2010 Kia Sorento Teaser Image Released

Kia Sorento teaser image

This is the very-first official image of the new generation Kia Sorento!

Kia Motors Corp. has released the first official image of their new generation Sorento crossover, codenamed XM.

In addition to that, the company also revealed some details about the second generation Sorento crossover.

The 2010 Kia Sorento will build on the success of the current model by offering a fresh new exterior look, the whole new interior design and an array of fuel-efficient technologies, including a brand-new 2.2L diesel engine (R-engine) developed in conjunction with Hyundai Motor Company.

New engines to be available

The all-new Kia 2.2L R-diesel engine unit brings in the latest diesel engine technology and consecutively, the the world class performance, class-leading fuel economy numbers and achieves the EURO-5 compliancy.

It features the third generation common rail system with piezo-electric injectors to deliver fuel at 1800-bar and an electronic variable geometry turbocharger and is coupled with a diesel particulate filter.

The 2.2L R-engine packs impressive 200 horsepower and 435Nm of torue and has an estimated fuel economy of 14,1L/km or 33MPG (7l/100km)! That makes the new Sorento even more fuel-efficient than the Sportage sibling!

Power will also come from a variety of other diesel and gasoline engines, including the 2.4L four-cylinder (Theta II) engine and the 3.8L six-cylinder (Lambda) engine that produces 270+ horsepower. Kia also plans to introduce the new Sorento with a 2.7L LPI (Liquefied Petroleum Injection) engine on Korean market.

Move to the unibody platform

New generation Kia Sorento will feature a six-speed automatic transmission, also developed together with Hyundai. The same fuel-saving six-speed tranny will be applied to majority of future Kia vehicles to come in the near future.

Another major technical change that comes together with the new tranny and engine will be the unibody architecture, which will replace the existing body-on-frame platform, meaning the ride and handling will be improved dramatically.

The 2010 Kia Sorento is set to go on sale in Korea shortly after it makes an official Korean unveiling, scheduled for the upcoming Seoul Motor Show in April, while it’s US sales is expected to commence by the end of this year.

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  1. Martin1491 says:

    Looking good!

  2. abc says:

    looks likes the 2010 lexus rx in the front

  3. Kid Icarus says:


  4. Bornloser says:

    Most important: what will be it’s towing capacity?

  5. BJD(Boris) says:

    wonder if it’ll be renamed…

  6. OzyTone says:

    Can;t see much there at all at the moment, except maybe that huge ‘D’ pillar, but I guess it’s the start of a flood of info we should expect in the next couple of months. If it’s any good with it’s off-road capabilities and a reasonable towing capacity, I’m getting one. Now, I don’t want a rock climber, just reasonable off-road, with good ground clearance etc.

  7. Jaslag says:

    send more pix

  8. D says:

    Bornloser, KMB says 2.800 kg

  9. D says:

    I can forward the mail if you like 🙂

  10. BJD(Boris) says:

    I tried adjusting the exposure but I think kia has done some editing to make sure things in darkness remain dark… that is, only the tail lights

  11. Greg says:

    Confirmed: 2010 Kia “XM” will be at 2009 New York International Auto Show. Will debut in Seoul 4 days prior to debuting in USA. I’ll be @ New York for the debut of it.

  12. Mike says:

    Blah, just another station wagon.

  13. Andy Lacle says:

    I have seen the Sorento 2010 in person in Namyang, and it looks very clean, sexy and mature… It surely has the touches of Peter Schreyer and will be sales success. Remember, this will be the first vehicle produced at the Kia Georgia (US) plant. Kia has another winner in its hands.

  14. himi says:

    So far, I love the look of the new Sorento! Lately I have been really impressed by Kias technical improvements. Their engines are highly advanced ones and provide leading hp and fuel consumption numbers. Can’t wait to see the rest of the vehicle!!

  15. Jason says:

    Himi- it says the diesel (R-engine) is a 2.0L engine in the first section, then a 2.2L later. Is the 2.2L displacement the correct number? Also- is that engine for the European market, or worldwide? I’m hoping we’ll see a diesel in the USA at some point in the near future…

  16. Eugene says:

    Looks good though I will miss the off raod abilities of the current model. Performance figures for the diesel engine are impressive.

