2010 Kia Morning (Facelift) Unveiled in South Korea


The 2010 Kia Morning goes on sale in South Korea. New model year improvements include radical styling revisions and technical updates.

Kia continues its new car onslaught in the South Korean market with the introduction of the 2010 Morning minicar. 

Known as Picanto worldwide, the 2010 Kia Morning is following the sporty two-door Forte Koup, that has been officially unveiled to the Korean public at at COEX Mall in Seoul last week.

Kia Picanto has been Kia’s best selling model for the second straight year in Korea. For the 2010 model year, Kia Picanto received a batch of mid-cycle upgrades including some radical exterior and interior styling revisions along with technical upgrades such as improved engines and new transmission.

Among the most evident styling updates made to the 2010 Morning 5-door hatchback is a more aggressive front fascia that finally receives a Schreyer-designed chrome signature grille.

Along with updated “tiger grille” the facelifted Picanto also gets a redesigned front bumper with larger air intakes, new fog lights design and black high-gloss garnish. At rear, mid-cycle changes include black-bezel tail-lamps and sportier rear bumper design.


The list of styling updates does not end here and also includes a set of redesigned, five-spoke alloy wheels, similar to those found on the Soul crossover.

Attractively stylized alloys are wrapped into 15-inch rubber and provide Picanto a sportier exterior appearance. The facelifted Picanto also receives chrome fuel-door, body-color side moldings and side mirrors with turn signals.

Inside, the facelifted Picanto gets a sportier, four-spoke steering wheel, updated door trim, updated upholstery materials and redesigned gauges, while interior also benefits from new options such as folding type remote key and rear view camera, connected to small LCD display, placed inside the rear-view mirror.

Every Picanto has also been equipped with the so-called Eco Assist system that guides the driver to drive in the most economical way.

2010 Kia Morning facelift pics


In addition to all the afore-mentioned cosmetic updates, the new Morning also benefits from upgrades under its hood. The new model is available with an updated 1.0L four-cyl. engine that packs 72 horsepower. 

While this engine churns out 8 hp more than pre-updated unit, it still manages to achieve 5% better fuel consumption ratings (20km/L). In Korean market, Picanto is also available with a 67-horsepower LPI engine that runs on liquefied petroleum gas.

The 2010 Kia Morning is already available at Kia dealers across South Korea with prices ranging from 7.06 million Won ($5.590) to 9.77 million Won ($7.700) for gasoline engine powered model, while liquefied petroleum powered Picanto starts at 8.85 million Won ($7.030) and tops at 10.3 million Won ($8.184).

The updated Picanto will celebrate its official European debut at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show in September, while its sales is expected to take off shortly after its premiere.


  1. It looks HORRIBLE in the F I R S T picture but it looks really s p o r t y and urban in the others!
    The factory-with-aftermarket-look looks h o t on the Picanto =D

  2. By the first picture I meant the B I G one with the two asian women on it

  3. Greg says:

    How about some interior shots?

  4. BJD (Boris) says:

    OMG! thts just amazing! *awe-struck* the picanto looks really up to date now! it looks kinda cute ^_^ 😀

  5. Greg says:

    Thanks himi. I like the idea of having one steering wheel design for small cars, and one for larger cars/SUVs. Up until the release of the Forte in the USA, every Kia had a different steering wheel design. This is a good cost-cutting measure for Kia, along with a great way to secure Kia’s brand-image. So, now the only vehicles we haven’t seen with the tiger-nose would be the Rio, Rondo, Sportage, Borrego (other than SEMA concept) and cee’d. We will be seeing the cee’d tiger nose and the Sportage tiger nose soon. The Rio is scheduled to receive a mild facelift, so is the Sedona and Rondo. The Borrego will just be getting a different grille for 2010. LAIAS and NAIAS will show us that all of Kia’s MY2010 vehicles will have a tiger nose.

  6. himi says:

    You’re welcome Greg!

  7. Kyle says:

    Oh lord that looks horrible… (well, the headlights do, anyways)

    Hope it never, EVER comes to the States. =(

  8. arumage says:

    I like the back and the profile, but the front looks…. surprised.

  9. Greg says:

    Hey, did anyone go to YouTube and type in ‘Kia Forte Koup Commercial’ yet? Also, there has been a news release about the denim edition soul. What would be cool is if they actually had a blue/black interior trim. Sorry for the off-topic.

  10. Greg says:

    The Picanto in those pictures has auto temperature control.

