1.7 and 1.8 liter vehicles.

    kia is not only the best in the usa but its over sea’s market is insane. i wish we had some of the vehicles in the usa cause all the kia haters would be be driving kia cars for has like 25 cars in there line up. subaru has like 4 or 5 that are worth owning and half were made in the 90’s.

    ya’ll are fucking kidding me right!!! what do you drive a computer mouse!!

  106. isellkia says:

    wow….this thread is still going.

  107. KreeSeeker says:

    I have a 2002 Rio with a 2003 1.6 DOHC engine.I was wondering if having a newer engine in an older car makes any difference when modding?

  108. KIA no good says:

    KIA = Keep It Away

  109. KIA-FTL says:

    I am looking to modify my shopping cart to make it as fast as a Kia Rio. Any suggestions?

  110. Kiasucks says:

    I am looking to modify my hamster wheel to have as much HP as a Kia Rio. Any suggestions?

  111. Greg says:

    buy a dead hamster, LOL!

  112. john doe says:

    but its w/e u like

  113. Kialicksnuts says:

    Kia licks nuts

  114. thank you for sharing Congratulations on a very beautiful designed site

  115. brandon says:

    haha this is jokes, if dan really wants to dream his life away we should let him. but really he can’t be going around telling stupid people that his kia rio 1 of 500 turbo car is dusting WRX’s thats just out of the question. i personally think my 92 legacy lsi turbo stock all the way would take your car dan, and i would actually race you i live in oshawa , you and i both know that its not far from where you live so if you want i will come to you and in pickering & we can race?
    if by some act of god you do win i will make sure to bring my summer car stock too just paint job to give your head a shake and put you right in line with you going around thinking you have “FAST” car

  116. brandon says:

    sorry forgot to mention that my summer car happens to be a 1994 rx-7 13 b twin turbo

  117. bayrakci says:

    Thanks for the post.

  118. Jesus says:

    wow, this is helpful. ive got a 2008 kia rio that i plan on turboing after the warranty runs out, and ive been doing lots of research on what different pistons to use, cranks, etc. I bet your rio would woop brandons legacy haha, the 08 comes with the vvti which kind of sucks seeing how im plannin the turbo, but whatever. the things are so damn light its not even funny. go get some 15 inch mini cooper rims, there are companies that will widen rims as well to help with your traction problem, and you can weld your differential to get rid of the torque steer. 😀

  119. Jesus says:

    P.S. Half the allure of the kia rio is the sleeper aspect, imagine the feelings a poor camaro owner would have when a little ol’ kia rio pulls up next to em and revvs, and mr hott stuff decides to show the kia a few things, only to get owned. im a DSM tuner by nature, owned a million and loved em all, but in my wifes rio, i see an opportunity to have a little fun, and some serious laughs at the misfortune of many camaro and mustang owners. hahahaha

  120. Alex says:

    Hey dan i just bought a used 2001 kia rio. i was wondering what could i do to modify the engine and how much do you think it would cost?

  121. Dan says:

    Hey Brandon where and when. I’m actually in Whitby. You might as well just bring the RX7 it will save you the trip home after I whoop your Legacy’s ass.

  122. Dan says:

    And I’ll make sure I video tape it, So if the Rio does beat you, (the RX7 will be close) you can’t go talking trash about how you beat it. If I lose I have no problem posting it on you tube. I have my own ego my car is not an extension of it. I really have nothing to prove.

  123. Nick says:

    hey man i have an 01 rio and i was wondering if any of the newer 1.6’s would fit in it.

  124. tommy says:

    hi i am a 5 yeer old boy i have my big weel that i gotted for cwistmis i bet i can beet a kia rio wif it

  125. Greg says:

    Yeah I bet you could too, and I bet your not really five.

  126. eddy says:

    Hi, I see U made it really good and I’ve the same rio just estate, so I thought I’m going to tuning my vehile and I want to know how much did U spend in total for engine..? thanx..

  127. Dan says:

    I spent a total of $6.34 on mods for my Rio. That includes the gay spoiler too!

  128. Dan says:

    Atleast get it right if you are going to pretend to be me. The spoiler was $6.34, the engine mods were over $3K.

  129. chan says:

    sorry for my english i speak french but i have this car and this car don’t have a power. His shape his good but the power…

  130. Joe says:

    Sure you have the same car but I doubt you have half the stuff done this guy has so maybe that’s why you don’t have any power.

