Exclusive: 2010 Kia Sorento Finally Shows It’s Face

2010 Kia Sorento SUV Pictures

It seems like we have been waiting for ages to see the 2010 Kia Sorento breaking the cover.

After seeing a countless number of spy photos and prototypes in various testing stages, the wait is finally over and we can exclusively show you the new face of the next generation 2016 Kia Sorento crossover vehicle!

Note (update): the Sorento model pictured here is the previous generation model. Kia has a fully redesigned 2016 Sorento on sale already, so check it out (red link above)!

2010 Kia Sorento information and details

White Kia Sorento 2010

Codenamed XM, the 2010 Sorento SUV is scheduled to make it’s official debut at the Seoul Auto Show in April and that will be the place where Kia Motors will reveal more precise details on it’s powertrain options, equipment and accessories.

Not willing to wait additional three weeks to get to know more about the new Sorento, I gathered some additional information from various Kia sources worldwide.

Redesigned Sorento will become the first Hyundai-Kia vehicle in the family to come equipped with the all-new environmentally-friendly R-diesel engine.

The 2.2L diesel engine boasts best-in-class 200 horsepower and best fuel economy performance of 14.1km/l making it the most fuel-efficient crossover in the Korean market.

The new state-of-the-art diesel engine also satisfies EURO5 emission standards.

The engine range will also include a four-cylinder 2.4L and a 3.8L V6. Both are destined for the International markets, including US and Europe. On it’s domestic market, new Sorento SUV will also be available with a 2.7L LPI engine.

Standard powertrain package also includes a 6-speed automatic transmission developed with proprietary technology.

Size-wise, the 2010 Kia Sorento has grown in size and now measures 4.685 mm (+95mm) in length, 1.885 in width (+35mm) and 1.710 in height (-15mm). It’s wheelbase has been shortened by 5mm to 2.700mm.

Kia Sorento news update

It’s been long 10 years since Kia officially launched the 2010 Sorento onto the market. Today, however, there’s a much improved new generation Kia Sorento available for sale. You can find many articles related to the new model here at theKEEA.com. One of those is related to the new Kia Sorento colors. You can read it here:


  1. BJD(Boris) says:

    this angle is really familiar….

  2. w. wilson says:

    Like the styling of the Santa Fe better. Guess that is why I bought one

  3. Martin1491 says:

    I like it!

  4. himi says:

    Don’t know about the looks of new Kia Sorento. Will wait until I see more quality images. It certainly does look interesting…

  5. Kyle says:

    Enough about Front, (I’ve seen that since the spy shot..) I want to see the back!!!

  6. Kid Icarus says:

    Santa Fe styling is better huh? HA! The Sorento is sexy and I can’t wait to drive one!

  7. JoshyLofty says:

    some people prefer the santa fe some prefer this. i prefer this. maybe due to my younger age (22). i love it tho. i’d drive the hell outta this (theoretically speaking)

  8. Greg of Manistee says:

    Wow, this Kia Sorento looks amazing, well done Schreyer!

  9. The Real Greg from Manistee says:

    This is sweet, can’t wait to drive one. Great Job, Design Department. Kia will be leaving Toyota in the dust in the next few years. Spread the word..Kia!!

  10. andy miller says:

    I’m going to call it the CBB (cerato’s big brother). I love the look of it and I love seeing the familial design concepts being loyally spread across the range of Kia’s. I can’t wait to see what these design parameters do to the Rio

  11. Greg of Manistee says:

    “The Real Greg from Manistee” whoever this is is working to destroy my reputation, and I don’t like it. I have been here almost since the beginning, and whoever this is seems to be mocking me, or something. It is not funny, please stop. I have done everything possible to try to differentiate my identity. It seems as though whoever is doing this is trying to get some kind of strange revenge. Are you mad at me? What have I done to you? Instead of playing stupid mind games to confuse the poor people at this site, why don’t you settle it with just me? Email: love.my.kia “at” charter.net. Please stop this, it is thoroughly sickening. I would like to have regular conversation with people here, and not have them wonder who in the hell is the person they are chatting with. As for the Sorento, there is just one thing I don’t like, the plastic fog light grille. They could do away with that.

