2014 Soul Base, Plus, Exclaim MSRP Pricing


The 2014 Soul is our favourite Kia model currently on the market!

Available in three trim levels (Base, Plus and range-topping Exclaim), the redesigned model features some significant improvements compared to the car it replaces.

Not only it features a more grown-up exterior styling, it also benefits from vastly improved interior, which hosts soft at touch materials and several high-tech features.

One of the premium features that new Kia Soul offers, but you can not find in any other compact car on the market, are the ventilated driver’s and front passenger’s seats.

To get the ventilated front seats you have to get a “Whole Shabang” package which is optional on the Soul Exclaim model and costs $2,500.

2014 Kia Soul MSRP pricing detailsIn addition to ventialted seats, the “Whole Shabang”package also adds extras such as leather trim seats, heated rear outboard seats and heated steering wheel, push-button start with smart key,  HID low-beam headlights with auto leveling, LED positioning lights and color LCD display inside the meter cluster.

A photo here reveals more pricing details about the other two models, the Soul Base and Soul Plus.

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