  131. Alfredo says:

    Hello Dan, I just bought the same car but in red and live close to Toronto as well. A friend of mine has a shop but neither one of us knows where to start on this project. Please give me a hand and point me in the right direction. I also have an Audi S6, I’ve read you took on a WRX. Nothing against WRX STI, but you have no idea how many Asians in the Richmond Hill area have tried to take on my S6.

  132. Dan says:

    Alfredo sign into and send me a pm. My screen name is 2004riotuner.

  133. Dan says:

    OK guys. I have decided to sell my gay ass pile of shit kia and buy a new WRX! Thanks for opening my eyes to the fail that is kia!

  134. Stoneman says:


    When you get the WRX just be careful with that car. The 265 bhp is really fast (almost as quick as the STi). And it’s really easy to get lost in the understeer. The car is very, very dangerous if you’re not used to coping with understeer. I suggest practicing in abandoned parking lots or abandoned streets with snow. You’ll get a good idea on how the car handles. While you’re in Quebec, you’ll need to get winter tires.

    My advice: Do NOT get different sized tires or different treads or wear amounts. Ensure all are the same or you will be damaging your differentials and transmission. NEVER do hard drops of the clutch to impress your friends. You’ll just break the $4,000 drive train. Take your first 1000 kilometers easy and don’t go over 3,000 rpm.

    Pretend like you’re driving grandma’s car. Check out my site if you want to hear about some funny driving stories. Good luck with your car.

  135. SelimRio says:

    Hey Dan,
    I’m Selim from Egypt, I have a ’04 Rio too, but green, and with the 1.3 liter engine, wanted to ask about where i can find a limited slip differential (Torsen preferably) or if it is possible to fit a Mazda B6 aftermarket LSD in my gearbox, the closer to “direct fit” the better.
    Thanks a lot.

  136. Dan says:

    Stoneman you are kidding right.. 265 BHP is *REALLY FAST* You talk as if you are talking to a 5 year old. Secoindly do you think that is really me calling my car a gay ass pile of shit. I Kinda doubt it. Thirdly this was posted years ago. So much has changed in the car now. The Rio now is making over 230hp at the front wheels on 12psi thanks to a larger turbo, more efficient setup and much better tuning. 265 BHP in an AWD is what maybe 220-230 at all wheels.. That would be a cake walk to drive. You AWD guys forget what torque steer is. Try driving on the highway doing a 100 and mash it in 4th gear and watch the car change 3 lanes before you gain control again. I’m 100% positive I could handle a WRX’s *AMAZING* factory horsepower numbers no problem, For the rest of you talk all you want. The shit that shows up on here is rather humorous, I get props from people who drive everything in the real world. It’s all of you internet guys and mostly the Subaru forums but hell you guys don’t even like Subarus unless they have Rotas and Hella horns, so go figure that out. Trust me I know. I have a few friends on the Subi forums and they say that most of you guys are difficult to begin with.

  137. Bring it says:

    Dan- Bring your pile of shit car. I will bring my 09 stage 2 WRX. we will race. we will bet money. we will post you getting smoked on youtube! you will cry. you will sell your kia and only get $23 for it.

  138. jjjjj says:

    You honestly suck.

  139. roger says:


  140. Greg says:

    check throttle cable

  141. wtf says:

    So? Are you guys racing or what? Or is this all a pissing contest? Race, fools!

  142. Subaru WRX is a Compact Car. Rio=Subcompact Car. If the Rio loses, which Iam quite sure it wont, but if it does its because its in a different class of car.

    I bet a Subaru Justy/Diahatsu Boon with a Turbo would get smoked ALL DAY EVERY DAY ANY DAY by the Turbo Rio.

    Bring that Subie if you want playa, but I think Dan has some KIASmoke for that Ass.

  143. RIGHT!!! says:

    Dan I will give you credit for making something out of car that has nothing in terms of an adrenaline rush…. but man i need you to stop there, coz years of rallying experience and the technology behind creating a STI compared to a street mod car….. really… dude your saying your car is better than a Subaru, then why did you make it look like one…. what i really hate is guys make cars that looks like the EVOs and the STIs and try to compare or better try to talk big about their saying its better than the EVO or the STI. Dan, wake up, come to reality, with what ever that you have done it may be fast but dude a stock STI will wack the day lights out of your car….. and also the time you said that you smoked a Subaru, you may be got yourself a pussy driver that cant even keep his clutch balancing right….. the only reason im telling you this is i had a STI and now i have a RIO i did the best that i can to make the RIO come even close to what the STI was but man, its not even close, the response the handling, and forget all off that the rumble it makes when you make an entrance…. now that you can never get with a KIA….. so DAN im sorry to bust your bubble but dude WAKE UP!!

