Kia Proceed Concept To Debut In Frankfurt

Kia Proceed concept in 2017

Kia has a new concept car coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, and they have now released some official pictures of the model.

The amazing looking concept was conceived at Kia’s European design center, and the feeling is that it may be a preview of what the next-generation Cee’d will look like.

The official pics show a car that is flexing some real muscle, and all credit needs to go to the Kia designers for that stunning look.

The heavily raked roofline of the concept model creates a silhouette that is impossible to ignore, while outstanding design cues complete the look.

Perhaps the most noticeable of these are the huge 20-inch alloy wheels that are beautifully designed.

Kia Proceed concept car photos

Kia concept car In 2017

Kia Proceed concept vehicle

There are a lot of new looks on this model, but the Proceed concept also comes with some familiar Kia design cues.

The now familiar tiger nose grille is there, as is the sculpted island bonnet used on the Stinger.

Also included are full-length roof glazing, a castellated windshield, and some serious curves and tight creases. The Proceed Concept is the modern evolution of a Kia vehicle.

Striking red body color

This is a vehicle that stands out in a crowd, thanks in large part to the Lava Red exterior paint job, which was created using layers of black, chrome-effect silver, and red-tinted lacquer.

It’s a finish that was certainly worth all the hard work.

Kia Frankfurt Motor Show

Kia Proceed release date

The belief is that the Kia Proceed concept may well serve as the body shape for the next-generation Cee’d, which is expected to hit the European market in the early part of next year.

Expect to see the new generation Kia ceed model range with new design, updated engines and the latest safety technology.


  1. Denis says:

    OOOooooooh!!! a 2 doors Stinger coupe!

  2. Denis says:

    2 or 4 doors?

  3. Tony Guest says:

    Will the production car look like this ?

  4. Tony Guest says:

    Will the production car look like this ?

  5. Matthew says:

    I’m trying to imagine this with possible production specs: a short hood, 18″ wheels. It would still look great. I’d like rear doors as ‘suicide’ bonus doors, purposefully keeping the extended hatch. It could be the ultimate auto-cross car and flip the hot-hatch world to Kia!

  6. bd says:

    The ProCee’d is a Euro econobox (the european equivalent to the Forte/Cerato), so doubtful that much of this concept would translate to a production model – as this is not only longer, but has RWD proportions as opposed to FWD.

  7. Matthew says:

    I agree production proportions would change (and should). It shouldn’t be too close to the Stinger’s size. This concept smartly leaves the drivetrain undefined. I have my finger’s crossed for rear engine, and enough room for a set of tires with the rear seats down. Even if they have to platform share with another manufacturer to make it happen. Be open-minded. There was a Tatraplan, a Corvair (plus a Yenko version called Stinger), and is an expensive & impractical 911.

  8. Jamayl says:

    This should had been the next generation Optima in concept wagon format. Evolved blacked out C pillars, more aggressive exterior.

    This should had been badged ” Optima”

  9. Matthew says:

    I appreciate attempting to appeal to gear-head senses with the garage/gas/leather smell. I hope this concept tours all the auto shows this year.

  10. Denis says:

    allready the stinger look like the Optima ! This Pro ceed concept badly named? or it is to be forgotten (or this Pro Ceed concept is one of many to choose!)

  11. Matthew says:

    The idea of grand-touring has auto market gravity. Optima now does it a bit. Stinger does it better with power, rwd, & more balanced weight. But, there are many directions to cover.

    An even sportier small daily-driver has an opening, because current hot-hatches are just enhanced fwd econo-boxes. I like the Proceed/Pro Cee’d name, though.

  12. Matthew says:

    I saw a rumor Genesis is planning a 3rd crossover. A lifted shared Proceed platform?

  13. Jamayl Agomo says:

    Genesis needs soe crossovers in their line up

  14. Chris Mcardle says:

    Kia ceed concept looks great. If it comes to fruition i hope the engines mTch its exhilirating looks

  15. Chris Mcardle says:

    Kia ceed concept looks great. If it comes to fruition i hope the engines mTch its exhilirating looks

  16. Chris Mcardle says:

    Kia ceed concept looks great. If it comes to fruition i hope the engines match its exhilirating looks

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