  17. Greg says:

    2.2 is the correct displacement, and the R engine is the first to comply with US regulations. Yes, the 2.2L R diesel will be available for purchase in the USA. The Wheels are pretty sexy on this Sorento. I see that the fuel door is on the driver’s side this time. And yeah himi, 33 MPG is like 10 better than the Sportage on the highway. What’s sad is that the 2.4 Theta II has more horsepower than Sportage’s 2.7 Delta V6. Engines available in the USA for this new Sorento will be:
    LX – 2.2 I4 (diesel) or 2.4 I4; FWD only
    EX – 2.2 I4 (diesel) or 3.3 V6; AWD optional
    SX – 3.8 V6; AWD standard
    I wouldn’t bet on this, but this is the speculation I have heard.

  18. OzyTone says:

    It’ll be interesting to see the configuration of the new 6 speed tranny. My son has a Toyota V8 Diesel Land Cruiser with a 6 speed auto trans and it doesn’t drop into 6th until it reaches about 100 to 110kph. Even with the huge 650Nm of torque it has available at 2000rpm. The reason being, not to overload the engine and transmission at too low a revs. So I would imagine the new Sorento being the same or at least similar.
    It will be good to see you guys in the US get the diesel option at last. Hardly any of the “real” 4W’Drivers or even caravaners, here in Australia, would use a petrol engine in their 4WD, and thats apart from the huge cost of filling it up with petrol a lot more often than the diesel.

  19. Harry Canyon says:

    No diesels in the US as of right now.

  20. OzyTone says:

    It amazes me that the US has a 50 state ban on the use of diesel engines in “family” cars??? I gather, when all the heavy transport industry, both truck and rail must use them and buses should be thrown in the mix as well. But I must admit Harry I don’t know your rules and regulations over there, so maybe I shouldn’t comment at all.
    Also getting back to Greg, I have just read on another site that the 2010 Sorento may have it’s world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, early next month. Maybe the New York Motor Show in April is just for the North American release??

  21. Greg says:

    Sorento won’t make it in time for Geneva. Diesel WILL be available right away is what I’ve heard. It should arrive in dealerships in December-January.

  22. BJD(Boris) says:

    well, then the fact that it’ll not be ready on the date as previously planned means that even our launch date in UAE has been pushed back. was supposed to be July.

  23. PhilP10 says:

    OzyTone, there is no ban on diesels in family cars here in the states. The Jetta diesel is available and has been a hit so far. Mercedes also offers quite a few diesels and Nissan will offer one in the Maxima soon. We just have high emission regulations on diesel engines. As for the Sorento getting a diesel I’ll have to see it to believe it. The info would have to come from Kia not some salesman either as they usually know NOTHING we don’t know.

  24. PhilP10 says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to say that this looks HOT! Can’t wait to see more.

  25. Greg says:

    Salesman hear a lot of rumors. Some are true, some are not. Like there was this rumor going around last year that Kia was going to drop Amanti in mid 2008. If it is something about a not-yet-released vehicle, you can’t really trust a salesman. You have to hear it from corporate.

  26. Harry Canyon says:

    Its a matter of getting EPA certified and what the market bears, most US citizens have never owned or operated a diesel. I still would like to know who Greg’s source is?

  27. Bryan says:

    LOL-Kia salesmen usually know NOTHING more than we know! That cracks me up, but, I do think it be truth. Great new Sorento, great ghastly mileage with the 2.2 diesel, too. Yeah, I had a 2001 Sportage 4 X 4 with the 2.0L 4 banger, 5-speed manual, and I could barely squeak 24-25 highway miles per gallon and 17-18 miles per gallon in town wid it.

  28. OzyTone says:

    Now, I had better update myself on the modern language here Bryan. Do you mean “great ghastly mileage” as being good in this case?? or is it “ghastly” as in the usual meaning of the word, meaning terrible??
    Remember, I’m at least over 30 and I haven’t totally caught up with words “fully sic”, meaning great, fantastic, etc. Where back a few years ago that meant you were sick as a dog….errrr, unwell.

  29. Nick says:

    Hey OzyTone, don’t feel bad. I’m 21, and I’ve never heard “ghastly” used in any other way than to mean “bad.” *shrugs*

  30. himi says:

    JASON: The 2.2L is correct displacement. The R engine does, however, also come as a 2.0L. The 2.0L will be integrated to the 2010 Sportage, while the 2.2 has been reserved for Sorento.

    No plans to bring it to the US, unfortunately!