  144. Chode_Smoker says:

    Sorry but that is a total shit box! Typical ricer mobile!! I’d love to see Jeremy Clarkson drop a caravan on it!!!

  145. racette1808 says:

    i think: if you have a kia as a dayly driver with no mods and your proud of it , well good! kia are not bad and not better then an other car ..its a car.

    BUT if you are going to put some wrx or sti or honda or nissan sport mods like a ricer trying to make your car look like something it is not ..

    WOW. that is stupid. if i had a big bulldozer and i’d see a kia or huynday trying to look like a subaru . id F**k the car up so bad .
    i love subaru .i dont dislike other brand(including kia) (i eaven like there new models)BUT. i HATE people with kia who are trying to look like subaru owners.
    i have a clean and rebuilted outback 97. MY CAR CAME WITH A SCOOP ON THE HOOD.

    if your came with no scoop ..HEHE.,,.. THERE A REASON 😉

  146. racette1808 says:

    BTW. the blue peace of shit up there on the pictures

  147. yue says:

    You can take Any Car and is you know how to modify cars you can make it look nice and more faster.
    I wanted to say to that idiot guy the one he say he is looking to modify his hamster guy you are a Idiot
    you have no Idea about cars and you say any suggestions? i got one for you put your hamster in your ass
    because i see that is the onley thing you know abouth it .
    I have a 2005 Kia Rio 4 Doors and in here in PR we work seriously with any cars and you know how much
    horse powers we got in this Kia all moust 440 hp we kik ass and i all ready beat the crap of new evo,subaru and specialy the acura so waht i say is you can take any car and make some good modifications and yes i understand
    the Kia Rios are just a simple and a family car and is not a sport car but i like my car and i make some special modifications so to the guys like to jocks about others cars look your serf in the mirror before you talk bullshit abouth others.
    I am a profecional Mechanic and let me tell you something son
    I prefered drive a simple Kia to drive a evo,honda,acura,or toyota you know way because they have tomany recalls .
    this Kia look like a Subaru and look nice God bless you guy and hope you can enjoy your Kia for long time.

  148. Edwin says:

    you don’t know me but i know you
    i personally think your 92 legacy lsi turbo stock is a pice off shit
    i see it and i hear it and that car make to much noice is like your mouth talk to much
    i see you pass by my house hahahahaha i can hear the noise of your car and you steel in the same place hahahaha
    what a pice of junk and the other day i see a old lady pass you with a pice of junk car
    I can beat you with my bicycle

  149. jimbojones says:

    So, I have read all of the posts, really, I’m that bored. I have a 2003 rio and a 2010 spectra SE. I bought the rio because it was cheap, 7 years ago. To the day, no engine problems. I have towed trailers with it, thrown plywood on the roof, loads of lumber in the hatch. I beat this car to hell. I would never do this to a more expensive car. The thing is, the darn thing reminds me of my 2000 S10, drives like an S10 and has the power of a 231 v6. I can’t complain. I have had over 20 cars in my life, and really I like Kias. Easy to fix, cheap to fix. They are designed for regular people with regular incomes. If I had a couple of thousand, I’d pimp my rio…why, because pimpin a rio is a challenge, it’s different and really if it makes me feel better to take what I have and make it better, then I will do so and in the end I’ll know I have something special. Modifying these little cheap cars will not make them spectacular, just like moding a dodge omni, or plymouth horizon or a chevette, what it does do is create a bond between you and the vehicle. So I think the arguments here are nothing more than car-centric jealousy. Love your car, no matter what it is, make it something that you will take care of and sustain. There is not wrong in that. By the way, If you want to dog out a car, dog a car that has been modded from all of the stick on bling in isle two of Advanced Auto Parts and that sounds like a couple of bolts in a tin can going down the street. Dan’s Kia is minimal outside, but he did good on the engine mods.