  11. Greg da chajee says:

    You have to see the Picanto/morning in person, its a great little car. Himi, more pictures with the Korean Models please (women). You can’t get that here in the states..

  12. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Its the size of the First Gen Rio, so if gas prices got to maybe $5-$6, in which they predict it will be it might come over. Maybe with a 1.4 engine.

  13. Kyle says:

    I’m sorry but, wouldn’t vehicle like this ruin Kia’s brand image as this vehicle is unspeakably ugly compared to other vehicles that Kia makes?

  14. Bornloser says:

    the yellow one is not the same as the lime one firther down below: different bumper, different grille, different foglights,… actually it looks a lot like the current one.
    Hope it finally comes with a low emission!

  15. isellkia says:

    i wish they made the headlights look more like an 2009 optima then the rondo. Not a car for me but there is a butt for every car.

  16. aesop says:

    Kyle, its a very cute car! We got lot of picantos in our country, the philippines even if the distributor here are jacking up the prices of kia vehicles. When they first introduced the picanto here, its about P300,000 = $6,250, and now because its selling well, they jacked up the price to P600,000 = $12,500. The kia distributor here in the Philippines suck, they are trying to destroy kia image as people’s car which is affordable and dependable.

  17. Tony says:

    oh my lord

    a normal heterosexual man cannot drive such a car – the headlights just look too fruity like the eyelashes on a drag queen

    interior as usual looks better as as single colour – i suspect that this is not the best way to go about it targetting the female market

    soon we will have the suzuki alto/splash, hyundai i10/i20… i also suspect that they won’t be that cheap?

    the large i30 and cerato and suzuki swift is already exerting downward pressure on these cars?

    would people rather pay an extra $10 a month for a bigger car?

  18. haleewood says:

    I agree with everyone…this is not something I would drive.

    Please look at my design the KIA Trinity Concept

    Tell me what you think Please click link below.


  19. haleewood says:


    Courtesy of Haleewood Designs


  20. I don’t know much but I will guarentee that Peter Schreyer has not been near this car….If he has had anything to do with it he should hang his head in shame….U..G…L…Y….you aint got no aliby…you UGLY!

  21. Patrick says:

    Guys this is aimed at chicks and homo men… so I guess they nailed the design~ However, the facelift is interesting at least. The interior is a marked improvement but not much can be said about the rear… they should have kept the tail lamps as they were.

  22. ariadna says:

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  23. Nick says:

    Ha, Tony and Patrick…what stupid cunts. This “homo” isn’t remotely interested in this car and thinks it’s a POS. So can your stupid generalizations, assholes.

  24. Greg says:

    Himi, post some pictures of the Forte Koup with the red interior!!!!

  25. Bryan says:

    Greg, might I ask which exterior color you’d want to go with the Forte Koup’s red interior?

  26. Greg says:

    Either Black, Silver, or Titanium. The one I saw it on was blue. Not bad, but not the greatest.

  27. HyundaiSmoke says:

    The Picanto is a high volume sales car in overseas markets. It wouldnt fly in North America or Korea unless if Gas Prices got Apocalyptically high.

  28. HyundaiSmoke says:

    That interior reaks of quality though.

  29. aesop says:

    why you people really hate this car? actually its the cutest when compared to the ugly cars like chevrolet aveo5, chevrolet spark, suzuki alto, hyundai i10 and those ugly chinese cars.

  30. Greg says:

    Aesop has a point there. I just want to scream every time I see an Aveo 5! The Picanto is easy on the eyes, and this model looks better from the front than any prior Picanto.

  31. Aaron says:

    Very Cute and nice Car 🙂

  32. Greg da chajee says:

    its pronounced MO – NING if you know how to read korean…

  33. Benny says:

    you boys need help. Haven’t seen anyone mention the korean beauties!!! No thats a good ride!

  34. HyundaiSmoke says:

    You cant compare the Aveo 5 with the Picanto though, as the Picanto is a size smaller than the Aveo 5.

    Aveo5= B-Segment

    B Segment=Rio, Accent, Yaris, Versa, Fit, Soul, Audi A2, VW, Golf, Mercedes A Class, Hyundai i20 etc…

    Picanto= A-Segment

    A-Segment= Hyundai i10, Chevy Spark, Audi A1, VW Lupo, etc…

  35. HyundaiSmoke says:

    B-Segment is the smallest most auto makers will even consider selling in the US Market.

  36. HyundaiSmoke says:

    However there are exceptions to the Rule:

    1. Mercedes sells Smart Cars.

    2. Chevy will sell the Spark A segment at a $7500 price point in the US in 2 years. The Next gen Aveo will be out in 2 years as well.

