2023 Kia Soul Dimensions (Exterior & Interior)

Kia Soul Dimensions

How big is the 2023 Kia Soul crossover?

The subcompact crossover segment is filled to brimming with options for U.S. car buyers, making it tough for automakers to stand out in the crowd.

That the Kia Soul has thrived in this segment is testament to its design, equipment, and excellent pricing.

Given that the vehicle now rides on a new platform, the 2023 Kia Soul dimensions are a little different, albeit in a way that is positive for the driver and passengers.

The 2023 model features a longer wheelbase and a larger size, which means more space for both passengers and cargo. The Soul still seats 5, but with more shoulder and leg room, it’s a more comfortable ride experience.

Let’s now get into some more detail about the dimensions of the Kia Soul.

2023 Kia Soul exterior dimensions

Wheelbase102.4 in.
Length165.2 in.
Width70.9 in.
Height63.0 in.
Track, front/rear62.0 in. / 62.4 in.
Overhang front/rear34.1 in. / 28.7 in.
Ground clearance6.7 in.


The 2023 Kia Soul wheelbase comes in at 102.4 inches, which is 1.2 inches longer than what we seen in the previous generation Soul.

Length, width & heights

As far as length goes, the Soul model is longer than the outgoing model, measuring 165.2 inches. That’s an increase of 2.2 inches over the previous model.

These changes do not carry over into the width and height of the Kia Soul, as they remain the same at 70.9 inches and 63.0 inches, respectively.

Ground clearance of Kia Soul 2023

When shopping for a crossover, buyers are always interested in the ground clearance of vehicles in that category.

The 2023 Kia Soul ground clearance measures in at 6.7 inches, which is more in line with an everyday road vehicle as opposed to an SUV. That is something to consider if you are thinking of taking your Soul off road.

Kia Soul interior dimensions

Head room
Front39.4 in.
Rear39.5 in.

There is more head room in the Soul boxy car than you would expect from a regular car, or even an SUV, so this is a big selling point for the model. There is 39.4 inches of head room up front and 39.5 inches in the rear.

Leg room
Front41.1 in.
Rear38.8 in.

The additional length in the wheelbase means that the Soul offers more leg room than ever before. Up front, there is 41.1 inches of legroom, while rear passengers get 38.8 inches.

Shoulder room
Front55.5 in.
Rear54.7 in.

The shoulder room in the new Kia Soul comes in at 55.5 inches up front and 54.7 inches in back.

That makes ample seating for two adults in front and back. You can also get three adults in the rear seat, but it will be a little bit of a tighter squeeze. If you have kids, though, you will have plenty of rear space for the little ones.

Interior volume120.9 cu. ft.

Total cabin space in this “box on wheels” comes in at 120.9 cubic feet.

How big is the cargo space in the Kia Soul?

Cargo volume
Cargo volume (rear seat up / mat (no board))24.2 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat up / board in lower position)23.4 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat up / board in upper position))18.7 cu. ft.
Cargo volume (rear seat folded / total cargo)62.1 cu. ft.

There is plenty of cargo space available in the Kia Soul 2023, with 24.2 cubic feet located behind the rear seats. Those seats can be folded down to deliver a rather substantial 62.1 cubic feet of cargo space. The Soul is a 5-door model, so getting items, even larger ones, in and out is a breeze.

Kia Soul 2023 seating capacity

  • 5 passengers

The overall interior volume of 120 cubic feet means that there is plenty of space for passengers. The funky Soul crossover offers seating for 5 people in two rows. Kia Soul 7-seater is not available!

You now know all of the most important details about the 2023 Kia Soul exterior dimensions (& interior as well), so feel free to read some of our previous blog posts on the Soul and learn more about this top quality Kia crossover.

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