  31. OzyTone says:

    I have also heard it may be first shown at the Seoul Motor Show in April, which would make a lot of sense, a nice home-town release of this beautiful looking vehicle.
    Oh yeah, and while you’re there Himi, will this vehicle get it’s own web-site, like the Soul, or haven’t you given it much thought as yet. I guess the Soul was a completely new vehicle, where the Sorento is “just” a major facelift. As I’ve let it be known before, I like it all on one site, but I do have the Kia Soul Forum site on my favorites list and so I do peek in occasionally.

  32. BJD(Boris) says:

    the soul was just an exciting car from Kia which was different cuz of its customizability. and also the Halo car of Kia. thats probably why it got its own forum. how many sites could himi manage? there r afterall a huge line of kias staring at the production line, thinking of the day when its species can roll down it. 😉

  33. Kole says:

    Does anyone knows what will be the bolt pattern of the wheels..?

  34. BJD(Boris) says:

    ther r 5 on this one

  35. Kid Icarus says:

    I just received my first shipment of Souls! I have an Alien !, a Silver Sport, and a White base 😀

  36. Harry Canyon says:

    Ozytone this is a completely different vehicle from the current sorento, no makeover there. I bet they will have a new name for it?

  37. Greg says:

    Himi and I have both heard now that it won’t be in Geneva. Just be patient. Seoul is the 3rd day of April, which is JUST over one month away. Kid Icarus – Could you please post some pictures of your Souls in the gallery? Williams ordered 38 Souls. Too bad that isn’t enough to satisfy demand.

  38. Harry Canyon says:

    Kid what dealership?

  39. Bryan says:

    OzyTone-that’s a little word game of mine, I have called gasoline “ghastly” for ages, at least 25 years. It means bad as to how much it costs. Even when gas prices are lower I still call gasoline “ghastly”, because you know and I know that it’s price is always going to go back up again, right?

  40. OzyTone says:

    Thanks for the tips from both you boys, Harry and Bryan.
    But Harry again first. Yes I agree with you the new model is more than a face-lift, bit I guess there’s been other vehicles that have gone from body on frame construction to uni-body construction and have kept the original names. The main ones that spring to mind are the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Land Rover, I think now are a monocoque construction, where the original series 1, 2, and 3 had a ladder chassis and I guess closer to home for you guys in the States, the Jeep Cherokee (Liberty), weren’t they were originally BOF, but now are unitary construction. I guess my point being the original names were kept, but most of those named above are classic 4WD’s aren’t they.
    Now Bryan. Yes the price of gasoline has just risen in the past couple of weeks or so, but stupidly, here in Australia we are linked to the price of of oil in Singapore??? and the other funny thing is that diesel is now cheaper than unleaded at the moment, where 6 months or so back it was 30 cents (Aust) a litre dearer, and more sometimes.

  41. BJD(Boris) says:

    Pajero and Landrovers are monocoque?

  42. OzyTone says:

    They are now, that’s what I’m saying. The real early model…..before you were born, were not!!

  43. OzyTone says:

    Sorry Boris, I’m willing to concede on the Pajero. You are right, Mitsubishi changed from a solid rear axle to IRS a few years back, didn’t they. Yes you’re right they’ve always been monocoque haven’t they.
    Sorry mate.

  44. BJD(Boris) says:

    I dunno bout pajero. but I think the Land Rover defender uses ladder frme. Range Rover and Discovery [LR3] and LR2 are mono.

  45. Kid Icarus says:

    Lee Johnson Kia near the Seattle, WA area

  46. Kid Icarus says:

    Greg – I uploaded a couple pics of the Silver Soul Sport in the Soul forums….check them out.

  47. Greg says:

    OK, you are near P.O.E., that’s why you are getting them already. Thanks for the pics, it looks great.

  48. Greg says:

    If possible, could you upload some pics of the Soul + in Alien? I have a customer that wants one, and she would like to see some actual pics.

  49. Kid Icarus says:

    Greg – I will have pics of the Alien Soul up shortly

  50. Kid Icarus says:

    Greg – Alien Soul pics are up in the Soul Forum

  51. Harry Canyon says:

    Kid, I know where thats at, what do you do there? Sales or Service?

  52. Kid Icarus says:


  53. these rims actually look good now. we had sen the same in another spy shot but didn’t like it. my name is linked to those spy shots.

  54. mohamad says:

    I looking how mush it’s wiegh

  55. paul rees says:

    like the look of new model but as usual uk mkt is being shafted , namely engine size and fuel type , wake up kia we want dual fuel version and 2.4 diesel , and is glass roof optional , its not required if u got ac !!!!!!

  56. davidcentros says:

    just wanted to say hello

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