Kia Trail’ster AWD – Possible Release Date In 2021


Kia Trailster SUV with e-AWD could be headed for production!

Kia of USA unveiled a concept vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show that perfectly fits the 2021 Kia Soul crossover range.

Kia Trailster specs

The new Kia Trailster uses styling and drivetrain components that take the production Soul from an urban vehicle to a more rugged all-wheel-drive vehicle that is at home off the city streets as it is on them.

It is coated in a Polar Pearl Snowdrift / Terra Bronze Metallic color scheme, and has a canvas roof that can be rolled back.

Trailster Concept Car

Snowy trails and muddy fire roads are all handled with consummate ease by the Kia Trailster, thanks to a rear axle-mounted electric all-wheel drive system.

It’s impossible not to see the production Soul lying at the heart of the Trailster, but there are also elements of the Soul Trackster and Soulster concepts to be found there, too.

All three concept vehicles have shown just how far the Soul can be pushed in terms of performance.

Kia Trail’ster exterior colors

The colors used in the exterior are inspired by the elements, with springtime snow and mud the main focal points.

These are both terrains that the Trailster is designed to hand with ease.

Soul Trailster AWD

The Polar Pearl Snowdrift color is modern and neutral, serving as the perfect contrast to the warmth of the Terra Bronze Metallic tone used on the roof and the lower cladding, which represents the soft dirt roads found in nature.

The Trail’ster also has some sporty, high-tech elements to go with the more natural tones.

These include fire-red wheel accents and polished billet aluminum sections, both of which hint at the performance that the concept vehicle delivers.

LED lightning

Kia Trailster Chicago

The use of LED lighting throughout gives the car a very unique sense of style in every direction.

At the front of the car, Kia’s signature grille bars extend through the projector headlamps, which are similar to those seen on the K900 luxury sedan.

The addition of fog lights gives the front of the car a bold look, but they also serve a practical purpose, adding powerful light to off-road tracks.

LED lighting is also used around back, with the lights there built into extremely rugged light housings.

Inside the Trail’ster

One the inside, brown leather and aluminum accents are used to convey and earthy yet upscale environment that is both comfortable and durable.

The materials used in the cabin are inspired by snow gear and equipment.

What immediately draws the eye is the sturdy center console which features a bold red ignition button, AWD controls, and a thick gear shifter.

The leather-trimmed seats look incredibly inviting, while the floor mats come with aluminum inlays to add a high level of traction.

1,6L turbo engine

Under the hood, the Trail’ster features a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that is mated to a 6-speed automatic, cranking out 188 horsepower and 251 Nm of torque.

e-AWD System: how it works?

An electric all-wheel drive system is in place to deliver low-speed assist that will deliver a higher level of traction when the vehicle encounters less than perfect terrain.

Attractive Kia Concept 2015

The entire set-up also helps with fuel economy, as the all-wheel drive only operates as needed.

The Trail’ster employs what Kia calls a “through the road” hybrid system, with a front gasoline engine and a rear electric motor.

You won’t find the usual mechanical link between the engine and the motor, as it is the road that serves as the connection between the two.

The electric component of the new Kia Trails’ter concept gets its energy from a 1.2 kWh Lithium Ion Polymer battery that powers a 27 kW, 270 volt electric motor.

A hybrid starter generator is used to start and stop the engine as needed, sending energy to the battery in the process.

The technology may sound like it would take up a lot of space, but it has been designed to be light and easy to store under the cargo floor.

The rear electric drive system kicks into operation in a trio of different scenarios that are dependent on the position of the throttle and the condition of the road.

When light throttle is employed, the Kia electric motor moves the vehicle forward for about 2-3 miles.

Normal driving conditions sees the turbo engine and electric motor combine to increase power and torque when navigating wet roads that may cause the car to lose traction.

Lastly, the electric motor will recover kinetic energy when the vehicle is coasting or braking, with that energy sent to the battery to help with recharging.


  1. jtz says:

    You know what’s the best part about this? The Soul offers can soon offer any powertrain an individual person wants. Obviously we can assume it will get AWD now that we seen the concept. But look at the options. If you want a Soul EV, then you got it. If you want a Soul hybrid, then you got it. If you just need a FWD then you got it. Unlike the Renegade, Juke and XB which doesn’t offer neither hybrid or EV. Plus with the hybrid Soul AWD, the person gets better mpg over the Renegade and Juke.

    Anything you want the Soul could offers.

  2. Scott Reynolds says:

    I’m very interested in buying a kia in the next 3 to 4 months. I’m really like the trail’ster. And interested in any Kia models with all wheel drive

  3. Nick says:

    @Scott Reynolds Hey buddy give me a call! 406-924-3788 I have some beautiful Sportage AWD’s

  4. Lori says:

    Please make it happen!!! I’ve been waiting since it was at the New York City car show. Woohoo! I’m ready to roll! Been keeping my 2013 Soul until it comes out

  5. BJD says:

    I am sooooo disappointed that Kia STILL has not yet put out ANY of their concept cars, like the Soulster or Trailster.


  6. Wilfredo Trinidad says:

    Kia, STOP being coy. The list of folks in line in the US to get their hands on a Trailster is HUGE. Get that baby off the production line NOW… Dealers will be inundated with buyers!!! Why all the teasing – build it! Am ready for one, hopefully before the 2018 Soccer World Cup, as I want to hook it up on car trailer to my RV and travel all the way via the EU to Russia… I want to show case it along the way through Europe to Moscow – having a jewel of an off-road car to see surrounding RV parks sights… So produce that baby in early 2018…so I can buy one!!!

  7. todd harris says:

    We want the Trails’ter and it’s why we have decided to buy a Kia. It says release date is 2018 so why can’t I find one??? And while I am here, why on earth can’t I buy rear end collision warning + other safety features only available on the Soul Plus which we will consider but fact is we wanted the turbo- why can’t I buy what I want on the turbo model??? This is SO FRUSTRATING!! Get it together Kia!!! Give me the wheels and color combo on a loaded out Soul Exclaim- what I don’t really want is the all wheel Drive with enhanced off road capabilities- we just want the styling!!!! All wheel Drive is great on an Audi but I don’t necessarily want a cross between a Kia and a Jeep- Give is the styling!!!

  8. Darren Jackson says:

    That’s brilliant when does it come to the uk. It looks the part of a off roader and by the look it can handle the terrain. hope fully there a manual as well.

  9. Cariel D. Perez says:

    Cariel Perez Been waiting for this kia trailster to come out since the chicago show concept came out and still waiting. what it took so long for this trailster to become a reality.

  10. Andy says:

    Folks, remember the exciting KIA KV7 concept minivan? It never went into production.

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