  12. OzyTone says:

    Yes yes, we get your drift now “Nuova Kia Sorento” and you’ve written the same paragraph twice now, but what is the English translation, so most of us will know what you’re trying to tell us. My Spanish or Portuguese, or whatever, is a little rusty these days.

  13. OzyTone says:

    Oopps!! Italiano is it.

  14. OzyTone says:

    Aaah Hahh!! I thought so Greg, it’s Harry. He’s after you fella, he doesn’t like you letting too many cats out of the bag and in his words “sinking ships”…..with your “loose lips”. I’ve been sitting back here watching you two for quiet a while now, it’s been interesting, to say the least.
    Good on you Harry I can see where you’re coming from, after myself being in the motor industry for so long, I can see you wan’t to protect your job with Kia. But we enjoy Greg’s comments and at 15 he just doesn’t understand the meaning of being diplomatic yet. He’s not the only one out there saying anything about vehicles of all makes and models, look at all those web-sites trying to be the first with that “exclusive” spy shot. In fact that’s why I like this site so much because it gives me a future insight of vehicles from Kia.

  15. andy miller says:

    ozytony what state are you from in oz

  16. zippy says:

    Typical Asians, why come up with an idea of their own when they can steal ideas from other people. Anyone else see Saab in this design?

  17. Greg says:

    No, actually. How could you? Saab designs are so strange and fugly, they might as well be Hondas!

  18. rayman14 says:

    This damn looks like a new 9-4X and given the fact, Kia showed some interest in the Saab Brand, this comes as no surprise. Furthermore, it looks way different, then we thought it to come in metal – just look at the CGIs and Artworks so far… the outcome is a Saabish [not the worst, of course]

  19. charlie says:

    I agree with Zippy, it’s totally a combination of 9-4X and the new 9-3X of Saab.

    Still like Saab a lot better though.

  20. Finn says:

    I can´t believe that they´ve made such a SAAB rip-off. Very chinese action. Shame on them!

  21. Sven says:

    The front end is a shameless rip off of the new Saab 9-4X. Why not come up with something a little different and unique?

  22. Frank says:

    Why does Kia ‘use’ so many styling-elements from Saab?
    Like the headlights and the clamshell-hood….

  23. Bornloser says:

    I don’t really see the problem, since Saab will be outa business soon anyway … 😉
    (my sincere apologies to all people proffesionally involved with Saab)

  24. Ed says:

    Too bad that Kia took a good vehicle and turned it into another ugly boring Hyundai clone crossover. My 2004 Sorrento is tough as nails and goes anywhere. It has a real frame under it, limited slip rear and has never let me down. I hate seeing another wannabe a truck. Why not just call it what it is; a station wagon grocery getter. I was planning on buying another Sorrento when mine wears out, not now!

  25. Greg says:

    I think the person posting about it looking like Saab is the same person. Obviously, there are not THAT many people who could make a connection between this and a SAAB of all things!! I could see maybe calling it an Acura or a Lexus ripoff, although it’s really not, but to call it a SAAB ripoff?! If you call it a SAAB ripoff, you don’t deserve eyes.

  26. JoshyLofty says:

    i dont get how they can say they’re ripping off SAAB when the KND4 was around before the 94X and the new Sorento is hitting the streets WAY before the Saab. doesn’t make sense.

  27. Kia says:

    Neither do I Joshy! I guess some will always find a Kia product as a copy of something. I’m just waiting for the day that someone tells me Kia has coppied an iMac or iPhone. 🙂

  28. max says:

    the front-end and clamshell hood looks a Saab…. if only GM had thought of it….

  29. OzyTone says:

    Sorry Andy, I didn’t get back to you sooner. To answer you’re question, SA.

  30. Greg says:

    After looking at the 93 X and 94 X from Saab, I honestly don’t see a resemblance anywhere. Please, tell me where you see Saab in Kias design? Oh, and by the way, Kia has been working with this design longer than Saab has been working on the 94 X, so if anything, Saab is copying from Kia! Oh, but no one could copy a Kia’s design. Well, I can name AT LEAST 2 Subarus and a Saab that have copied designs from Kia, and I’m sure I could find more.

