Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Kia Soul Freedom Van


Wheelchair accessible vehicles are remodeled cars, vans or SUVs that enable disabled people to travel in them while remaining seated in their wheelchair either as a driver or passenger.

Such vehicles are usually based on standard car models and include additional features such as a lift or a built-in ramp, wheelchair tie-downs and seat belts for wheelchair users to keep passengers secure and to aid entrance into the vehicle.

In Australia, there is a company called Freedom Motors that coverts regular Kia cars to wheelchair accessible vehicles.

They offer a range of eight different vehicles to wheelchair users, with two of them wearing Kia badges.

kia7.jpgKia Soul wheelchair accessible vehicle is Freedom Motors’ latest addition to their growing vehicle line-up and although it has just been introduced to the market it already promises to be very popular with the smaller vehicle conversion buyers.


If you are looking for a small trendy vehicle modification for wheelchair access, have an obligation free look at this beauty, and don’t worry, Kia Australia backs up this vehicle with a 5 year unlimited Kilometer Warranty Australia wide. (quotation from FMA website)

The Soul is available as a Family Member (2 seater) and Self Drive (transfer seat) Conversion and offers surprising levels of interior room.

According to Freedom Motors Australia, the Soul is fantastic car for those people who don’t want to drive the larger wheel chair accessible vans.


For easier manoeuvring and parking, the car is equipped with reversing mirror – camera system and parking sensors.

It also features fold-down double seat to add 2 extra seats,  electric opening and closing ramp, electric wheelchair restraints, remote opening and closing tailgate and ramp system and a Wheelchair Docking System that eliminates any use of wheelchair tie-down straps resulting in locking and releasing the wheelchair in only seconds.

Kia Sedona (Grand Carnival Minivan)

The other wheelchair accessible vehicle with Kia badge in their vehicle line-up is a converted Kia Sedona minivan, known as Kia Grand Carnival in Australia.

The vehicle offers a lot more room inside the cabin compared to the Kia Soul wheelchair accessible car and is available in 2 types, the standard and the premium conversions.

The standard Grand Carnival model has some height and width restrictions and suites a wheelchair that is not wider then 600mm where the lowered tray has been designed to fit over the original rear suspension leaving a slope and a hump on the lowered floor.

The premium model has a complete flat floor thanks to the use of Freedom Motors unique rear suspension system which makes it even easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Kia Grand Carnival converted to a wheelchair accessible vehicle is also equipped with features such as reversing sensors, reversing mirror – camera system, side steps, fold-down double seat, electric wheelchair restraints and others. [Source: Freedom Motors]

Pictures of Kia Soul wheelchair accessible vehicle




  1. Michelle Gobeil says:

    This is wonderfull, when it will be available in Canada.

  2. BJD (Boris) says:

    it won’t as far as I can see. the soul has been modified in australia by a company that has no relation to Kia. and shipping it to canada isnt possible either as its in a right hand drive config. There might be a company in Canada that does this kind modification too.

  3. Robert says:

    This vehicle modification is available in the US from Freedom Amcar Motors in Florida and in The Netherlands from Freedom Motors NL in Vortum Mullem

  4. A.W.F.Bishop says:

    When it this vehicle going to be available in the UK

  5. Robert says:

    If you want a Kia Soul Freedom Van, you will need to contact the company in The Netrherlands. They will convert the vehicle you supply within a few weeks.

  6. RPM says:

    The unmodified souls are great cars to drive, such a shame the conversion doesn’t come close to meeting Australian Standards as far as entry/interior space for the occupant, FMA state 1300mm entry height, 1350 internal, WELL under the 1450 and 1500 recommended in the standards

  7. WAT Taxi Guy says:

    RPM, you must mean the Ozzy Public Transport Standards? Who needs Ozzy Transport Standards when you are not so tall in your wheelchair anyway. I think it’s great.

  8. p martin says:

    Want to know if the floor is strong enough for loading a motorbike up to 450 lbs ?

  9. Jean Justeau says:

    My husband needs this Kia Soul Freedom. How do i get onw in California. I can’t seem to find a Freedom Amcar Motors affiliate any where nearby.

  10. A. R. says:

    To be able to fit inside the Kia Soul Freedom, in a transport wheelchair, how many inches do you need to be so your head does not touch the roof?

  11. marisa zorzitto says:

    I am interested in the e soul mobility for wheelchair drivers that is modified in Italy and all over the world except north America ..is it possible to get it made in Canada?

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