  150. Peter says:

    You all really need help… And dan 3k on the motor? Your dreaming I see 6-9k on the rebuild, and custom turbo kit alone. Lets not pretend you didnt blow too much money on it…

    Coming from a 625 bhp corvette owner.. with a lowly Gc8 subaru beater..

  151. George says:

    Hey Dan =)

    I am looking to drop a turbo in my completely stock Kia Rio 2005 DC hatchback. It has done 60,000 KM, would you reccomend this. If so what turbo kit would I be looking at purchasing and how much do you think this will cost with labour included.

    Also with dropping the turbo how much power gain am I looking at and will fuel consumption differ greatly. Youve done a really good job, so your advice is gold lol =)


  152. KiaBlows says:

    your kia= riced out POS

  153. x kia tech says:

    You paid money for that? A kia is like a bics razor…..disposable after one use.

  154. Dan says:

    guys, I finally wised up and traded in the Kia. Dealership was only willing to offer me a already-chewed up piece of gum for it, but I talked them up to giving me the ENTIRE box of doughnuts from the service waiting area. Thats gotta be worth something, right? It was Krispy Kreme! So anyway I am now the proud owner of a Dodge SRT-4. Overal quality sucks as bad as my old kia did, but now I have a factory turbo! SRT4 is teh fastar! who wants to race?

  155. Dan says:

    Well guys I just totalled my SRT-4 becuase I couldnt handle the massive HP and ended up torque steering into a fire hydrant. looks like my SRT-4 was built as well as my old kia. Any ideas on what to get next? Im thinking of buying a daewoo lanos, throwing in a turbo, and trying to make it look like a Ferrari.

  156. Jose Luis says:

    I have a Kia Rio 2005 1.3L. I’m interesting toi know how can i increase the performance of the engine.
    I feel a little slow but i don’t interesting to chance it to a street racer.
    What kind of engine part’s can i buy to better the performance.

  157. Kia Sucks says:

    “SRT4s don’t have torque steer, they are RWD”

    Please tell me you are joking.

  158. Greg says:

    I was thinking SRT8, my bad.

  159. Kia Sucks says:

    Kia sucks.

  160. Kia Sucks says:

    The Rio evolved into a real killer? Please bring one to race my WRX. Im begging you

  161. Kia Sucks says:

    Kia blows, hyundai blows. end of story. keep telling yourself they dont if it makes you feel better chump.

  162. Greg says:

    Give proof. Because we have all the proof we need. We don’t need a WRX, nobody does. One of the top 10 wastes of money ever. I have better things to spend my money on…like a wife and kids. I am not ashamed to drive a Kia, I have 139,000 problem-free miles on my Kia. How would that be if it “blows” so much? If you hate Kia so much, why are you on a Kia site? You have to pick on other people to try to make yourself feel better about blowing your money. GTFO.

  163. kia resale sucks says:

    what the hell is HKAG? sounds like a disease.

  164. JonnyGC8 says:

    This thread is all so win.

    Tier 1: Mercedes, Lexus, BMW

    Tier 2: Toyota, Mitsu, Subaru,

    Tier 3: Daewoo, Hundai, Kia

    they’re just made to different specs based on the demographic they’re selling to. i spose a Kia Rio can be modded to tackle Civics or something. I don’t know hell about cars, but i do know that the Kia Rio is marketed as one of the cheapest NEW cars you can roll off the dealer’s lot in; i think the first model was like $7999 new; the stock quality is just… cheap. After maybe $40,000 in mods, you could replace it all and make it half-way formidable against Hondas, or Toyotas, but at that cost, why not just buy the TOP OF THE LINE WRX STI WITH ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES POSSIBLE?

    In terms of a modded Kia, rock on dude, but consider a transfer case atleast?

  165. Mike says:

    I’m very surprised indeed it is a Kia. My first experience wasn’t great either.

    But you definitely know what’s up, by swapping the Mazda parts into it, the two engines are mechanically similar indeed.

    Everyone discusses your bodykit ONLY, overlooking the fact that there is more engineering and mix-match of engine parts than what anyone is willing to do here, even on a Honda.

    Over-bore, stroked, high comp + Turbo? That’s boss, no other Kia owner would do it. Only you would’ve thought of using the BP stuff to make it happen. Everything down to the head bolts are done right. Nothing from this engine is stock apart from the blocks, casings, and maybe the alternator.

    The amount of work on this drivetrain makes my ZC-swapped CRX look like a piece of cake.

