Kia Soul Sun Shades, UV Windshield Covers

Kia Soul hamster sunshade

Cool-looking aftermarket hamster sunshade or OEM Kia Soul sunshade?

It’s during those hot, summer days that our vehicles can really take a beating, including the interior heating up so much it’s nearly impossible to sit inside.

Yes, the majority of cars do have air conditioners now, but it takes a while to cool off the car’s interior.

You of course, could park your car in a shady area of the parking lot, but if you don’t have that luxury, a quality custom-made Kia Soul uv sunshade might just do the trick!

Kia Soul hamster sun shade

When it comes to windshield covers for your hamster Soul crossover, you can choose from two different covers.

The first is a cool-looking Kia hamster sunshade, with dancing hamsters printed on it, while the second one’s a more regular piece with black Soul signature.

1. Kia Soul hamster sunshade


–> Pricing & real consumer reviews at…

– free shipping

– size: 50 3/4 X 23 1/2

– consumers state that this piece could be of better quality

– looks cool and does its work, though



2. Factory sunshade for Kia Soul


–> Pricing & real consumer reviews at


– OEM factory Kia part

– sturdy & high quality

– a sunshade made for Kia Soul EV as well


Why sunshade?

A sun shade will help to keep the interior of your Kia Soul cool, plus it will help protect your upholstery from harmful UV rays.

You can also have peace of mind that a sun shade will protect your child against the sun’s rays too.

Sun shades for any type of vehicle

It really doesn’t matter the size of your vehicle, or the make for that matter, since there are many styles and sizes of sun shades that will perfectly fit your car’s windshield.

A sun shade, acts much like curtains or drapes do for your windows at home; they filter out the incoming light or block it out completely so the inside of the car stays a degree or two cooler than if you had the sun blazing down on it.

Many covers will protect against UV rays and sun glare.

There are sun shades that attach to your windshield using a cling material design and still others that pull down much like standard window blinds.

Parents may enjoy the use of sun shades to help protect their children from the sun easily, yet still letting a soft light filter through.

Sun shade material

Depending on the sun shade you choose for your Kia Soul, there are plenty of materials to choose from.

For example, you can find shades with soft, cushioned material, or stretchy material to enable the shade to fit the entire width and length of the windshield.

Where to buy quality sun-shades for Kia Soul?

It’s not hard to find a wide selection of sun shades online, including names like Altus Platinum Magic Shade and Basix Magic Shade.

One of the largest selections of sun shades available online can be found at (click the yellow link above), but you can also purchase sun shades from, and

Of course if you are into the big box stores, Wal-Mart and Target also sell a wide range of windshield covers for just about any vehicle on the road.

Kia Soul EV sunshade?

Yes, the above-mentioned sunshades are also good for Kia Soul electric car!

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