Red Kia Venga Mini-MPV Caught In The Wild


We are bringing you exclusive images of the all-new Kia Venga mini MPV.

Our friends at informed us about the Kia Venga images that they posted at their website a few days ago.

They have taken some great close-up shots of the upcoming Kia Venga, which is expected to go on sale in Europe shortly.

Here are some pictures that reveal how cool the new Venga looks like painted in red exterior color.

For sure, there will be more Kia Venga colors available, but red paint hue will probably be one of the more popular choices among consumers.

To see more pics, head over to the by clicking this link.

Kia Venga Red color picture gallery

newkiavenga.jpg     2010kiavenga.jpg     kiavenga.jpg

Stay tuned for more news about exciting Venga minivan.


  1. =D Looks nice. However, the spy shots of the next Vauxhall Meriva look better but this should still do well =)

  2. Greg says:

    The centre stack looks really cluttered. It is for sure a poor design. It is just boring. This definitely isn’t a Sorento or Cadenza. Hell, even the Rio’s stack looks better than this garbage.

  3. i like it.

  4. patrik says:

    In fact, it has gone into official production right today, at the Hyundai’s plant in Nošovice (Czech Rep., Europe). You may recall, this is a swap between the brands. Huyndai is going to produce the Venga (and its sibbling Hyundai mini MPV later on) in Nošovice. Kia is rumoured to produce the Sportage’s twin (i.e. Tucson) in exchange at its Slovak plant near to Žilina. As the plants are about 50 or 60 miles away from each other, the solution can hardly cause any problems. Á good proportion of components are going to be supplied from Žilina anyway and there are no trade or similar barriers as the two countries are EU members. First supplies to the dealerships are announced for late November.

  5. Err how does the Rio’s interior look better? I’ve been in one and trust me…scratchy materials everywhere =( very cheap. The Kia Cee’d was a major step forward and I know the Venga is going to be just as well made despite its rather cluttered interior design =P

  6. Greg says:

    I am not talking material qualities. The Rio’s interior has awful quality. I am talking appearances. The Venga’s interior just looks cluttered. So Kia is building the Tucson, and Hyundai is building the Venga. Why don’t they slap a Kia badge on the Tucson and a Hyundai badge on the Venga?! Sure, cost cutting measures. I don’t care. What difference does it make between vehicles if they are built on the same line? This is exactly why I’ve never understood Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota/Lexus, or Honda/Acura. Instead of having two ‘different’ companies producing the same vehicle, and paying advertising costs marketing two separate cars, why not just make the ‘Hyundai package’ the highest option package on all Kias? Since Hyundai-Kia is ‘cost cutting’ by integrating lines, why don’t they make one vehicle and market it Kia only with a Hyundai package?

  7. Chajee Pojee says:

    Greg your one in a 250 million! average sheep does not know where the car is built. They just want go the store get some diapers and then hit McDonalds..

  8. G says:

    The Rio’s interior has awful quality.

    Certainly great interior for subcompact car class.

  9. G says:

    Is it mechanical twin of Hyundai i20, Right?
    then, it it a certainly euro ncap 5 star ratings, and safest subcompact car.(hyundai i20 also euro ncap 5 star ratings)

  10. G says:

    oh, is it mechanical twin of Hyundai i10?
    i10 is also good car. even if mini car, it have euro ncap 4star, superior fuel economy.

    only marketing is problem.

  11. Bryan says:

    Chajee Pojee-Greg is one intense young man when it comes to automobiles. Me’s thinkin’ he’s gonna have a long and lucrative career involving cars in some capacity. Most people are so clueless as to who makes what with what options. Or they’re stuck on this buy America crapola that is so yesterday and lame that they are left totally behind when it comes to buying a decent car for themselves. The U.S. Guv-Mint should’ve just let GM fall in to one of the Great Lakes, dudes. Kia is so far and above them it’s not even close to being funny.

  12. bornloser says:

    G: if it doesn’t get standard ESP in all european markets, it most probably won’t get 5 stars on the EuroN Cap.

  13. himi says:

    Kia Venga is based on the same platform as Hyundai i20 and Kia Soul. Both cars received maximum score of 5 stars at EuroNCAP crahs tests, so Venga is expected to get same rating as well.

    I do agree with some comments above; Kia should PAY MORE ATTENTION to designing interiors! They have improved exterior design and they have worked heavily on powertrain and mehanics, all they need to do now is, to start designing more appealing interior lay-outs.

  14. bornloser says:

    Himi, Kia Soul, and i20 have standard ESP, cee’d eg. not so with the new rating methods (as of mid 2009) it probably wouldn’t get 5 stars. Let’s wait and see if the Venga gets standard ESP.

  15. himi says:

    I bet it will get it. Kia can not afford to get lower than five star safety rating on any of its new cars.

  16. patrik says:

    Here are some links for those interested in more Venga pictures. One to a first drive:, the other one to the production plant: Enjoy!

  17. Greg says:

    The Cadenza, Sorento, Soul, and Forte/Forte Koup all have nice interiors, but the Venga is a dead miss. I looks like they designed the whole car, but forgot the dashboard, and kludged something together for the final product. That seems to be the Venga’s only major fault.

  18. himi. Without standard Stability control the Venga will miss out on 5 stars. The new Citroen C3 (which is beautiful and v e r y safe) didn’t get 5 stars under the new rules which takes into account not only passive safety but crash-preventing technology. The Kia Soul and Hyundai i20 were tested before the changes to the marking scheme came into action

  19. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Eww the C3?

    The Venga kills the C3 in Looks hands down, man.

  20. HyundaiSmoke says:

    The Venga is better for the US than Europe I think. Why didnt they use this as a Rio 5 still amazes me?

  21. Bryan says:

    H-Smoke-no kiddin’! This is a perfect Rio replacement! So this means there’s another car Kia is working on to replace the Rio then, eh? Is this a titch smaller than what they want the New World Order Rio to be? Or something?

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