GT4 Stinger Features Rear-Wheel Drive And 315 Horsepower

Kia Stinger sports coupe

Details about the new Kia Stinger GT4 coupe released.

The Kia GT4 Stinger concept will be officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, but that hasn’t stopped Kia from releasing another set of teaser pictures.

It is reported that the sporty concept will come with a 235-kw (315 horsepower) turbocharged engine and rear-wheel drive.

The first set of shots released by Kia showed a bird’s eye view of the car, with the latest showing the car front on.

What we see is that familiar Tiger Nose grille, which is now framed with a glowing white surround that is flanked on either side by vertically stacked LED lights.

Kia has revealed that the 2+2 sports concept will come with a carbon fiber front splitter, cooling vents on the front brakes, and 20-inch wheels.

Rear-wheel-drive & 2.0L turbo engine

Kia GT4 Stinger Photo  Kia-2+2-concept-car

The new Kia GT4 Stinger will get power to the rear wheels via a 235-kw turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine.

This will represent Kia’s second foray into rear wheel drive concept territory, with the first coming back in 2011 when they showed off the 4-door GT concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The same 2.0-liter engine that appears in the GT4 Stinger is widely believed to be the same one that will appear in the next-gen Genesis Coupe, due in 2015.

All you need to know about the GT4 Stinger will be revealed when it’s officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show on January 13.


  1. Bryan says:

    What the? I can’t believe it’s been since that Kia introduced the GT concept!! Wow how time flies. I can’t wait to see the whole Kia GT RWD sports sedan package unveiled.

  2. Bryan says:

    I mean since 2001 in the above post. Kia introduced the RWD Kia GT 4-door sports sedan way back in 2001? Huh? Thought it was more like 2008 when they first showed the concept.

  3. Darius says:

    It was 2010 they typed it wrong.

  4. himi says:

    Kia will, reportedly, release another image of the Stinger concept tomorrow!

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