    3. BMW is considering an A segment for the US Market, and a smaller A-Segment MINI.

    4. VW wants to be able to sell a $7500 car for the US market and is looking at the Lupo.

    5. Ford is considering bringing thier KA Model over to the US.

    6. Chrysler/FIAT will bring their Fiat 500 to the US within the next 12 months.

    7. Toyota will Bring their IQ Model over to the US.

    – Hyundai/KIA considered Bringing the i10 and rebadging it as a small KIA, but they changed their minds.

  37. Greg da chajee says:

    Hyundaismoke, where do you work? you are very knowledgeable about Kia’s and Hyundai’s

  38. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I write reviews, and Im a Hyundai/KIA troll. I also try to keep in contact with the conpmay to see whats going on with trends. I deal with many Hyundai/KIA sales people, as well. I might take up selling them as a part time job one day.

  39. Jason says:

    Benny- the girl on the right was also in the pictures about the unveiling of the Forte LPI Hybrid in Korea.

    HyundaiSmoke- any word on H/K bringing an A segment over to the USA? I see your point about them considering rebadging the i10, and that they changed their minds. Similar to the Kia Truck everyone seems interested in buying (but H/K doesn’t seem to think will sell enough to cover the cost of development, production, etc.). I’d drive a Picanto if it were available in the USA.


  40. HyundaiSmoke says:

    They could put the Brand new 103 HP Kappa 1.4 engine they use for the lower spec i20s in a Picanto and bring it over. 103 HP, thats Yaris and Aveo territory, as the Accent and Rio best them by nearly 10 HP. Since its the size of previous generation Accents and Rios, I dont see why not. Its bigger than a SMART car or IQ. However, part of the problem was getting the i10/Picanto to meet American crash standards effectively. Hyundai/KIA estimated that they would have to put 500 more pounds of weight to get the 5 star NHTSA they want on the car. That would kill the desired fuel economy they are looking for. Look at the SMART Car, American safety measures kill the fuel eocnomy big time.

    Remember, Jason KIA will get their US SOUL truck now. I might buy one by the way. A part of the problem with the Big KIA truck was American tarriffs on trucks with large displacement motors coming from South Korea. They can sell a V8 Borrego SUV anyplace anytime they want, but they better not sell even a V6 Pickup truck without facing stiff duties according to American law.

  41. Greg da chajee says:

    Unfortunately Ford, Dodge, GM and Toyota have the truck market tied up. Kia Hyundai are smart by going after the small car market, maybe they will bring the Soulster here, closes thing to truck.

    Hyundai Smoke and Himi should be working Hyundai/Kia someday, especially in the media department..Thanks for all the info

  42. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Thanks Greg da chajee. They are going to being the Soulster at least to the US, especially after the public reaction to it. I actually want to build from the Hyundai/KIA website word press has. I gave them 16 sugesstions for the Hyundai website, those suggestions should be applied here on the KIA website as well.

    They Are:

    1. Getting more and different spy shots from all over the world.

    2. Providing log of detailed technical specs for all Hyundai/KIA Cars, and engines on the market and coming down the pike.

    3. Being the leader for KIA news all over the world. The place where Magazines, Blogs, and Journals MUST come to get accurate KIA Information.

    4.You should also allow members to post KIA related articles.

    5. You should provide a timeline log of Hyundai/KIA Models and Future Models.

    6. You should provide a Log of Quality Reports from all sources around the world. Then you guys should make an average of those reports and figure out a composite score for not just Hyundai/KIA but the other brands, and then rank them.

    7. Providing explanations of the rigorous testing procedures on Hyundais/KIA.

    8. Interviewing Big Wigs like John Krafcik, etc…

    9. Providing a Detailed Comparison of Old Hyundai cars to new ones, then Comparing global comparisons to competitive offerings.

    10. Doing our own independent research studies on how to improve the brand, and what we can do to compete with the: Audi Small cars, the Lexus mid sized cars, and the BMW big cars. On KIAs end Honda, Toyota, Nissan

    11. We should also bombard the Popular Blog sites to draw attention to get more members.

    12. We should do reliablity expeditions, drive on the worst roads, show Hyundai/KIA Modifications, and cover racing circuits.

    13. We should stage our own races, even create race and rally circuits for Hyundai/KIA cars. We can turn Accents and Elantras into Premium Rally Cars like SAAB used to do with their small car products. I can see Sonatas, Azeras, and Genesises in Touring car circuits with the best of them. We can Turn KIAs into Subarus, and Mugen Spec Hondas.

