First Official Photos Of The New Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage SUV pictures

We knew that the all-new Kia Sportage was going to get a great looking exterior design, and new images released today show that to be the truth.

The Sportage compact crossover vehicle is now in its 4th generation, and features a bold new design that clearly shows off its agility and power, no matter what angle you view it from.

The biggest changes in the design can be found in the face of the vehicle.

The headlights are no longer integrated with the grille, as they now sweep back along the outer edges of the newly designed hood.

Official images of the 2017 Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage Photo   Kia Sportage Image   Kia Sportage Picture

The wheel arches of the Sportage AWD are now bolder than ever before.

The tiger nose grille makes it clear that this is a Kia vehicle, although the design of the signature grille is now a little wider. That new design gives the Sportage a more imposing look, whilst also showing off the stability of the vehicle.

There is also a sportier vibe to the car, thanks in large part to a more raked profile.

The side profile shows a very similar silhouette to the outgoing model.

The roofline tapers off somewhat at the back of the car, while the longer overhangs in front and shorter in the rear accommodate the longer wheelbase.

The use of bold wheel arches and sharp lines give the Sportage a look that is both strong and muscular.

Around back, horizontal forms are used to create a sense of width, which has been done to show off the stability of the Sportage.

The slim combination lamps, which are joined by a vehicle wide strip around back, are definitely inspired by the Kia Provo concept. In addition, the turn signals and reversing lights have been separated and moved a little lower to help balance out the visual weight of the vehicle.

The European design team in Frankfurt, Germany led the way with the new design, but they also received input from the California and Korean based design centers.

The new Kia Sportage will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, while pricing details will be announced shortly after!


  1. andy says:

    For an “All New” Sportage . . . the doors, side windows, door handles, and lower body trim all appear to be very familiar. The rear of the vehicle is definitely “fresh” and nice looking. The front fog lamp pocket area seems to be excessively large in comparison to nearly everything else on the front face. Perhaps, it may “grow” on me over time. I’m kind of glad that we decided to purchase a left over 2015 model, as the more subtle front end styling may “age” better over time. The Sportage is a great vehicle in every respect, and KIA will surely sell plenty of this new updated version.

  2. conwelpic says:

    keep in mind that this vehicle shown is only one of many models and variations that will be seen around the world and will vary from country to country (the fog lamps for example, are not the same on all versions of the Sorento). In fact, if you look close, you will see a GT badge on it, this, as far as I know, is new to the Sportage lineup and maybe only packaged that way for Europe. When these were released, I compared all the profiles to the G3 version. In the full side profile, the G4 tends to look longer and sleeker, where the G3 tends to look more “boxy”. It almost looks like the rear fixed door glass has been pushed back a little. The lower door area metal impression has been dramatically changed. I also noticed on this new model that the back-up lights are on the lower part of the bumper which will project more light when reversing than up by the taillight in the old model. I think the new model front end has taken some of its styling ideas from the existing Rondo/Carens. One thing for sure, is there will be no way you will confuse it with his corporate cousin, the all new Tucson.

  3. Tobiyyah says:

    I guess I consider myself the minority that actually likes the front of the new Sportage. And besides it is the first redesigned from Kia that actually has the most change when people complained about what little changes the Sonata and Optima has compared to last generation.

  4. Bryan says:

    No doubt, this is a bold new Sportage design. Peter Schreyer looks to have had a European heyday on this one. It smacks of Porsche ta me but better looking that Porsche. I sense something big happening at Kia Motors of South Korea. Something huge. An actual good-sized RWD 4-dr. sedan coming out of Kia. Sporty as all get out. Good in a 0 to 60 mph time off the block. Can’t wait for the GT gentlemen!

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