  166. Dan (as well) says:


    Nice car. No idea kias came with factory body kits. Subie guys are idiots.. yea its a kia so what? You built it not just handed over money.. let em talk shit they’re jelous they don’t have the mechanical aptitude to work on they’re cars. Is it “better than a sti” well it what sense? Uniqueness? Yes. Gas milage? Probobly traction? No handling? Maybe because its about 700lbs less lol but probobly not.

    You wrx sti guys are all the same. “My cars the best”. I smack you guys around in my dodge caliber lmao! From a dig? No. But from 25mph+ your looking at my big huge ugly taillights. 330 WHEEL hp > 300 CRANK hp.

    Your attitudes sicken me. I want a sti because I like the cars but they aren’t “the best” and who gives you guys the right to critisize dan anyway? He offered to run a few of you but no one wanted to loose to a KIA!

    Face it subies.. his car is badass. Yes badass. A badass kia. Yes. Just accept it.

  167. Kia fanboys make me facepalm says:

    Okay kia fanboys listen here. Subie guys are not in any way idiots. STI’s are a WAY more unique car then some kia that copies the look of an STI. Its not miles per gallon, but instead miles per smile when talking about a sports car. One doesn’t buy a sports car based on mpg, you could simply get a prius for that. And handling and traction no question better in the STI. We don’t think our cars are the best, we just know which cars they are better than. STI>Kia… Have fun burning some rice you kia fanboys 😛

  168. kiablows says:

    kia sucks. period. stop disgracing the WRX and STi by mentioning them in the same sentence as shitty ass disposable kia garbage.

  169. Tim says:

    I have been reading these comments and id like to say dan you really have a great car and you arent comparing it with subarus. In fact subarus have just as many problems as kias. But then people have different taste and just like you i am tuning my own rio while also trying to keep up with my 1970 chevelle. The haters on here are just jealous cause they either know nothing of high performance and tuning or are just tuning challenged. They should just get off your back about it because your car is now apart of the tuner world. I believe kia is eventually going to out perform hondas and subarus because they are becoming very popular. Im not to much of an import guy but I see where import guys are coming from. Same concept like any 6 or 8 cylinder car. Hope your kia is doin good.

  170. chuck says:

    Hey ok I’m buying a 2002 kia rio would dan or any of you kia rio owners please email me I gotta few ?s

  171. Shin says:

    I drive a stage 2 WRX myself but I really respect the amount of work and dedication you’ve put into your car, whether it’s a Kia or a Subaru, I think car tuners have a lot in common including the wish to make something better than stock and to enjoy the thrill of seeing your car evolve. You’ve obviously worked very hard to make your Rio a quick little car and I imagine it’s probably twice as fast as it used to be and even though it’s not my car, that’s a very exciting feeling for me, even as an observer.

    Can’t wait for your 20 psi dyno sheet =)

  172. Kevin says:

    @dan i have to say that you sir are good at what you do and for all these wannabes that do nothing but try to bring down other people, well i dont think you would be saying that in front of the guy. I own a 02 kia rio, 3000gt twin, and my fav a viper. I have the kia for my wife and she loves the car than my viper. So for you, people that wanna rag on this guy for making his car better than yours. Dont get mad, tune your car, get on the track like i did and post your video. Other than that, shut the fuck up and walk away. Oh if wanna question why a 23 year old has 3 cars, you can thank yourself for paying your taxes to the government because being an officer in the army has its major benefits, also saving up. good day everyone!

  173. Juan says:

    I have been trying to find a way to research to purchase a turbo kit for my 03 Rio but the links for MT Engineering seems to be out of date.

  174. Joze says:

    Anyone know the name of the spoiler? I have the same kia, and I like how this spoiler looks on it.

  175. sebastien says:

    What is the marke of your spoiler?

  176. hier lang says:

    I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my search for something concerning this.

  177. Arian says: from iran.i have a rio ls sure and happy that it is so nice u have a real rio.what would u say if u drive my hasnt airbag,and abs,they’ve changed the engine,gearbox and…..!i wish i have a rio like ur’s.and drive it…at the end,,ur car is so nice,take care of that.i know how a fake rio is.

  178. rob says:

    Hello just to start off your Kia looks sick I just picked up a 2002 Kia Rio and was wondering what sites can I buy performance parts off of for my car I just want something to tinker around with for the summer and put all these Honda drivers to shame

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