    14, Why not have a Modification contest with a grand prize winner getting something? We should also have a modification log where people dress their cars up through trial and error, so those who come after them will not make the same mistakes.

    15. We should have a parts Suggestion, and Retailer log. We could even get into the business of selling parts on this site and E-Bay. We can specialize in parts that Hyundai/KIA Dealers do not sell like Blue HID lights, etc… and provide a discount.

    16. We should Form Coalitions with other Hyundai/KIA sites to provide the most superior product we can provide.

    Everything Iam saying is what Lexus/Toyota and Acura/Honda fans used to do in the last 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Unlike them with their prohibitively expensive long distance bills, mail order magazines, we have the advantage of the internet and cell phones.

    We must be interactive and it must take all of our efforts as a team here. From staff to posters. Doing this we can not only change perception about our cars, but we can be one of the principal influences on how Hyundai/KIA does business. Why not? Most of us own Hyundais and KIA anyway, shouldnt we be the drivers of the future?

  43. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Believe it or not I might buy a used KIA Amanti.

  44. Greg da chajee says:

    I hope somebody in Hyundai or Kia Management is reading this HyundaiSmoke.I would like to put together a racing team and have sponsored by Hyundai/Kia..Lets build a Genesis or Amanti for NASCAR? or Genesis Coupe for a DRifting Circuit. Forte Koup on the NOPI Circuit? I have lots of ideas…

  45. Greg says:

    I would like to see an Optima for NASCAR, actually.

  46. BJD (Boris) says:

    how about mentioning those points on kia-buzz.com?

  47. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I think the Amanti and Genesis would be good for the Euro Touring car circuit. The Optima would be great for NASCAR, and iam not even a NASCAR fan.

    Iam actually starting to get pissed at Hyundai/KIA for neglecting the US market in terms of Fuel Economy. 35-37 MPG Accents and Rios and 35-36 MPG Elantras and Fortes are not enough anymore. Maybe for 1999, but not 2009.

    Krafcik better crack that whip like I think he will, or he will end up on the Unemployment line too.

  48. Haleewood says:

    Kia Amanti/Opirus redesign Coming soon

    Haleewood Designs

  49. Heath says:

    The Kia Morning looks very stylish, building on the success of the Picnato. But and a very strong but, have they updated the engine from that which was in the Picanto with the crakkshaft that was prone to failure at low mileage?

  50. Nick says:

    Do not buy this car.

    It has never broken down or refused to start, but it makes me miserable while driving and embarrassed while parking due to its combination of a weak engine (even the bigger 1.1), cheap materials, piss poor driving dynamics and ridiculous appearance.

    A second hand European or Japanese car would have been so much better, and so much cheaper, as I’m struggling to get 40mpg (UK) with careful driving.

  51. bornloser says:

    Nick, get the 1,1 CRDI…. great fun!

  52. Amon Mugadura says:

    A pleasant little vehicle to drive very conservative on the fuel especially here in Zimbabwe were one strives to get a lot kms on a litre though one has to contend with the low profile of the car especially her in Southern Africa were potholes are the order of the day

  53. Tzenker says:

    I kinda agree with Nick up there.
    The engine is weak and fuel economy isn’t great. However, I don’t mind the appearance – few cars in that class look any better, and the Kia actually looks better than most (although paint is thin and finish isn’t exactly perfect).
    So, while I’ll agree that the materials are kinda iffy, I definitely disagree that it looks bad or that you should be embarrassed parking the car.
    The low powered engine really isn’t fun when you’re entering the freeway or overtaking slower vehicles, but it’s just find for cruising (even if it’s a bit loud once you’re at freeway speed limits) and city driving.
    Additionally, the interior is pretty good. A bit old fashioned, but it’s all there and the quality is okay.

    All in all, the Morning/Picanto is just like any other Kia. It’s dependable, adequate and hands down the best value for your dollar. You can get better cars in the same class, but you’ll end up paying (a lot) more, and if you try another vehicle at the same price you’ll tend to end up with a much inferior car.

  54. Cariucho says:

    Here in Brazil, this car would be perfect if a more powerfull motor is added. It has a very beautifull design and a well done interior, but the 1 Litre motor is really very weak. By adding a 1.4 Litre motor around 100 HP, for sure this car would sell a lot more and i will get one for me in a hurry. That is my suggestion for my market. Thanks

  55. Sonesavanh says:

    I love Picanto and I will use them forever……..

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