Kia Owner Talks About His Sorento 3,5L V6


The latest in our series featuring Kia owners takes us to the Netherlands, where Rinus Zoetebier lives, works and drives his Kia Sorento.

The choice of car is something of a departure for Rinus who admits that bikers were his first love.

He had driven a number of different brands of car over the years (BMW, Ford, Opel and more) none of which really took his fancy.

When he test drove the Sorento, which was his first SUV, Rinus was left feeling as though something was missing.

He had tried the 2.4-liter gas engine first and only became convinced when he got behind the wheel of the 3.5-liter V6.

He bought the SUV the very moment that test drive ended, and in the 2 years that has owned, the only issue he has had was a cooling tank leak, which was an easy fix.

Rinus admitted that an SUV had never really crossed his mind before, but with a growing family he knew something had to give.

He wanted a vehicle that was spacious enough to comfortably hold his wife and kids and all their gear, but he also didn’t want to compromise on power.

At the end of the day, the decision to buy the 3.5-liter V6 Kia Sorento is a decision that he has not regretted.

Interview About Kia Sorento

1. Tell us something about your Kia Sorento ownership experience?

I bought my Sorento on January 2012 and it was my first SUV.

I first test drove the 2.4L gas-powered model and I was not really convinced, the engine was powerful enough.

After that I drove the 3.5L V6 Sorento and bought it on the spot.

2. What do other people say about your car?

I get a lot of compliments and people ask me about the car a lot, I debagged the car so people often ask me what of car it is, the last guy thought is was an Infiniti lol.

But of course there are those who don’t like it

3. How long have you owned your ride? In jan it will be two years, two happy years !

4. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Kia?

Well to be totally honest after all the other stuff and cars, the kids growing up I wanted a vehicle with no compromise and a special a big engine. I never thought of an SUV but once in the car I knew this had to be it.

5. What do you like the most about your ride? Whiteout doubt the engine combined with the automatic transmission, really smooth ride.

6 What is it that makes your ride look unique?

Haha good one! Compered to other Sorento’s I think the bigger tyres and the lift makes it unique, special in the Netherlands

6. What accessories have you installed so far / do you have any future plans?

I did the car with plastdip for a will, rear camera, all lights replaced by LED, wheels and side steps painted in the right color, debadged the car, trims foglights drl lights, 8,000 K hid lights roof spoiler, fog-power LEDs, extra brake lights in LED led glow kid, blacklight spray taillights.

Other modifications include the grill painted in the right color, LED blinkers between the fender and door LED under the door, led mirrors, T bumper, window spoilers, alarm and keyless entry, tube nerve bars, 265.65.17 general grabber 17″rims, daystar lift angel eyes, switch back leds, private shades, LEDs under the footwell(ledglow), leather interior

It’s pretty much done and I like it… One my favorite sites, the, is a great place special for Kia Sorento owners. There’s where I get plenty of idea’s and help.

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Kia Sorento EX SUV Specs

Engine: 3,5L V6
Color: Ebony Black
Trim: EX
Model year: 2004
Tire size: 265/55/17
Average mpg: 16
Miles driven so far:15000

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  1. Michael Martiny says:

    Hey I have the same year Sorento in the USA and I wanted to do the same type of paint job as you have, how much did it cost and was it very hard to do thanks a lot!

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