  31. BobI says:

    As a former long time fan of and owner of Saabs, I have been so saddened by the GM takeover and now jettison of a once great brand. GM raped Saab of much of it’s engineering, placing it in the Malibu and other GM vehicles, while at the same time, starving the R&D dollars for new, innovative Saab vehicles. The 2000 Saab 9X concept was the concept of the year, but in 10 years, there was no funding to make it production ready. I hope that Saab survives bankruptcy or finds a new home (maybe HKA?) so that the world can once again benefit from the engineering that Trollhauten can produce. In the meantime, I am anxiously awaiting the Soul! arriving at Maryland dealerships.

  32. kia.spectra says:

    it it`s beautiful….! but it`s a big problem…. what i`m goone make with the service…??????? i live in cyprus and i can not find one serivce -garaj for my kia!!!!!!!

  33. JoshyLofty says:

    with as many options for vehicles there are nowdays… there’s not much out there except for maybe the VW bug, Mini Cooper, & the Smart ForTwo that are original. BUT… i don’t think Kia is copying ANYone. they may resemble a few things out there as well but they’re not COPIES! i mean hell! even the Mini Coop & VW Bug resemble eachother (circular buggy headlights) but i’d never say anyone copied anyone else. NOW… sangyong or whatever that chinese automaker is that copied the BMW X5 & then some… THATS a copy. people should just shut their mouth.

  34. Martin1491 says:

    Fact of the matter is, please excuse this, dickheads, that have always put crap on KIA can’t handle the fact that KIA are in fact getting better, in terms of previous models, and the competition. These idiots have forked out 4k more than they could have for the same everything on the Hyundai or KIA. So they find one minor detail about the car, be it the headlights and what not, that several other vehicles also have similarities in the same area, and then try to make out by posting ignorant and quite frankly stupid arse comments about the entire KIA vehicle being a copy. Some people really need to get over themselves. There is a word I am trying to think of, which I think basically means, people only dislike it because it is better than what they have… Which is a clear example of these H-K haters.

    I too have looked at these Saabs, and 100%, do not see any resemblance what so ever.

    I sort of trailed off there… oops.

  35. Greg says:

    Right on!

  36. BJD(Boris) says:

    this sux man. when it cums to Kia ppl always (like almost by instinct) start looking for elements of another make’s car. x(

  37. BJD(Boris) says:

    this sux man. when it cums to Kia ppl always (like almost by instinct) start looking for elements of anotherr make’s car. x(

  38. sulaiman says:

    kia always make surprises, its the best you can ever buy.

  39. zoom-zo0m says:

    I love the Design! I don’t care if whoever copied who as long as it provides power and excellent ride. People tends to sour grape since they pay more for the car just because of the brand and here comes KIA who provides affordable price with the same features or even more. Pity for those brand-conscious. 😛

  40. isellkia says:

    who cares if cars look a like. what matters, to me at least, if they sell.

  41. Floppy Ears says:

    Bought a Sorento LX 12/04…Runs great! Never had a problem and (knock on wood) will not have a problem. Does the new one look like “other CUVs?” Hell, Yes…which car/SUV/CUV doesn’t unless you count the Aztek by Pontiac as an SUV!
    The reliability/dependability ofthe vehicle is foremost to most buyers (I hope) and NOT BEC. THE FRIGGIN’ HOOD LOOKS LIKE YOUR AUNTIE’S CORNSTARCHED UNDERWEAR. Get Over it!!!

    As for me, I can’t wait to get a new one…I’m keeping the old one as well! Congratulations KIA!

  42. raymond cassar says:


  43. Ron says:

    I still looking for asian car that used the design of the old SAAB 9x
    Grill… thought Saab was going to introduce it with a SAAB label.

  44. Mark says:

    some chrome round the windows and fog lamp area would have made the serento look richer ….many are adopting chrome .

  45. JAY says:

    Just bought one and it’s awsome, I looked around and the Sorento has the sexiest body style than the Rouge, Santa Fe, or the Tuson

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